The Butterfly Mansion

The Butterfly Mansion

The city light looked so far away, the voices were faint, and the city life seemed distant. From way up here, Soubi could almost believe that he was far from one of the busiest city on earth, Tokyo. But the reflection on the clear glass pane never failed to remind him of where he was and what he was. Soubi was not far from Tokyo at all. In fact he was right in the heart of the city.

In a building disguised as the headquarter of a respectable company, a secret club was hidden. The Seven Moons was an exclusive club only few selected people had heard of. It provided companions to the famous names and faces in the society while guaranteeing perfect secrecy. The clients naturally demanded nothing less than pleasant and good-looking company, which the Seven Moons so easily provided. Beautiful employees and secrecy made the name of the Seven Moons, making it the hottest underground club in the city.

In the Seven Moons, Agatsuma Soubi was the number one escort. Many clients asked for is company but he was well known for his selectiveness. Soubi only accompanied a handful of his favored clients in the time he deemed convenient. It was really a wonder how he became the most demanded person. He wasn't exactly the friendliest person, he was too blunt, even bordering on rude often times, he was also cold and sarcastic. Like snow, Soubi was both beautiful and cold. His seductiveness and teasing personality only appeared in his extremely rare good mood yet many clients would go to any extent to gain his favor and spend time with him.

Soubi had no prior engagement tonight, a rare feat in itself because despite everything, he seemed to always have his schedule full. His last client, a president of a major drug company had just left two hours ago, not without leaving his a souvenir. A classic painting of chrysanthemums worth several million yen now hung on one of the walls of his luxurious room. Perhaps Soubi could enjoy it more if it weren't a bribe to spend several hours with him.

Soubi picked up a new suit jacket from his closet, his previous one was soiled to him. No client didn't mean that he could not enjoy himself. A dinner at the new fancy restaurant downtown seemed like a very appealing idea. A familiar voice called for him just as he exited his suite, making him halt his steps.


Soubi turned to greet the person, a smile splayed on his lips. Kyo was the second most famous male escort in the Seven Moons and also the only person Soubi could call a friend. As opposed to Soubi, Kyo was a friendly and outgoing young man. He loved wild scenes and his clients adored his young virile spirit. The only similarity he had with Soubi was his playfulness, though Soubi tended to be more sarcastic than he was. They wouldn't have been friends if it weren't for Kyo's determination to get to know the cold blond.

"You look good, Sou-chan. Where are you going? Do you have an appointment tonight?" Kyo asked, looking up and down on Soubi's appearance appreciatively. The blond was wearing a black shirt inside his beige suit jacket, looking very formal compared to Kyo's half-buttoned green silk shirt inside light-colored suit.

"No. I'm going to have dinner." Soubi explained with a smile that seemed empty to Kyo. It was a charming smile that not even Kyo was immune to.

"You have to cancel that. The boss wants to see you now."

The smile on Soubi's face became cold. Kyo never knew why but Soubi didn't like their employer very much. He had heard whispers that their past was linked somehow but could never confirm it. Kyo had more than once tried to dig Soubi's mysterious past but the blond always managed to evade the questions. "Is it so? I'll be going then. Do you have any appointment tonight?"

"Yes. My client wants to throw an intimate party and I am asked to give a little performance. Would you like to join when you're done?" Kyo asked with a suggestive smile.

"No, thank you." Soubi said, walking away toward the elevator leading directly to his employer's office on the top floor. "Ja." He said, waving a hand at Kyo.

The office had an impressive view of the city. The light was dimmed to enhance the breath taking scenery outside. The office itself was decorated by modern furniture with neutral colors. Several high end electronic appliances were seen around the room but the only thing that Soubi notice was his employer's butterfly collections, pinned around the room. The sight of it always made him sick. He couldn't think of this place as anything more than a torture cage.

"Soubi-kun, I haven't seen you for a while." Ritsu greeted him from behind his desk. The light from his computer screen reflected on his glasses, obscuring his eyes. A small, almost invisible smirk splayed on his lips.

"I don't want to see you." Soubi said, not hiding his disdain towards the man.

"But you will see me sooner or later anyway." Ritsu reminded him calmly, barely reacting to the obvious show of disrespect. "A VIP client demands your company."

"I'm not interested." Soubi said coldly.

"You are a host, Soubi. Your duty is too please your client in anyway they wish." Ritsu said. His silky voice made Soubi's skin crawl. The fading marks on his body went ablaze at those words. Still, he remained coldly and defiantly staring at the man. "He was an important client. Serve him. Please him. Win his favor. It wouldn't be too difficult, I heard he was a kind person. You will leave immediately. The folder is on the coffee table."

Soubi contemplated walking away from this but in the end he could bring himself to fully defy his employer. He picked up the folder and promptly left the room without saying another word. It took a while for Soubi to calm his nerves in the slow moving elevator. He leaned on the wall of the elevator; clenching his hand slightly as his dark, painful memory came rushing back to him. No matter how many years passed, he could never truly forgive Ritsu and forget what had happened between them. Every meeting reopened the wounds and inflamed the hatred. Soubi feared that these feeling would overwhelm him one day and always suppressed them. But he knew that one day he would have to face his inner demons.

When he had finally got himself under control, he finally checked the folder. All their VIP clients went by codenames as to not reveal their identity easily. Even the escorts sometimes only knew them by these codenames instead of the real name. This time, on the pale folder, written in simple black letter was a name he wasn't familiar with but somehow managed to make his heart beat faster.


The place indicated on the map inside the folder was located outside of Tokyo. Soubi drove his car past the townhouses to the rural place. He immediately knew that this client was not an ordinary person when he arrived to tall gate guarding the estate. From outside he couldn't even see the house as the view was covered by tall trees that grew on either side of a path leading to the darkness. After Soubi mentioned his client's codename to the surveillance camera, the electronic metal gate opened to allow him in. He drove past the dark forest, the metal gate closed behind him, not too impressed. This wasn't the first client whose residence had its own personal forest. He had to admit though, that this was the largest he'd ever seen so far. Soubi briefly wondered what kind of person this client was.

After ten minutes of driving, he arrived at a beautiful garden in front of a white Mediterranean mansion. The mansion was very quiet, the only sign that it was lived in was the light coming from inside and the open front door. Soubi hesitated for a while before entering since no one welcome him outside.

The interior of the house was as beautiful and luxurious as the exterior. Almost everything was white, the furniture, the white marble floor and the paint. The only splashes of color usually came from flowers in crystal vases which could be found in almost every room in the mansion. The house was beautiful indeed, but it felt so cold and impersonal. This mansion was clearly built to be a house, not a home.

Soubi waited in the living room but when nobody came, he searched for his client himself. A faint sound of music led him through the long white halls and rooms and to a half open door. Soubi took a deep breath, his heart had been pounding faster and faster by each step he took closer to the room. He didn't know why but he felt both nervous and eager to meet BELOVED. Something told him that this wasn't like other dates he had done before. Slowly, he pushed the double door open and stepped inside.

Like the rest of the house, this room was also almost completely white.