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"Yes. And the one who created this twisted world was Cruxis' leader, Yggdrasill." Oh great, this was getting complicated. Why was everything complicated all of a sudden? Just this morning it was cut and dry.

"Create a world? That's ridiculous! No one can do that!" Genis protested. Lloyd figured this wasn't exactly the best thing to do, but let it go. What could happen, anyway?

"If that's what you believe, then our conversation ends here." He started to walk back towards his desk and Lloyd realized they were losing their host's interest, and nothing had been truly answered yet.

"…Wait. If Yggdrasill was the one that created the two worlds himself, what can you possibly hope to do against someone like that? And that's not all. You tried to kill Colette and me. You're certainly not on our side. Yet for some reason, you saved us. Why?"

"…You're not as stupid as you seem."

"Excuse me?!" Okay, that was below the belt and totally uncalled for.

"…Our goal is to stop Martel's revival. Therefore, the Chosen, who would become her vessel, was an obstacle," Botta explained. Well, that explained one part…where was the other part?

"Unfortunately, the Chosen completed the angel transformation. The Chosen is now a lethal weapon whose only goal is self-preservation. We wouldn't dare lay a hand on her." Ah, there it is. And it actually made some sort of twisted sense as Lloyd glanced sadly at Colette, her red eyes staring forward emotionlessly. " But now we have the key to stop Martel's resurrection. We no longer need the Chosen!" And suddenly they were surrounded. He knew this was going to happen.


"What we need is you, Lloyd Irving!" …He must have been hearing things, because they just said that he was the key to all this. The soldiers moved in. Guess he wasn't just hearing things.

"…Me?! What's so special about me?" Is it so much to ask to know why everybody keeps chasing him down and all the cryptic comments?

"That's none of your concern!" The hell it isn't. "Get him!" And that's when he did the stupidest yet bravest thing in his entire life. As the blue-haired man approached, he lashed out and drop- kicked him square in the stomach. And to his surprise it worked.


"Lord Yuan!" Everybody else was preparing to run but Lloyd was just staring, wondering. That shouldn't have happened…

"No! It's his wound from Hima!"

"Ugh…Kratos, how many times must you get in my way?" Lloyd did a double take on this.

"Wound from Hima? You're the person who attacked Kratos?" Lloyd asked, and then shook his head. He shouldn't be worrying about Kratos. He should be worrying about why they wanted him in the first place.

"Lloyd, come on!" Sheena was at the doorway, beckoning him. Lloyd glanced at her but ignored it. He wanted to know.

"Why do you need me? Tell me!" he demanded, standing his ground. Yuan looked up at him, wincing through the pain.

"Shouldn't you be asking your father about that?" And that was when his carefully built up world started to really crumble.

"My father…what? That makes no…"

"Not your adopted father…your real father. The one who got you into this."

"What?! My real father is alive? You're lying…you have to be…"

"Lloyd!" Sheena was grabbing him by the arm, pulling him back, but he paid no attention.

"Tell me! Are you lying or are you not?" And that's when Yuan smirked, and Lloyd knew he was in trouble.

"Why don't you ask Kratos about that?"

"What?! What does he know-!" Sheena threw him into the hallway, summoned Corinne and they were gone, Lloyd stumbling after them, wondering what he just heard.

The scene had replayed so many times in Lloyd's head that he was beginning to see and hear things that weren't really there. A sly smile there, whispered comments here, he was sure it was all his imagination.

Here in the middle of Sybak, it was quiet, where he sat on the bench, as storm clouds rolled in. In his mind, it was a raging inferno of questions that boiled down to one. What did Kratos have to do with all this? What did this Yuan mean when he said that?

Lloyd started to think back through the journey to the very first time he met Kratos. At the beginning, Lloyd didn't like him. He thought he was so tough…well, in reality he was but that wasn't really the point.

"…Your name is Lloyd?"

…Where did that come from? Why was he remembering that line from all the others? He was just asking a question…that now sounded…kind of suspicious.

"Lloyd, you'll only get in the way. Be a good boy and wait here."

Oh, that had made him so mad! He wasn't a child… but it sounded like Kratos…was protecting him.

"Whose grave stone is this?"

"Oh didn't you hear? It's my mom's."

"Anna…hmm.. Is your father alive?"

…Kratos…asking about his father…and Yuan saying…Kratos knew something about his father…


"What? What are you staring at me like that for?"

"…Your swordsmanship is unrefined. You should focus a little more on eliminating your vulnerabilities."

Random staring and more protection disguised as insults. …This was going somewhere. Somewhere that Lloyd wasn't sure he wanted to go.

"Why were you raised by a dwarf?"

"Dad found me collapsed in the forest along with Mom and Noishe.

Although, what really happened was that we were attacked by Desians."

"…I see. From the sound of that, your father is probably not alive either."

"…Probably not."

More…asking about his father. There was a disturbing pattern forming here.

"I don't have the strength left!"

"If you've got enough left to talk, that's plenty."

"Why are you so rough on me?"

"When the time comes, I won't have the leeway to protect you. You must protect yourself."

Kratos trained him… helped him defend himself… And what he said, at the end…sounded…like… No.

"Now, now, don't blame me. I'm not the one that killed Anna. Your father



"Please. When her Key Crest-less Expshere was removed, Anna turned into a

monster…and your father killed her. Pathetic, don't you think?"

"…Do not speak ill of the dead."

…Kratos…defending his mother… No, no, no…

"Kratos…you pathetic, inferior being!"

"Feel the pain…of those inferior beings…as you burn in hell!"

…Kratos, really mad at the man who practically made his father kill his mother. Now why would this be? …No, it can't be…

"...I wonder. The things he said...especially...Lloyd? I felt a gentleness in the words he spoke to you."

"Kratos, gentle? You've got to be kidding."

Not the Professor too… It can't be true…

"Yeah, I guess you're right... But I still hate the fact that I didn't know. I feel so ashamed for not knowing anything about my parents."

"Your parents care only that you are well. Even if you don't know anything about them, your safety is enough."

"...I wonder if you're right. I hope so."

He probably was right…because he really was…NO.

"…Don't die."

"NO! He can't be, he can't! There is no way he is my father!" Lloyd yelled, jumping up from the bench. It started to pour.

"…But he is. He really is, isn't he?" He stood there for a few minutes, getting soaked in the rain. He just…couldn't believe… He pushed the sopping wet hair out of his left eye… Wait.

He ran up to a puddle where rainwater was gathering, and stared down at his reflection. His hair, when wet, fell into his eye exactly like Kratos' did.

"Okay, I give up. I officially give up. I will stop denying it now."

"Stop denying what, Lloyd?" Kratos was just standing there, a few feet away. He hadn't even seen him. The situation just got about five times worse.

"When did you get here?" Lloyd asked, not even caring about pushing his hair out of his eye.

"You ran up right next to me to stare into that puddle. I didn't even hear you coming," Kratos stated, pointing at the puddle at Lloyd's feet.

"…Well, if you put it that way, I…" He stopped, going silent. Why was Kratos even talking to him if they were enemies? But they weren't really, were they? Yeah, yeah, stop denying it, Lloyd.

"Lloyd?" He was staring at him. Okay, now find a way to work it into a conversation…

"…You're my father, aren't you?" Well, that went well.

"…" Kratos was silent.

"Aren't you?" Oh come on, if he connected all this together and it was nothing, he would be relieved, but seriously pissed off-

"Yes." -And scratch that thought.

"You…really are, aren't you?" Lloyd was still in shock, obviously. That word…that one word had shaken him up more than he thought it would. Even though he already knew it was true, it was still…plain freaky to hear it out loud.

"…How did you find out?" He was changing the subject. Not very gracefully either, like you would expect of him. He was shocked too, wasn't he?

"Yuan connected you and my father together… It wasn't very hard after that."

"I…see." Then there was an awkward silence where the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the cobblestone street was all that could be heard. And Lloyd's heartbeat.

"Listen, I-"

"Here." And he gave him a locket. "Please don't lose it."

"What? You-"

"And I'm sorry." He was gone a moment later, disappeared into mana sparkles and feathers.

"…Dammit, you bastard! Come back here! Don't run away from me! …Your own son… You…didn't even give me a chance to ask anything." He looked down at the locket in his hand, before opening the tiny clasp. There, inside, was the picture of a family. His family.

The family he never knew.

He snapped the locket shut, and was about to put it in his pocket before hesitating and slipping it over his head. He was about to leave when he caught a glitter. Laying on the surface of the puddle was a single blue feather. He bent down and snagged it, holding it up for inspection.

He then glanced past it at the inn, and to stormy sky beyond. Somewhere up there was his only living relative.

He had a lot to answer for. And next time, Lloyd was ready.

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