One year ago today our suspicions were revealed to be true and we all gloated 'I told you so!' at the Snape haters, hence this, a little odd idea I had that's not really come out how I'd like, but if it makes a little smile appear then woo! I hope this happened, it would be nice. After all, he is the hero…bless his itchy woolly socks. (In your best Deputy Dog voice…)

I am working on the theory that when you end up in whichever version of Heaven you believe in (or the wizarding equivalent, a giant apothecary in some cases) you are reverted to the age at which you were happiest. For all the Marauders, and Snape, I reckon fourth year ish… feel free to argue the point! (I know Lily and James not an item yet, this is heaven…!)


A warm Autumn day, near a picturesque wood…

"Come on!"


"Not you. Come on!"

"Lily, who are you talking to?"

"Oh, never mind."

The two walk off, after ten yards, the red haired lady turns from the black haired man and walks back to a tree not dis-similar to the one she was earlier addressing;

"If you insist on following us, at least do it quietly. I heard you stomping through the trees back there..."

Silence. She sighs;

"Have it your way." and returns to her puzzled companion taking hold of his hand. Squeezing it, she tugs him gently on their way, a frown appearing behind his glasses. Just before they disappear out of sight, a dark haired shadow slips out of the trees and, extra carefully, follows them round the corner.


"You know he was at it again."

"Sorry? Who was at what?"

"Snape. Following you two around like some lost sheep."

Green eyes flash angrily at him;

"Don't be mean Sirius. Hopefully he'll get brave enough to walk with us soon."

Her companions glare at her and she meets their eyes levelly;

"Oh be nice! We're all dead here! Can't you let it all go!"

A cardigan covered shoulder shrugs;

"I suppose we can try."

"Thank you Remus. Sirius?"

"Well…" he looses the incredulous look he is staring at Remus with and looks hopefully at James;

"Please tell me you haven't been drinking whatever he has?!"

"Well, I agree with Lily."

"You would."




"Oh alright. Anything to keep the peace." knowing he's lost he addressees the air at random; "Come on out Snape!"

The others look around, half expecting a figure to materialize out of the air. When nothing happens, they giggle, causing Lily to sigh.

…………………………..That night…

The evening is drawing to a close, the sky grows dark and clouds draw in with the threat of rain. Sirius Black snores gently, a thin trail of saliva dribbling down his chin. Lily is lying on the picnic blanket with her head on James' knee, who in turn is quietly discussing the stars with Remus. James' voice drifts off and he stares at the trees near by, tensing. Remus' eyes follow and both are about to get up when Lily stops them with a firm glare.

"I don't remember the third constellation James, Go through it. Please?" She says loudly, her request clearly an order, and intentionally restarting the conversation.

"Um, yeah. Right." The two men exchange unsure glances. "The third constellation…ah, well,"

As Remus prattles on, a fifth figure creeps out of the darkness and after hovering in the tree line for a moment scurries over and sits not quite on the edge of the blanket, fidgety and tense. Lily looks up, green eyes now soft and smiling. Catching his dark eyes, she gives a small smile, earning a very rare, slightly rusty shy one in return.