HEY THERE! Been a while since you've heard from us but we wanted to let you know we were nominated for an Eddie award, as part of the Eddie & Bellie Awards! I know! We were super excited too! So, excited in fact we had to chat it out...


AC: NOMINATED! I wonder if we win will we get a little statue, like at the Oscar's.

AN: I would totally love a gilded Edward figurine, it would be even better than that weird gold bald man they give people.

AC: True. Very True. Oscar is creepy. C.R.E.E.P.Y.

AN: And it's the Eddie's so it would only make sense that the statue would be of Edward.

AC: Or maybe a certain part of his anatomy. I'm just saying...

AN: There is some stiff competition.


AN: Ok, I stepped right into that one...

AC: But seriously folks, there are some good stories on there and we are just so psyched to have even been nominated!

AN: So, check them all out and vote for your fav!

AC: Which we hope is Love Among the Stacks!

AN: Should we start thanking people? Like God and our mothers?

AC: Baby Jesus, definitely Baby Jesus. Great now I sound like Rainman.

AN: A little. I won't hold it against you though.

AC: Thanks. I wanted to say "They like us! They really like us!"

AN: Ok, you do that and I jump on a couch and yell out that I love our readers!

AC: I'll count to three and then go...VOTE!