Lost love & found again



Pairing Severus/Harry/ Draco


Harry, Severus and Draco were all lovers. One night Harry overhears Draco & Severus and misunderstands what they had been saying. Draco who is pregnant with Harry's child and Severus tell him its over and that may they never meet paths again. But they did...


When Harry had left the resteraunt, Snape sat up, grabbed Draco arm harshally but not painfully, pulled him out of the door and orbed to the castle.

Once they got to their chambers down the dungens, Snape grabbed Draco fast and pulled him into a harsh kiss and kissed him senseless.

Snap pushed him onto the floor near the fire, the fireplace flared to fire to warm up the atmosphere. He made their clothes disppeare in thin air and moved on top of Draco. He didnt prepare Draco as usally for their love making, he slammed his hips into Draco, who let out a loud moan and penetrated him harsh and fully.

Snape moved his hips quickly. The room was noisey with the fire burning and flesh slamming ino flesh. The passion was emotionless and fast. And very demanding.

Draco moan loudly with every thrust Snape gave him. He came quickly from the pressure, and came in Snape's hand that was wraped around his cock tightly and moving in an agonizing motion.

Snape still not pleasured enough, kept going and going untill he let out a load moan, near a scream, calling Draco name out loud.

He fell against Draco and buried his face in his blonde haired lover.

Snape took Draco again and again to let out his frustrasions and anger and pain out on Draco. Draco didnt mind, he knew the same feelings as snape had, and he wanted to give his lover satisfaction.

Once they had fell asleep, they just dreamt an dreamless sleep and waited for tomorrow to come and start a new day.


Harry woke up to a bad headache and eyes tired and red. He sat up and listened to the peace and quiet in the room. He sighed heavily from the emotions he had inside him, and tried to calm himself form the tears that threatened again to fall.

Laughter rang out from the living room and heard a litte girl and boy laughing and talking loudly.

His son was in the next room and all he wanted was to hold his son and tell him how much he loved him and missed him ever since he was told to leave. He wanted to be with him, he wanted to apoligise that he wasnt there and that everything will be ok.

But it was all complicated with the situration he couldnt face.

Harry got out of bed and placed his green dressing robe on. He walked outside the door and smelt breakfast.

He smiled as food scent flared into his nose. He looked over and saw Hagrid setting the table and he noticed something with a raised eye brow in question.

'There is four of us not 3 Hagrid', he spoke to make his appearnce known

Hagrid looked up in surprise

'Oh... morning Harry. Im not staying. Buckbeak in need of a visit. You 3 are to join', he said innocently

Harry moved to the kitchen and watch as Hagrid setted plates on the table carefully.

'Hope you dont mind, Draco asked me to babysit for him andProfessor Snape wanted t go out and i always babysit little Jesse', he waved his hand towards Jesse

Harry looked over at Jesse and smiled as he played with his daughter. Jesse Sister.

'Its fine Hagrid. No worries, but i would of though he be collected by now?', he asked

'Well they usually leave him with me all night and pick him up round noon. Now i got to go now. Have a nice morning Harry', he told Harry polietly

'and you two, Have a nice morning now and i see you soon', he told the children

'Bye Hagrid', Amelia called out

'Bye hagrid', Jesse called out too.

Harry smiled and looked back at Hagrid

'Send my love to Buckbeak.

'will do Harry', Hagrid spoke gentle as he left the room


Draco went to collect his son and when he turned the corner he saw Hagrid. He looked confused and he didnt like that one bit

'Hagrid where is jesse?', he asked panicly

Hagrid turned and said softly with sad big eyes

'With his other father', He turned and walked on his way

Draco sighed and nodded. He went towards Harry rooms and knocked on the big oak door.

A few moments later little Amelia opened up and smiled at the man. She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside

'Daddy!!', Jesse said as he ran to his daddy. Draco caugh him and picked him up for a big hug. Harry came out of his room and froze at the sight. He smiled to himsef as he looked at the two. He sighed sadly and moved forward

'Helo Professor Malfoy', he greeted polietly

Draco looked up and gave a smile

'Hello Harry', He placed his son on his feet and ran Towards Amelia who was drawing and cooring. He joined in and started happily with her.

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