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Don't Take It Personal

The demon didn't stand a chance. Kennedy's punches fell with a mixture of newly found powers and the fury of a scorned lover. Her stake was in its heart before he even hit the ground. Breathing heavily, she ran her hands through her hair and sat back against a tree. Cleveland was really starting to suck.

"You shouldn't take it so personal."

"Go away Faith."

"Aww, come on Brat! I know you're upset; I wanna keep you company."

"Fine, whatever."

They walked out of the cemetery and onto the main street in silence.

"How long have you been following me?" Kennedy asked.

"Whole time. I knew you wanted to work off some steam, so I didn't jump in. Really though, this wasn't about you."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I do. Talk to me; I know how you're feeling."

"What's Buffy got that I don't?" Kennedy stopped and looked at Faith.



"She's got history with Red. You don't. She's been through everything with Red. That's why I said don't take it personal."

"I liked her," Kennedy mumbled. "She made me feel less psychotic…"

"Red's got a way of doing that," Faith nodded. "You're gonna be okay, though."

"Since when are you the group's psychiatrist?" Kennedy smiled.

"Only for you."

"Why for me?"

"Because, as much as I hate to admit it, you remind me of me."

"Bat shit crazy?"

"That too," Faith grinned. "But I meant with the whole…you know, always losing something to Buffy. She picks on you almost as much as me, and now this whole thing with Red…"

"What did you lose to her?"

"About two years of my life…"


The pair walked in silence for a few minutes, watching the drunks come staggering out of the various pubs and bars. They turned off of the main street after a mile and onto a dirt road. The large mansion's iron gates came into view after another fifteen minutes. Before pushing them open, Faith grabbed Kennedy's arm to stop her.

"Look," she said quietly. "I know a thing or two about Buffy. She's not going to hold this over you; unless you give her a reason to. You challenge her a lot; don't do it so much this week. Try and roll with it, you know?"


The Slayers' house was quiet when they walked in. There were a few girls up still in the living room, but they either studying or nodding off. With nods in their direction, Faith and Kennedy walked up the stairs to the first landing. As they were about to go opposite directions down the hall, Kennedy stopped.


"Sup Brat?"


Faith smiled and shrugged before turning and heading to her room.

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