So, just wanted to do a little introduction for the story. We, Acireamos and Anuddaone, read A LOT (some might say TOO much, but Acireamos doesn't think there can be TOO much) of fan fiction and there are some really good stories out there! We read it all; AU, canon, all human, but we have noticed that one trait of Bella's from the books, her super low self-esteem, seems to have taken on a life of its own. And this girl is too cute and smart to feel so poorly about herself. So we have taken it upon ourselves to write an AU/all human story where is Bella is smart, sexy, funny, and doesn't think that everyone is better than her. She may be a little oblivious, but not downtrodden. Hope you like it; we have had fun writing it!

Disclaimer: We don't own Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or shiny silver Volvos. Unfortunately for us.

We want to thank Acireamos's husband for being our "guy's voice" advisor and her boss, Ramona, for knowing all the sickest, craziest library stories ever! You guys are awesome! Never think librarians are tame and that libraries are a boring place to hang out…some of the weirdest sht you have ever heard has happened in the library!

Also, this story is rated M for a reason, there will be language and sex (LOTS) so if that bothers you, please refrain from reading this. If it doesn't, then read on!!

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I rolled over, and looked at the clock. Damn, I really needed to get up. Waiting for Ben to get here last night kept me up pretty late. And what we did after he got here kept us up even later. Stretching my arms above me, I smiled contentedly. I could hear Bella moving around the apartment, it sounded like she was making coffee. Ummmm, coffee. I definitely needed that right now.

Getting out of the bed quietly was hard, considering the sheets were twisted around me and Ben, and his arm was lying across my stomach. I didn't want him to wake up yet though. He needed to sleep. This project he was working on was taking a toll on him. So, I carefully slipped out of his arms and grabbed my robe. He grunted when my warmth left the bed, but ended up turning over and going back to sleep.

When I got in the kitchen, Bella smiled and nodded at the coffee. I filled a mug and sat down with her to eat some cereal. We munched in silence for a while, before she spoke.

"Is Ben still sleeping?"

I nodded, "Yeah, he doesn't have class until 10, so I am going to set the alarm for later for him."

"Ok, I will be quiet while I get ready." She finished her cereal and stood up. "Did you want to carpool today? Or do you guys have plans later?"

"Yeah, we can carpool. Tomorrow is the day you said you would take my night shift on the reference desk, remember?" She better not have forgotten. Ben finally had a free Friday night so we were going on a real date.

Bella and I worked together at the University Library, I was a Reference Librarian and she worked in cataloging, but her real focus was British Literature. You would never guess by looking at her that she knew so much about Shakespeare or Austen. She had her own hippie, grunge vibe going on, which threw people off when they found out that her passion was.

But she could talk you into the ground on just about any topic. I guess that's what happens when you read as much as she does. She was sarcastic, in a smart way, and could keep up with the best of them when it came to dissing anything or anyone.

We met in college, roommates in the dorm our freshman year and we had just clicked. We got along so well, that a lot of people thought we had been friends in high school. I was one of the few people that got Bella, she different, more open than most people.

She didn't cover up how she was feeling, if she was feeling it, you could see it on her face. She was an only child and her parents were divorced. Her mom was kind of a flake, and Bella ended up taking care of her quite a bit. I think she just matured past most kids her own age. Her one crush in high school, Jordan, had been a complete jerk and nothing had ever really happened with him. She didn't date much in college, besides the occasional hook up. There were guys that came home, but none of them ever stayed the night.

She had been alone for so long, that she kept herself protected. I know seeing Ben and I could be rough for her, so we tried to keep our pda to a minimum when she was home. I just wanted her to be happy, be able to relax with someone she loves. She had been playing the role of sarcastic tom-boy for so long I'm not sure she even realized sometimes.

I was hoping to set her up with a new guy in my department. He had just started last month, and he was darling. Tall, blonde and super smart. I thought they would be perfect for each other. She kept shrugging me off when I would try to arrange an accidental meeting between them. But he should be working tomorrow night, so they would have plenty of time to talk.

"I know, I remember. I am going to work on some stuff for my presentation tomorrow during the day, that way I can just relax while I am working the desk. It probably won't be too busy."

"Oh, and Mike is working security on Fridays now." My words rushed out, and I was hoping she wasn't actually listening to me.

"Mike?" She whined, "Great, I'll have to take a stun gun into work so I can keep him off of me all evening."

"It's a big library, maybe he won't bother you too much,"

"I doubt it. Great." Her shoulders were slumped forward now. She had been avoiding Mike for months now. He was our night Security guard, and was a nice guy but way too persistent. And he somehow thought he and Bella would be great for each other. Bella tried to be nice but she had eventually had to change her schedule so that she came in early enough that she would miss him coming in for his night shift.

"I'm sorry Bella; if you want I can tell Ben I can't go to the party with him?" I really hoped she would do it.

"No, it's ok. Don't worry, I'll be fine." She smiled and laughed, "Besides, you said you would owe me big time, how can I pass that sort of indebtedness up?"

"I think I am going to regret having asked you," I teased. "You sound like you are putting too much thought into this!"

"Nah, don't worry too much. I'll just make you go out for girl's night to make it up to me. Of course, you will be buying all my drinks." She laughed, and walked out of the kitchen. "I'm going to go get ready, I've got to look my best for the crazy people we work with, wouldn't want them thinking I don't take my job seriously." She looked stern, but you could tell by the smile pulling at the corners of her mouth that she was just messing with me.

Laughing at her, I stood up. I had finished eating so I put my bowl in the sink and headed to my room. Ben had shifted and was lying on his back, baring his sculpted chest. It was such a nice chest. Squashing my thoughts of climbing back in bed with him, I grabbed some clothes to change into after my shower. I was just finishing up when I heard Ben calling my out my name. I wrapped up in a towel and stuck my head out of the door.

"What?" I asked, dripping onto the carpet.

"Come here for a sec." He was still on the bed.

I walked over to the bed and leaned down, giving him a quick kiss before asking, "What do you need, Babe?"

He pulled me down for another kiss, "Nothing, I just wanted to see you in your towel." He smirked at his cleverness.

"Oh, really?" I rolled my eyes before dropping my towel on the floor.

His eyebrows shot up and he groaned. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me down on the bed underneath him.

I squealed, pushing at his chest, "I don't have time for this, I have to get ready!"

"You shouldn't start things you don't have the time to finish then." He was dragging his lips all over my chest, before moving up to cover my mouth in a deep kiss.

Any words of complaint I had were lost as his hands roamed my body, and I went with it, thinking in my head that I would just have to go to work happy but with wet hair.

He wasn't wasting anytime, positioning himself between my legs quickly. I wrapped my legs around his waist, forcing him into me. I sighed, enjoying the moment before he began to move.

We were so focused that I didn't hear the knock on my door, or Bella call my name as she stepped into my room.


"Ang? Are you rea…"

I froze, not knowing if they had heard me, if I should apologize, or just scream and run out of the room. I went with my other option, and just backed out, closing the door quietly hoping I would never have to see that again.

Why did I walk in there? I should have known they would be at it again. The jealousy that spiked through me was strong, and for a second I was sad. I just pushed it to the side, chalking it to the fact that I hadn't had a serious boyfriend for a while. Ok, maybe longer than a while but still.I just needed to get laid, plain and simple.

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