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The Passion

They rushed Soujiro to Shinomori's manor. The manor was mostly silent with Misao and Ogina in Tokyo to visit Himura. Despite trusting his servants, Aoshi chose to tend to this matter himself. Aoshi brought Soujiro to his chamber and placed him on his futon. He caressed the boy's sweat-soaked bangs softly, hoping to get some reaction.

"I'll fetch the doctor." Aoshi said, standing up.

"The doctor can't help him." Saito said coldly.

"And you think you could?" Aoshi asked, glaring at the older man standing by the door.

Saito didn't grant him an answer immediately. He knelt near the bedding to check Soujiro's pulse again. When he had assured himself of the boy's condition, he caressed his cheek with an uncharacteristic gentleness. "I've done all I could."

"What did you do? You only killed that man." Aoshi said. He received no more than a glare from Saito. He realized that he had done less than Saito. He could only observe as Saito risk his life to defeat the mad murderer who had kidnapped Soujiro. He couldn't even go to rescue Soujiro while the two were fighting, entranced as he was by the combat. Guilt gnawed at Aoshi. He wanted to do something for Soujiro.

Saito looked at Aoshi coldly. "Jine's technique was to block his breathing. The only way to undo it was for Soujiro to break it himself, or to kill Jine."

Aoshi frowned in displeasure. A soft moan from the futon drew his attention from the growing banter. When he saw that Soujiro had awakened, he immediately knelt at the other side of the bedding. Aoshi sighed softly in relief when the boy's eyes fluttered open. "How do you feel? Are you all right?" He asked as soon as Soujiro seemed to have fully awakened.

Soujiro nodded slowly and then tried to sit up. He smiled softly when Aoshi helped him. "It's all right. I already feel much better, Shinomori-san."

"Are you sure?" Aoshi asked again.

Soujiro nodded more firmly now. "That man… did something. He looked at me… and suddenly I couldn't breath." Soujiro paused to bow slightly to both men. "Thank you for saving, Saito-san, Shinomori-san. I've given you so much trouble today."

"It's all right, Seta-kun. In fact I have to apologize for causing this."

At first Soujiro looked at Aoshi blankly and then a light flush spread on his cheeks as he remembered what had happened earlier that day. So many things had happened that he had almost forgotten that. Indeed, this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't run from Shinomori's residence and bumped into Saito. Shame filled him as he recalled how he had reacted to Aoshi's touches earlier and how he had reacted nearly identically with Saito afterward. He lowered his head in embarrassment. "I… ah, gomen…"

Soujiro gasped softly in surprise when strong fingers lifted his chin. Suddenly he was looking straight into piercing yellow eyes. "There's nothing to apologize for, bouya. We should. We both have dragged you into this."

Aoshi looked at the man across from him in covered surprise. He hadn't expected Saito to apologize. Though he hadn't known the man for very long, he had the impression that he was a very proud man. Saito wouldn't apologize easily to anyone and yet here he was, admitting his mistake to the young man.

"There is, however, a question you must answer."

"Yes?" Soujiro asked softly.

A sudden predatory gleam entered Saito's eyes to replace the cool understanding he showed earlier. It wasn't deadly like the one he had when he fought Jine. This time, it seemed to have a certain sexual intention. Aoshi noticed slight shudder in Soujiro's smaller frame and couldn't deny that his body was experiencing the same reaction. "Did you like what we did to you today?"

Soujiro spluttered at the question, confused and ashamed. Aoshi stared at the older man. Saito's tactlessness surprised him. Certainly, there were better ways to pose the question to the boy. He must admit, though, that he was curious of the answer and Soujiro was not one for tactful prodding. Soujiro's body had certainly responded well before but how did he feel?

"Did I repulse you?" Aoshi asked.

"Or did I?" Saito asked again.

Questioned by both men now, Soujiro was even more embarrassed. His face heated up and he lowered it to hide the blush. What they did to him were indeed unfamiliar with him. He had never experienced such sensation in his young life. There were thrill and pleasure, but along with them was also embarrassment. They overwhelmed him in an unfamiliar manner, confusing him, scaring him, putting him in light discomfort. Yet something in him craved for more. "I… I… I don't know." He finally said, shaking his head vigorously.

"Do you not know or do you not remember?" Saito asked with a smirk.

The blush on Soujiro's face was certainly fascinating but didn't answer the question. Aoshi found himself overwhelmed by curiosity for the answer. "Should we remind you?"

His boldness surprise even himself. Saito's eyes flickered to him and after looking at him for a moment, released his hold on Soujiro's chin. He smirked at Aoshi in challenge and Aoshi took it graciously. He placed a gentle hand on Soujiro's cheek and turned the boy's face to face him. He allowed himself to smile slightly when he saw the helpless expression on Soujiro's face. He leaned his face close to the Soujiro's until he could feel Soujiro's soft exhalations on his lips. "Allow me."

Soujiro gasped when Aoshi's lips touched his but he didn't pull away. Aoshi pressed closer and cupped the back of the boy's head to deepen the kiss. He licked Soujiro's bottom lip before delving his tongue into the boy's warm cavern. Aoshi kissed him tenderly at first, trying to slowly bring back the memory to Soujiro, running his tongue on Soujiro's palate and the rows of his teeth. After a while Soujiro moaned softly and experimentally flicked his tongue against Aoshi's and passion won out. Aoshi started to kiss him lustfully, sucking Soujiro's tongue to draw it into his mouth. Aoshi pulled the boy onto his lap when the boy attempted to kiss him back. The hardness poking his abdomen thrilled him further and he broke the kiss briefly to gasp for breath before devouring Soujiro's mouth again. Soujiro made a small noise and clutched his kimono top as passion consumed him.

Aoshi flicked his eyes open slightly when he felt an arm snaked between his body and Soujiro's. Yellow orbs caught his blue ones as Saito leaned in to kiss Soujiro's shoulder, neck and then earlobe. "I take it that you like him." He whispered to Soujiro.

Hearing this, Soujiro broke the kiss, much to Aoshi's displeasure. So he contented himself kissing Soujiro's jaw line and running his hand up and down on his back. He waited anxiously for the answer, hoping for a confirmation. "I…" Soujiro started to answer. "Yes."

Aoshi released a breath he didn't know he was holding when he heard the answer. To show his appreciation he licked and then bit Soujiro's neck, causing the boy to cry out. He lowered his hands to Soujiro's hips and guided the boy to rock his hips against his. Soujiro threw his head back and moaned loudly as pleasure ripped through his body.

"Ah… stop… please, stop… I…" Soujiro cried out again when red hot pleasure ran through his inexperienced body. He had to clutch Aoshi's shoulders tightly in order to control himself. But he failed when Saito lifted his hand to unbutton his shirt, slipped his hand inside and pinched a nipple. "Saito-san." He gasped out. Then Saito cupped his chin to turn his head slightly and kissed him.

The awkward kiss was no less sensual than the kisses Soujiro had shared with Aoshi earlier. It was clear from that kiss that Saito had more experience in this than Aoshi. He was practically eating Soujiro, not bothering to hide his smoldering desire for the boy. Saliva ran down the side of Soujiro's mouth as their tongues dueled passionately.

Soujiro was clearly on the losing side. He rocked his hips harder onto the hard lump on Aoshi's lap as he kissed Saito. Aoshi's kisses on his neck and Saito's teasing fingers on his chest brought his lust skyrocketing. His body tightened as he neared his release and he moved more vigorously.

Suddenly Saito broke their kiss and removed Soujiro from Aoshi's lap to the bed. He pushed the boy to lay down there with a smirk. Despite the kiss, he seemed almost completely unaffected except for the bulge pressing against his dark trouser.

Nervousness returned to Soujiro now that he wasn't occupied by the older men. His eyes flickered anxiously from one man to the other. They were both smiling at him in a similar lustful way, making him slightly uncomfortable. The thought of leaving never crossed his mind though. He knew he was safe here, more so than if he were out there. Still, he was very nervous with his mentors advancing towards him this way.

Saito had the consciousness to pull out and pull the boy from the mess they had made. He made a soft satisfied hum when a red-faced Aoshi cleaned Soujiro. The boy was already sleeping, thoroughly exhausted from the experience. Saito wrapped his arms around Soujiro tighter and kissed his unresisting lips softly. He lifted an eyebrow when he caught Aoshi staring at them silently. Wordlessly, he tilted his head to the side, motioning Aoshi to lie on the other side of Soujiro. Aoshi hesitated for a second but did just that. He wrapped his long arm around Soujiro's body and locked eyes with Saito's calm amber orbs. Seeing no malice there, he took a deep breath, buried his face on Soujiro sweaty locks, and slept.

The next day Aoshi sent a letter to Shishio informing him of his servant's well being and requesting him to allow Soujiro to stay in his manor for a while to recover. Aoshi wouldn't allow Soujiro to leave his spacious room, still worried of his health as he was. He brought everything Soujiro might need to the room, only allowing Soujiro to leave to bathe with his assistance.

Saito had gone early in the morning to report about Jine. He came back hours later looking satisfied but thoughtful. Soujiro had inquired about this but Saito found the subject of what he might've been doing with Aoshi while he was gone much more interesting.

Much to Soujiro's embarrassment, he had come to enjoy and even crave his mentors' attentions. Shame was slowly being pushed away every time they touched him. He no longer feared the pain that would come, knowing it would give way to heavenly pleasures. The knowledge to this thrilled his mentors, making them bolder in their advances.

Sometimes they would take turn with him. One would be finished with him only to be replaced by the other, over and over again until he could do nothing but whimper and beg for them to stop. They would kiss him in apology then, lick away his tears, and touch him gently to bring him to yet another pinnacle of pleasure.

Other times they would take him together. Their rigid lengths would stretch him to his very limit, moving in sinful harmony. He would gasp and moan and beg as they compete to bring him pleasure. Their touches would make him forget the pain and focus only on the pleasure. Because in the end, it was all about him and bringing him pleasure.

"Mmm…" Soujiro moaned softly, thoroughly sated and relaxed. He ignored the pleasant soreness all over his body as he was enveloped by familiar warmth of his two mentors. Soon he was asleep, not even once stirring when the men moved away.

"I planned to bring him back to Shishio-san's house tomorrow." Aoshi told Saito as they had tea by the window. He glanced back to the room, fondly gazing at Soujiro's sleeping form. Regret seeped into him. He was unwilling to let him leave but knew that he couldn't keep him here for too long. Secretly he wished Saito would stop him now that he had told him.

"That is not a good idea." Saito told him coldly. "It's still too dangerous now."

Aoshi frowned. Hadn't he killed the assassin the other day? Much as he would love to keep Soujiro with him longer, he knew it wasn't very polite to make his stay under the pretense of protection. While Shishio-san was obviously aware of his attraction toward the boy, he could not parade his affection in front of the older man. "Why?"

"Jine was a hired assassin. Someone else is behind this and I doubt that he has given up after Jine was killed."

"So you mean to say that Shishio-san is still in danger?" Aoshi said, surprised. He had known all along that there was some kind of conspiracy behind the murder plot but had foolishly thought that it ended with Jine's thought. He had overlooked the possibility that another assassin might be hired, jeopardizing Soujiro's life once again. He should've realized that it wouldn't end so easily. Jine was merely a disposable pawn, to completely secure Soujiro they must defeat the entire army and take down the king.

"He, along with everyone around him is. I think it's wiser if he stayed here for now." Saito said, sipping his tea calmly as if they weren't speaking of grave matters.

"I suppose so." Aoshi agreed. "Have you discovered this person?"

"I might have." Saito said with a slight smirk. Clearly he didn't want to spoil his plan to Aoshi. "I would have to leave early next morning. I might not be back soon. Can I entrust Soujiro to you?"

Aoshi frowned, annoyed that his ability and willingness to protect Soujiro was doubted. "Of course."

Saito nodded, not mocking for once. He glanced at the sleeping boy, an expression of tenderness crossed his face. "He must not return to Shishio's manor just yet. Take care of him."

Stunned by the solemn order, Aoshi could only nod. He admitted that he had doubted Saito's affection toward Soujiro, thinking that he only wanted to take pleasure from his body. But apparently Aoshi had thought wrong, he had missed Saito's affection for Soujiro, rarely displayed as it was. Saito cared for the boy as much as he did.

"I'll take care of Soujiro."

Saito turned to the younger man, assessing him. After a moment of silence his lips quirked into a tiny smirk. "Good." He said. For the first time, Aoshi sensed only gratefulness from him.

Saito entered the huge mansion without much difficulty. The enormous garden was predictably littered with unskilled guardsmen. He had little difficulty infiltrating them, drawing no suspicion in the process. He smirked darkly, perhaps he should consider telling their employer to hire better guards, preferably those with at least an ounce of skill. Perhaps later, when that man was at the brink of death.

The house was silent. Chou had informed him that the maids had mostly left soon after dusk, when the guards started to pour in, leaving his target alone, a perfect prey for the lone wolf. The broom head swordsman had told him that his target would be in the ballroom, a thoughtful choice considering the size of the room which would give said target some time to ask for help if his fear came true. But Saito was beyond fear, he was sheer terror. Not an ounce of concern even fleeted through him as he pushed the large double doors open, letting them slam against the pale wall.

But even a skilled swordsman such as he couldn't help but feel a little of his confidence slipping when he saw the Gatling gun poised readily to face him from the centre of the room. Kanryu Takeda stood behind it with a manic smile on his face, not unlike that of Jine's, looking victorious.

Saito paused for a moment, thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to have a drag of cigarette. But this wasn't time for idle smoking, this was a battle, this was war. As he settled into his familiar Gatotsu stance, Soujiro's face flashed in his mind and he smiled briefly. A fraction of a second later, the seemingly endless sound of shooting sounded around the mansion.