1: My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words (10/Rose Doomsday)

Author's notes: The rules were these: 1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. 2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle. 3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards! 4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I followed these rules perfectly. Well... mostly, anyway. Some are a bit more lyric-based and some are more title-based. Unbeta'ed, cos I wanted them just as I wrote them.

1: My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words (10/Rose Doomsday)

It hurts so much to see her standing there, so close, and yet so very, very far away.

Why had she never looked so beautiful?

Her hair was a mess, mascara cascading down her cheeks, and yet he could not think of a single thing he had ever seen that could contend with the goddess that stood before him in that moment.

Or anything that could ever replace her.

Why were they so awkward? They had never been awkward before, making small talk to pass the time that they really didn't have to waste.

Two minutes he had said, but he didn't have the hearts to tell her that if he changed it, made the signal weaker, as he had first appeared, they would have more time.

She should remember him as the solid being she had always known.

Which was why he wouldn't break. He wouldn't cry.

She told him her piece, "I love you" choked past chapped lips.

But time ran out for the Time Lord to whisper the words that now, he would never be able to say.

2: Muse: New Born (Human 10/Donna)

He was lively, wasn't he?

He couldn't stop talking, he couldn't stop joking and he couldn't stop running.

And he liked blue…

Well that was just weird.

Why did he sound like Donna?

Why was there a heart missing?

That was definitely not right.

Instantaneous biological metacrisis.

Try saying that three times fast when you're drunk.

He does seem rather drunk already, doesn't he?

Drunk off being alive and having grown from a hand.

But then Donna calls him a worm. That put him off a bit.

Only minutes he's been alive, and yet he's already saved both of them from being destroyed.

He's already seen too much.

Now, before he knows it he's abandoned on a planet for destroying a species he's already killed once before.

Only this time there's so many worse consequences.

And one that's oh-so much better.

And she's standing right beside him.

For the New Born, silence is everywhere.

3: Paramore: Misery Business (Rose/Martha)

She looks at the screen and sees the woman that replaced her.

Jealousy takes hold.

She's always been protective of the Doctor, and it hurts to see the clever, military woman who seems so much like her, but not.

Wilf and Silvia don't know the turmoil that's going through her, but she can see past her jealousy, can see the bigger picture. She needs the Doctor, and she needs to help him.

This Martha made him happy, and that's all she ever wanted.

"Oh my god, he found you."

It doesn't hurt half as much as she thought it would to finally see the woman that had come before her, nor to see her beside the Doctor instead of her.

She has Tom… unless she uses the Osterhagen Key.

At least the Doctor will be happy.

And that's all she's ever wanted.

4: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mystery Girl (Donna/Rose)

The whole world… starting with that hospital… no wait, before that… Christmas day, the star that came to kill, then the Titanic crashing into London, the little walking blobs of fat in America. The cars that were killing the world.

Every time disaster came, that girl followed.

Then she vanished. Blown away on the wind.

Back to her mystery world.

Like she'd never existed.

If only Donna could go with her.

That mysterious girl who would never tell her name.

Only that she was here to help that mystery man.

The man with really great hair…

5: Metric: Soft Rock Star (10/Rose)

You showed me so much.

Worlds where the days were so short, you could climb a wall to see the sun rise, and the night had already begun.

Worlds where bullies bid for me as their best girl.

I wonder if your cheque is still in the mail.

Bubble gumball martinis and dépanneur red wine.

We travelled though time, anywhere and everywhen.

But who were you after you were mine?

My Supernova, my Time Lord, My sun and My Moon and My Stars.

Don't shine for swine.

6: Metric: On the sly (9 or 10/Rose)

Your mother doesn't like me (Hates more like, the way she slaps me. My cheek still hurts)

Mickey hates me. (He gives me evils for taking way his girl)

(You were never his. You were never anyone's.)

You let me get hyper for Halloween.

We go everywhere.

But I want them to hate me.

I want them to hate me so you can love me on the sly.

I feel closer to you when you love me on the sly.

They want me to stop. Live a normal life with or without you.

Where else could I live?

How could I live?

I don't feel so far away from you when you love me on the sly.

7: Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright: Set the Fire to the Third Bar (10/Rose)

I don't sleep til I find a way to say goodbye.

Then you're gone and I can't see you ever again.

I look at creased pictures of you.

I hang my coat up in the first bar. Loud silence falls in my wake.

People laugh.

They have no right to be happy now you're gone.

I sleep on the cold ground, not wanting to rest.

I see you in my dreams.

They're over so fast, I wake up too soon.

I live in nightmares that I can't wake up from.

Then I see you.

You've found me, you brilliant girl.

The Lonely Angel lands in your warm arms…

And I wake up again.

8: Artic Monkeys: Florescent Adolescent (Jack)

He used to love 'em in their fishnets, now he only gets 'em in their nightdress.

All the nice girls turn to naughtiness.

Always come to this very common crisis.

He's always been a rascal.

He's a bit of a slag.

But he still dreams of a narky Northern bloke and the blonde in a Union flag t-shirt, falling about from barrage balloons.

Said they wouldn't leave him but they went still.

Where did they go?

He won't be going back again.

9: My Chemical Romance: Blood (the Doctor (Probably 10, but any is fine))

Silence is intoxication in the emptiness of his ship.

Centuries went past, but he didn't look a day older that when she left him.

Except his eyes. They would always give away the age.

And the blood on his hands.

The blood that no-one but him could ever see.

He couldn't control himself, 'cos he didn't know how.

Couldn't stop leaving the crimson trail behind him, blossoming across everything that he touched.

Leaving the trail of the dead behind him.

The red stains on his hands from the gallons of the stuff that had been spilt for his mistakes.

The gallons more spilt for his successes.

The metallic tang stinging his nostrils for all eternity.

Grab a glass, cos when he comes by, there's gonna be a flood.

10: Tegan and Sara: Walking with the Ghost (the Doctor)

No matter which way he ran….

No matter what time he found…

He's out of their minds.

But he would always be walking with their ghost's.

Out of his mind, running into the ghosts of his never ending past.

Never alone.

They were always there.

He would always walk with their ghosts.