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A/N: So I read the challenge from Super T, and if you read it, you're tagged into doing one too. She chose Trish and Chris, and I'm doing Natalya and Edge. It's a pairing that's been in my head for a while now. I'm doing the ten songs in ten different chapters. If you guys could tell me what you think, I'd appreciate it. I started this yesterday, so I I'm going to keep it as Sunday.

Extra thanks to Kat and my twinny (Super T).

First song: Soul on Fire by HIM

I, Adam Copeland was not happy, not even remotely close to it. On the June 30th edition of Raw, I lost his baby, the World Heavyweight Championship. I blamed it all on Batista. It was only because Batista had beaten me down, that CM Punk was able to beat him and become the new World Heavyweight Champion, thus making the championship go to Raw. This was about three weeks ago, soon to be four. Since then, things had only gotten worse. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, who had been on a winning streak, then on the July 4, 2008 edition of Smackdown, they lost to Jesse and Festus. Of all people, the guys lost to those losers.

That same week, Michelle McCool beat Kelly, Victoria, Cherry, and Maryse to have a match against Natalya for the Divas Championship today at the Great American Bash, where Nattie would hopefully win. I know that there are other matches like CM Punk versus Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Champion Mark Henry against Tommy Dreamer, a WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way involving John Morrison & The Miz with their titles on the line versus Finlay & Hornswoggle, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder, and Jesse & Festus, John Cena vs. JBL in a NYC Parking Lot Brawl, Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho, or mine against the WWE Champion Triple H, but none of those meant what Nattie's match meant to me.

I know you probably think its weird, but not me. I've had feelings for Natalya Neidhart since she came out on April 4, when she helped Victoria out, and attacked Michelle McCool and Cherry. She's as beautiful as she is lethal. She knows what she's doing in the ring. Her family is impressive. Her father, Jim Neidhart, is a two-time WWF Tag Team Champion. Her uncle is the legendary Bret Hart, who's actually someone I keep in touch with. One of her cousins is DH Smith, one of Smackdowns newest additions because of the 2008 Draft.

Her blonde hair was what really turned me on. When she dyed it red, it was like, I don't know, it just took my breath away. Her skin looked so soft to the touch. Her body, it was the most beautiful body I had ever seen on a woman. Not the lumpy misshapen form of Vickie, or the skeleton like bodies of the other divas. She was perfect. In every single way. When I was around her, I felt like I was on cloud nine. She never spoke to me much but when I was in her presence, oh man I could sweat so much you would think I could flood the locker room, at least it felt that way. I loved the way she would smile, and her eyes lit up at the beginning of each taping.

There's a flame that leads our souls astrayNo one's safe from its tender touch of painAnd every day it's looking for new slavesTo celebrate the beauty of the grave

Unfortunately, we aren't what you would call friends. No, Nattie and I are more like colleagues. Right after her debut, I went to congratulate her on her striking debut, and I found her talking to Matt Hardy.

Now, if you're a wrestling fan, then you know about all the crap that went down between the two. Most people consider me an asshole for it, and let me tell you something. I don't care. What happened between us was something I don't regret because being with Amy was probably the happiest time of my life, and not even teaming with my best friend Christian Cage could be better.

Obviously, this was a disappointment and, it did get me a bit angry.

I mean, Hardy is one people who can actually get on my nerves without doing much. After he found out about Amy and me, he went and did a reenactment of the break up, and locked a plastic cardboard Amy in the bathroom, which is just so mature. It bothered me to know that he could do something that stupid. I understand that he was hurt, and I took part in doing that, but that is just not the way to take it.

So back to when I saw Nattie and Matt talking, I walked over to them, and was willing to try and be civil to him, and be nice to her because I didn't know if Hardy had said something about me. Before that could actually happen, he started glaring at me and frowned. He pushed her behind him, and got closer to my walking form. Then, he started trash talking me, saying things like how I was not someone she should be friends with, given my history. He said I was someone who had no feelings, and was incapable of loving someone, or have friends. He said some other things that made my anger rise, and throw a puch at him. Eventaully, we started fighting, and the rest is history.

Since that day, Nattie Neidhart and I aren't on what you would call friendly terms. She labeled me as someone to stay away from. She and Hardy on the other hand, are two very close people now. It's like you don't see one without the other one. Wherever you see Nattie, you see Matt and vice versa.

We are like the living deadSacrificing all we haveFor a frozen heart and a soul on fireWe are like the living deadCraving for deliveranceWith a frozen heart and a soul on fire

But before I could think about Nattie and Matt anymore, I heard the door on my locker-room.

"Hey Adam." Zack Ryder greeted me, Curt not too far behind him, and I got a nod from him.

"Hey guys," I replied, sensing the tension in the room. "So what's up?" Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like Curt and Zack had been talking about me behind my back. I wasn't sure, though, and I didn't want to accuse them.

"Lost it? What do you mean, I 'lost it'?" I yelled angrily, running a hand through my hair. "I have been busting my butt to prove to everyone that I'm worthy of having this title, that I didn't just win it because of my relationship with Vickie. Now you guys are talking about me behind my back? That's messed up. I thought you guys were my friends."

"You say I've flipped out? Well, I haven't," I replied, more calmly this time. "I'm just trying to show that I care about having this title, that it's important to me and that I'll do anything to keep it. What's wrong with that?"

"First of all Adam, yes we are friends. We're just worried about you. There is something wrong when you snap at us when you've lost your title." Zack spoke for both, and emphasized the word "your".

And again we're falling for disgraceAnd hate will shelter us from the rainWe are enslaved by the sacred heart of shameAnd gently raped by the light of day

I sighed. What Zack was saying was making sense. Maybe I was overreacting a little bit. He and Curt were my friends, and they had my best interests at heart. Me losing my title had nothing to do with them, and I had no right to take my anger out on them.

"You're right, man," I said softly. "I'm sorry." I walked over to Zack and patted him on the shoulder. "I guess I've just been so stressed out after losing the title, and Vickie following me around all the time doesn't help matters any."

I sighed again. "Sometimes, I wish she would just leave me alone."

"It's okay man. Being married to the boss getting to you now Took you a while. I would have though it would have come sooner. I thought you could do better." Curt joked, and didn't notice the look Edge got on his face after this.

I knew that Curt was just joking and didn't mean anything malicious, but the statement still annoyed me. What they didn't know was that I didn't love Vickie. Seeing Natalya every day reminded me of that. The woman was amazingly beautiful, and I wanted nothing more than to let her know how I felt about her. But that would be a huge risk, because what if she turned me down because of what she saw on TV, or what she heard about me from Matt?

"What does that mean?" I asked, annoyed by Curt's remark. "Do you think that I don't know I could do better? See, that's the problem. Everyone wants to make snap judgments about me without bothering to get to know me. I'm not a jerk like everyone thinks I am." I could feel my face getting red.

"Really? Because you were the one that beat up Jesse and Festus after the match which we lost. We're not talking without proof. If you're not a jerk, why'd you go and have matches with people who've gone through brutal pain. Or, sleep with another man's girlfriend? And let Vickie put poor Cherry in a match against Natalya, and then herself? Now, Nattie's a very nice person, but she's tough in the ring. Vickie, however, had to have Cherry go through a match and get in the sharpshooter so she could win. What does that tell you?" Zack shot back.

Now Zack and Curt were starting to make me really mad. Didn't they understand that that was just part of my character, and that I wasn't going around and beating up innocent people because I wanted to? I thought these guys were my friends, my teammates, but it didn't seem like it at the moment. The relationship between myself and Vickie wasn't what it appeared to be, contrary to what everyone else thought. I didn't marry the boss to "get ahead"; the whole thing was Vickie's idea. My character was a heel, and I had to act like one. I didn't enjoy being mean to other Superstars, and I damn sure didn't like Zack and Curt accusing me of being a jerk when they were doing the same thing. They did all they could to help me win, whether it was the right thing to do or not. They were just as guilty as I was.

We are like the living deadSacrificing all we haveFor a frozen heart and a soul on fireWe are like the living deadCraving for deliveranceWith a frozen heart and a soul on fire

"Whatever man. We're out." Curt said, and walked out of the room with Zack.

I wanted to go after them, to tell them that we didn't need to be fighting right now, but my pride wouldn't let me. Zack and Curt were my friends and I appreciated everything they had done for me, but even they didn't understand what was going on with me right now. I needed someone to talk to, but who? Chavo wasn't the best choice and Bam hardly talked to anyone, anyway.

I thought about everything that had happened in the past three weeks, and decided the best thing to do was to take a shower. I grabbed my ring attire, and went inside.

I looked around quickly to see if anyone else was in the locker room. Luckily, it was empty, so I set my bag down on a bench and walked into the small bathroom where the shower was. I turned the hot water on and tested it to make sure it was hot enough before shedding my clothes and stepping under the stream of water.

I let the hot water trail down my back, and I could feel the water loosen my locked muscles. I let go of all emotions inside of me, and exchanged it with peace. Warm water usually did that to me.

Now that all of the negative emotions inside of me were gone, I felt 100 better, and much more calm. I reached over and grabbed the shampoo and squirted a bit onto my hand before running it through my hair. After lathering for a while, I stepped back under the spray of water and let the water wash the shampoo away. Even though my mind was now clear, thoughts of Vickie and what Curt had said earlier kept popping into my mind. Maybe Curt was right and I could do better. The problem was, how would I tell Vickie how I felt? She wouldn't take it well no matter how I told her. If I made her mad, she would no doubt make my life a living hell.

She would without a doubt make Natalya's life a living hell too. She's the type of person that would hurt people, and have fun with it. Unlike Vickie, I wasn't the kind of person who liked to hurt people in real life. My TV character was nothing like the real me, unlike Vickie. She was a mean, cruel person on TV and in real life. I decided that telling Vickie probably wouldn't be the best idea right now, because more than likely, Natalya would have to suffer too, and I did not want that to happen. Natalya means a lot to me, even if she doesn't know it, and I don't want anything like that happening to her. I care too much about her to let that happen.

I finished washing my hair that was getting longer, I grabbed a towel and stepped out the shower. I took my clothes off of the bench it was on, and began to substitute my towel for my Rated-R attire.

I then went out room and inside the hallway for my match that would be starting in about two minutes.

With a soul onSoul onSoul onFire

What I saw hurt me like you have no idea. I saw Natalya surrounded by her friends. Victoria, Cherry, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, the inactive Gregory Helms, Zack and Curt surrounding her. The worst part was that she had Matt Hardy's arms around her waist. They were talking quietly with each other, as if they were the only two people there. With that sight in my head, I decided against telling Natalya of the feelings I had for her. Instead, I waited as my music blasted throughout the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and went out to face the booing crowd, which in my opinion was a better sight than having to face seeing Matt and Natalya together. Karma, I guess it was. I went out with his girlfriend, and now he's going out with the woman who's really had my heart, even if it was secretly.

Soul on fire