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10 Songs Challange (Part 2)

1. Metric: White Gold (10/Rose)

The fire crackled, throwing shadows across her sleeping form, curled up in her chair.

It had been a long, tiring day.

Too many people lost.

Because of his mistakes. He needed to get better at this game

The game of life. The game of playing God.

Maybe he's just been playing too long.

Yet still she stood by him. Next to his ship, his most precious companion.

His white gold.

He could see their future in her eyes. So many possible futures, interwoven.

Time hadn't beaten him yet.

He could seen the future...

But his vision was getting strained.

2. My Chemical Romance: Welcome to the Black Parade (10/Rose)

Sometimes I feel like she's watching over me. Like she's showing which way I should go.

Watching me walk this endless life.

I feel her warm fingers wrapped around mine.

Her ghost walks at my side.

Her eyes burn with disgust in my mind at the bodies in the streets.

And now she's gone... I want her to know her memory will carry on with me.

Defiant till the end, she never really left.

The world will never break me (for I was broken the second she was gone)

It will never take my hearts (she took them to keep them safe)

I am not a man (for what's a man without his love)

I'm not a hero (I couldn't save them all)

I am alone (there's no-one now she's gone)

But still I carry on.

3. Gorillaz: Don't Get Lost in Heaven (10/Rose)

She sometimes forgot that it wasn't just fun and games, this life with the Doctor.

When they went wizzing around the universe, him taking her to dazzling new places, showing her thing no one else had ever seen.

Until it all went wrong of course.

Then she knew.

When she went over the edge

Went flying into the white nothingness. Her biggest mistake, coming back when he sent her away.

But still she couldn't force herself to regret it.

She souldn't have let go.

She should't have got lost in her heaven.

4. Metric: Glass Ceiling (Rose about the Doctor)

He expects me to know everything. But I only know what I'm told.

What he teaches me.

But then when I get it too wrong

When I can't do anything to help... to save him

Count the pieces of my heart falling when he leaves me behind.

My heart lies on the ground.

I only do what I'm told, or well, not really told, but I always follow his lead. Getting into trouble is what he does.

So that's what I do

He doesn't know that I like him being my knight with silver armour shining.

Or more his leather armour. Then the pinstripes and smile. So many masks for one man.

But when he sends me away, without coming to save me

That's when you have to take cover. That's when the glass pieces start falling from my fragile heart.

I must be dreaming, this amazing world with him.

I must be asleep. This is too much to be real.

So why do I keep breaking?

5. Lucky Soul: It's Yours (Rose's Heart)

I've been standing outside you flat for so long that surely if I was human I would be frozen, shivering and blue.

But still I stand here, standing and watching through the window beside the flat door. But what really makes it so painful is that if it hadn't been for me you would have stopped this coming.

It's dangerous, being here with the both of you, newly born me and you, just... you, sitting just feet away from me. Eating the Christmas dinner that Jackie pulled together.

If it hadn't been for me... you would be having so many more of these feasts for years to come. My face may change, but every year we'd come back and have this. I wouldn't have had to go back and find this little spark in time. I wouldn't be risking everything. But I had to leave something for you. My right heart, now broken and just about beating. It's yours Rose. My preasent to you. All yours. Everything I have to give... it's yours. But you'll never even know I've been here.

6. Gorillaz: Kids With Guns (Jack and Torchwood)

They really don't know how little they look to him. How young they are to him.

Kids with guns, running around this little planet of theirs; an ant hill to some species, fighting things they think that they understand. They don't know that they won't live long enough to ever really see.

But in comparison with the monsters that he's seen, they are children in his eyes. But still he cares for him like his own.

And he's turning them into monsters to help them to live

He's seen so many of them die

It never stops hurting

But he's got to push them until they die or they break...

Or, for some..

Until they leave.

Or they get used to it.

But no matter how much they see.. they're always still too young... they're always just kids with guns

But they're his Kids. With his guns.

He just hopes it's not by his guns that they die.

Even though it will always be by his hands.

7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Art Star (The Doctor in the end of "The Stone Rose")

I've been working for so long, on a piece that speaks of despiration and portrays a Godess.

Not the Godess that people will think it is portraying, for no-one but myself knows of the Godess that saved my life so many times.

Michelangalo won't let me stop until I get her right. Or at least that's what I'll tell Rose when I wake her up. But really it was only me who screamed at myself for not getting her right every time.

I barely even needed the phone pictures to get her perfect. She was already painted clearly enough in my head as it was.

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Cheated Hearts (the Doctor on his companions)

Everytime, love cheats me.

It makes me fall, everytime in a different way.

Love in friendship, love in family, love for love. Every type of love.

I've lived so long, I've felt everything a man can feel and so much more on top of that.

Everytime it seems worth it. Worth the pain. Worth the loss.

Until I lose them.

They make themselves a little niche to leave me with. Getting rid of another one of my layers off armour. There can't be much left by now.

They're making the sound of my breaking hearts beating louder and louder.

Now she's taking another off.

He's taking it off.

I think I must be letting them. I can't force myself to fight, because if I do, then I'll end up pushing them away. That hurts them too much. Just as much as it hurts me.

We're taking it off.

9. Metric: Poster of a Girl (Reinette)

I can't stand being alone. I like to sleep with another beside me.

Now in the palace there are my portraits hanging.

Portraits of me being a beautiful, respectful lady.

But still in my head I am only the child saved by the Man in the Fireplace.

All my life, waiting for the next time they would come.

Because they came when he did. But then he's always gone too soon

But I keep myself young. I want to be the picture of the girl he saw the first time.

Until I get him to come for me completely.

Tu sais que je n'aimes pas ma réalité Doctor

Why don't you let me live like you do. Why won't you take me with you?

J'aime votre réalité beaucoup plus que le mien

I want to be with you so much.

Je suis toujours votre portrait d'une dame

10. Gary Jules: Mad World (Donna Post Journey's End)

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm different from everyone else.

I went to Cardiff the other day, going to do something for work.

I passed someone... familar face... familar places flashing though my head for the timiest moment...

Then they're gone.

Everything has slown down... everything seems so pointless. Running around... going no-where.

I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't remember what it is.

I find it funny how the dreams I have...

Dreams of death... running from pain and terror and death

A man in a suit

They're the best dreams I've ever had.

Why can't I ever find a day on which I feel good. Mum and Gramps know something isn't right.

But they won't tell me what it is I'm missing. What I don't know.

They won't stop me running in circles.

They won't let me escape this mad world.