I got out of the truck that Charlie had given me

I got out of the truck that Charlie had given me. I was surprised that it ran so well. I was expecting it to break down at least once on the way to school, but it did surprisingly well. I found myself almost proud of the car, which was funny because I had never been much of a car lover.

I didn't bother to lock it as I walked towards the school office. I doubted anyone would steal it because it was so old. Looking around the parking lot I noticed that many of the cars were out of date and beaten. I felt slightly better knowing that I wasn't the only person at the school who couldn't afford anything fancy. At my old school everything was about money and status. That was one good thing about coming to Forks. It was small and remote.

I noticed only one new car in the entire parking lot. It was a shiny Volvo. It stood out of place next to all of the other cars.

I tripped while not paying attention to where I was going. I quickly took my eyes off the silver car and looked back at my feet. I could feel a few stares and felt uncomfortable. I felt my face redden.

I swung the door open to the office building. That was another thing different about Forks, the schools were split into separate buildings on a campus rather than having one big school building. Charlie explained it to me before I left this morning. I was grateful because it was slightly confusing.

"Good morning!" I jumped at the sound.

"Oh…" I stepped forward to the desk were a woman was sitting. "I'm new…"

"I know you are!" She smiled widely. "You're Isabella Swann aren't you? Chief Swann told us you would be arriving. I have your schedule right here and a map."

She handed me some papers and I suffered through a bit of small talk with her. It was clear that my arrival was the new 'big thing' that the town was talking of. When I finally managed to get away I had only a few minutes before class. I felt anxious because I was going to be late.

"Are you Isabella?" I turned at the sound of a voice.

"Bella." I corrected automatically.

"Bella, then." He smiled. "I'm Eric. Do you need help finding your class?"

Glancing at Eric, I could tell he was the sweet chess club type. Nice, but undeniably nerdy.

I let him talk as we went to my first class. I felt peoples gazes on me and I looked at my feet. As we entered the class, Eric gave me a smile and sat down in his seat. I took a deep breath and walked up to the teacher. I told him I was new and luckily he didn't make me talk about myself in front of the class. I took a seat at the back and didn't say a word.

When it was time for dismissal, Eric got up to talk to me, but another boy beat him too it.

I was surprised, because no one had ever wanted to talk to me at my old high school and now two guys were trying to get my attention.

"My name is Mike." He smiled.

"Bella." I smiled back. He was slightly easier to talk to than Eric because he was more normal and approachable.

"I know." He smiled wider. "I'm pretty sure that everyone knows who you are. It's a small town."

"I noticed." I frowned. "I've only been here for a day and it seems that everyone knows me."

"I know. It's a small town curse. Everyone knows everything about everyone."

"That's' kind of creepy, you know." I pointed out.

"I hate it." He laughed. "I can't wait to get out of here."

"Forks..." I muttered.

"Yeah," He nodded. "So why did you come here? I mean, you were living it big in Arizona. Phoenix. Why'd you decided to move to middle-of-nowhere-Forks?"

"My mom was getting married." I frowned.

"Oh…that sucks." Mike gave me a sympathetic look. "Was the guy a loser?"

"No, no." I shook my head. "He's really nice actually. It's just….I didn't want to get in the way…he travels a lot…."

"What class do you have next?" Mike leaned over me to look at my schedule.

"Government….I think…"

"Cool!" He looked excited. "We're in the same class!"

"Hey, Mike…who's this?" A girl with curly hair came over smiling fakely.

"Bella." Mike smile lessened. "Jessica, this is Bella. Bella…Jessica."

"So you're Chief Swann's daughter?" Jessica looked me over.


Jessica launched into a babble of talk which left me to say very little. I just nodded and occasionally made remarks on what she said. I felt more comfortable letting her do all the talking.

For the next three classes, Jessica and Mike stuck next to my side like they were glued there. Mike wouldn't let me alone for a minute and Jessica followed Mike as if he was the only person on earth. Occasionally a few more people would stop to introduce themselves. After a while I lost track of who was who.

When it was time for lunch, I sat down at a table with Jessica and Mike. I glanced around the cafeteria. Every single table was full except for one which had only five people sitting at it.

"Who are they?" I asked Jessica.

"Oh them?" She sighed. "They're the Cullens. They don't like to mingle with other people."

"Why?" I asked curious.

"They prefer to stick to their own family." Jessica frowned. "Very stuck up they are."

I stared at them. They were so interesting in comparison to the rest of Forks.

"There's Rosalie and Jasper Hale, they're twins. And there's Emmett. They are all a grade above us. And then there is Alice and Edward Cullen, in our grade."

"Whos' who?" I asked confused.

"Rosalie is the blonde. Emmett is bigger. Jasper is blond…he's sitting next to Alice, the short one with black hair. Oh…and Edward has red hair."

"I see…" I said softly.

"Oh, and you know what?" Jessica leaned in. "The rumor is that Emmett and Rosalie are a thing."

"But aren't they like…adopted and not related?" Mike asked.

"Still…" Jessica raised her eyebrows.

"Well, I got to get to class." Mike stood up. "Come on Bella. You have Bio with me."

"I have French." Jessica waved. "See you later.

I exited the cafeteria with Mike and we went to the Bio room. When I got there, there was only one open seat next to Edward Cullen. I felt nervous but walked towards the seat. I tripped on the way to my desk and I blushed. Edward stiffened and then quickly walked over to the teachers desk. He mumbled something quickly that I didn't catch. It sounded as if he was trying not to breathe.

He left the room quickly and then class began. Mike raised his hand and asked if he could sit next to me for the class. The teacher agreed to my surprise, and Mike moved his stuff next to mine.

We passed notes to each other for the whole class. I had never actually passed notes with anyone at my old school because I never had anyone to pass notes too. Suddenly I was popular and people wanted to be by me. It was very strange and I felt as if I were in some alternate universe.

When class ended Mike grabbed my things for me. I protested but he wouldn't let me.

On the way to my next class, Mike gave me my things and went to his class. It was the first class we didn't have together today.

When I finished my next class I realized that there wasn't much left of the day. Feeling excited, I walked more quickly. Suddenly, I felt myself tripping and I saw my things fall. I put my arms out bracing myself for the fall but then felt myself being caught. I looked to see who had saved me.

I blinked confused. The short Cullen girl had caught me. I tried to remember her name.

"Sorry." I stood up and gathered my books. When I had gotten all of my things together again she was still standing there with a strange blank expression.


She shook her head and her eyes suddenly seemed more focused. "It's nothing. Don't thank me. Be more careful."

"Sorry." I blushed. For some reason I felt intimidated by her. She was so different. I didn't know what to do.

She walked away and things seemed to go back to normal. I remembered suddenly that I had forgot to ask her for her name. I would have to ask Jessica tomorrow to remind me.

I went to my next class and sat next to Eric. For the entirety of my last class he asked me questions about myself. I felt very uncomfortable and when the class ended I rushed out.

I felt exhausted. Meeting so many people was tiring. I went to my car and turned it on. I backed out rather quickly and heard brakes making a loud noise. I stopped immediately and saw that I had almost hit the silver Volvo.

I mouthed 'sorry' and the blonde girl driving the car gave me a frustrated look. The two guys in the car laughed and the small girl looked away. I noticed that the fifth one was gone and briefly thought about how weird that was.

When I got home I grabbed an apple on my way upstairs to email my mother.

I briefly told her of my day at Forks and then I turned off the computer and put on a CD. I closed my eyes and laid back on my new bed. Thank god the day was over.


Edward pulled up to the school and sighed silently to myself; Jasper and I had gotten into another row this morning. It seemed all that we did was yell at each other of late, I was never good enough for him, he was never good enough for me, bullshit. The result of this argument had left us tense and the rest of the family feeling awkward, all but Edward of course. He was probably tuning into my thoughts right now as I think. He probably even knows of my vision with Jasper, the one where he ends "us". It should happen soon...

It took me a while to come to terms with this fact. I was so in love with Jasper I couldn't imagine it happening... But things just went downhill from that day of the vision. Its probably better this way. Edward put a comforting hand on my shoulder at that thought, which I shrugged off angrily. I didn't need his pity.

"Alice," Jasper said as we unloaded ourselves from the Volvo. " Could I talk to you for a minute?" There it was, exactly as I had seen it in my vision. I put a resigned attitude to myself and followed Jasper to the back of the car, shooing away the rest of our family; I didn't want them to be here for this. "Look..." he began.

I stopped him there. " I already know what you are going to say Jasper." He look almost relived at hearing me say that, which I refused to let bother me. It was better this way.

"I'm sorry" he said giving me a hug. " I wish there was another way."

"I know." Replied the cold as rock me. "Its better this way, I know it is." I sounded like I was trying to convince myself, geez. So much for being strong and bold. Jasper didn't even try to sooth my pain, I knew he wouldn't though, it wouldn't have been fair honestly. To feel like everything's alright and everything will work out somehow while he was there and then suddenly as he leaves to let the emotions fly out the window and be bitter and resentful. No, Jasper wouldn't do that.
"Please.. If theres anything that I can do.." Jasper said as guilt began to paint his features.
No. There was nothing he could do. The bright young girl in me answered: " Don't you worry about a thing Jasper, I've gotten over boys like you in a flash, I'm just toooo attractive to be held down for too long." The vampire who had once been my love smiled as if knowing this fact all too well. "Get to class now Jasper, the rest of them will be waiting for you." I wanted to be alone for a while, just to think. Jasper understood that fact it seemed as he nodded and trotted off towards the building. As soon as he entered our school I let myself feel again. Emotion washed over me like waves in a vicious sea, trying to force me to drop to my knees and drown in the waters. I wouldn't let it, not here, not now in front of all of these humans. Running, running was my release, I sprinted from the parking lot, the mere humans eyes not even picking up a blur of motion as I ran. I didn't even know where i was going, I just need to run, to get Jasper out of my eyes, out of my mind.

I would have to be careful from here on out, Jasper was just one of those people you had to be cautious with, careful not to feel too much. He had a special talent, the talent to control peoples emotions and manipulate them as he saw fit. But there also seemed to be a curse to this blessing, his emotions themselves were very susceptible to changing due to the strength of those around him. If i let my self want him or need him he in turn would respond. Now that wasn't a bad idea... to make him love me... but no. These emotions were not real, they couldn't produce anything real... It would be cruel.
I sincerely doubted having to shield my feelings from him would be that big of a problem though. I had known about the break up months in advance, it gave me plenty of time to come to terms with it. Sure it was sad right now, but I would soon be back to my old chipper self. I just needed a little time to grieve. Letting the rhythmic pumping of my legs take over my thoughts I ran on, basking in the emptiness it gave me.

Eventually I slowed to a stop, my mind finally feeling calm and cool. Everything would be alright, no more yelling this way. I looked at my watch and was surprised to find that i had been running through the school day, it was about half way to lunch at this hour. Shaking my head I looked at my feet, and gave a sad sigh. Those were new heels, and i already broke them, they had looked so nice too, just perfect with this outfit. Whatever, I could easily stop by the house on my way back and pick out some new shoes. Maybe even a new outfit... with a low neckline and a deep ruby red hue... The thoughts continued to amass in my mind as I ran back the way I came. Time seemed to be a fickle one today as by the time I had ran home, changed clothes into something far more tempting and out there ( hey, who says I cant look hotter than hot?) and gotten back to school I had made it back earlier than I had hoped to, one whole class period before lunch.

I ignored all the jealous glares from the girls and the appraising ones from the boys, it was so normal to me I would have been worried had they not stared. Rosalie had it the worst of all of us though, not to say she didn't enjoy it. Rosalie loved the attention no doubt, and flaunted her gorgeous good looks whenever she could. It was a wonder Emmett never got into any jealous rages the way that she handled herself. Then again Emmett wasn't really one to talk either...

Doodling all over my supposed "notes" from this class I tuned out the world and focused only on the paper in front of me. It was so strange how a simple pen and paper could be used as a medium for your mind to flow. I began to see a few faces in my incoherent scribbles, perhaps a bit of the future rubbing off on me. I began to see thin dark hair and pale skin, skin as pale as one of my own kinds, and innocent yet tired eyes. The new girl. No that wasn't the future rubbing off, that was the latest buzz of gossip from the students. New girl new girl new girl, what was the big deal? This being a small town is what most likely made her the equivalent to a celebrity. Another face appeared in my scribbles. This time it was a dancer from one of my favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars. The man had such grace it was nearly frightening, and for not the first time I cursed his dance partner, envious that she wasn't me. I could dance so much better than she could any day, and she tripped on her feet nearly every step. I laughed at how frivolous my thoughts could be at times, gossip and television, really I ought to be a bit more intellectual. Now a third face came out of my doodles, with a light mane of hair and soft features. Jasper. I crossed out his face quickly, I shouldn't be thinking about him, not in school and not anymore. Its not healthy.

The bell rung and the sound of chairs scraping across floors and students talking suddenly broke through the mental shield around my ears. Lunch time at last! Why I look forward to this part of the day I don't even know, perhaps its just the remnants of some human instinct.

I deftly navigated my way through the flood of hungry students to the cafeteria, managing to get to the front of the lunch line before anyone else. Scanning the potential food to take i chose an apple, a cheese burger and some milk, the typical student lunch. Unfortunately none of this food was really going to be eaten, much to the lunch lady's dismay. I didn't feel the need to put up such a pretentious act today.

As I slid into a chair at "our table" Jasper gave me a warm smile, which I returned gladly. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. Edward once again patted my shoulder, which utterly ruined the good moment that had just passed. Thanks buddy. Edward just scowled and shrugged, not happy that his apparent acts of kindness were unappreciated.

"So whats the deal with this new girl?", I asked nonchalantly.

" Don't really know, don't really care." Rosalie answered bitterly. She was probably just jealous that the newb has gotten all of the attention.

" So whats the word, is she afraid of us yet?", giant Emmett asked as the new girl glanced over at our table. He looked to Edward, who usually was king of that department. Edward gazed over to the girl and concentrated. Suddenly he looked shocked and at the same time frustrated. He now showed obvious signs of concentration, eyes squinted and hands flexed. Finally he turned back to the table and shrugged. Emmett didn't react, he didn't really care enough to pursue it apparently. But I was facsinated, someone who Edward seemingly couldn't get a read on. I stared at the girl unashamedly, hoping to have her glance my way. But alas no, the bell rang and the tide of students now rushed to their classes, strange girl included.

I breezed through the rest of my classes, not concentrating in the slightest. I was too curious about this girl, how did she shield her mind from Edward? Was it conscious or subconscious? Was she even really human? I shook myself at that thought, of course she was human. Abruptly i searched for Edward with my minds eye. Alaska, hmm. Something must have happened to tempt him again. Another bell rang interrupting my thoughts, two classes left to the day and I was home free.
The humans where rushing through the hallways once more, they were so amusing to watch sometimes, when I spotted the new girl. She was walking at a slow pace, but suddenly speed up. Unconsciously I chose to follow her, perhaps hoping to get a clue as to why her thoughts are shielded but no one else's are. The girl gasped and tripped out of the blue while I was following her. Instinctively I reached out and caught her, now thats curious, why would I save a human from a mere fall? The vision hit me like a icy cold sheet of water. Straight brown hair, deep brown eyes and pallid skin, an absolutely enticing scent. Soft, so soft was the body that I held so close to mine, and those lips, those slightly pouting lips made me dizzy. I leaned in- the vision ended.

"Um…thanks….", the new girl said awkwardly.

I realised she had been talking to me. I shook my head and focused in on her voice, heeding the warning from the vision about her delicious scent and cutting off my breathing."It's nothing. Don't thank me. Be more careful.", I said stiffly.

"Sorry." , The girl said. She looked a bit frightened, but I waved it off for now. I had better get out of here... what the hell was THAT vision all about? I walked briskly away trying not to think of the shocking images that had raced through my minds eye.

I don't even know how I made it through the rest of the school day without thinking about it, but i did. At last the final bell rung and I raced to the car, eager to get home and ponder everything that had happened this day. I got to the car and jumped into the front seat, bouncing in my chair impatiently. After an eternaty Rosalie finally got into the car-Edward was gone of course so he drove. As we pulled out of the parking spot we nearly ran into a huge red truck. I looked towards the driving seat,almost afraid of who it might be. Low and behold it was the girl. Our eyes met as she mouthed sorry and I glanced away hurriedly, this was all just too much! Rosalie drove out like a madwoman and got us home without another incident.

I rushed past Esme and Charisle when i came into the house, running to my room to flop onto my bed. Jasper breaking up with me, Edward suddenly going to Alaska, and now this strange girl! So much had happened today, too much to comprehend... I needed to clear my mind, it was all too much. I blasted some of my favorite music, Breaking Benjamin and tried to let the lyrics and screams take over my mind.


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