A/N: I got inspiration from Super T...I hope you all like it. It's just basic Trish/Y2J drabble

The Lyrics are Are you Gonna Be My Girl by Jet but I had to change some of it to fit with Trish

So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me
because you look so fine
and I really wanna make you mine.

Why am I so nervous. Come on I'm the Sexy Beast. Women would kill to be with me. I'm charismatic, handsome, blonde and Canadian. I don't like to brag but I'm also a-mazeing in bed. Who wouldn't want to be with me..One woman doesn't and her name is Trish Stratus.

You know that little blonde spitfire. She can make any man weak in the knees. With that long blonde hair, those hazel eyes, that rack...She also has a great personality and is very nice...I just thought I would add that so you don't think I just like her for her rack...Which is fantastic by the way...Dammit I'm really not a pig..

I say you look so fine
that I really wanna make you mine.

When I try talking to her, I just stand there stammering like a jackass. She just laughs and walks off with Amy or one of the other girls. I'm jackass and I really can't help it.

After two weeks of being a idiot. I decided what to do. I left her love letter but I didn't sign my name. It was all good until Christian found out about the letters and told Trish he wrote them...I got fucked over again.

Well I could see,
you home with me,
but you were with another man, yea!

That why I'm standing outside her locker room right now. I need to tell her that I like her and since her and Christian broke up I won't lose a friend. I just took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Trish opened it still in her tight ring gear. This was going to kill me.

Big black boots,
long blonde hair,
she's so sweet
with her get back stare.

" What would you like Chris?" Trish asked motioning for me to come in.

" Um...I...Would...like to ask you..." I mumbled rubbing the back of my neck. My tongue wouldn't work..I've wrestled the biggest men in the WWE and I'm to nervous to ask out a five foot four blonde.

"What do you need to ask me Chris." Trish gave me one of those heart melting smiles.

" Um...I wanted to ask...if I can borrow some shampoo." I cursed myself the minute I said that. Trish just got a wierd smile on her face and walked towards the shower.

" Okay...Is strawberry good for Mr. Y2J?" The tiny woman asked smiling at me.

" Ummm...Yea...I'll go now." I quickly ran towards the door my head hung low.

" Okay Chris..Bye." I heard her let out a chuckle when she closed the door behind me. I looked at the closed door sighing angrily. Okay, I'm doing this right now. I have to.

" Trish...Do you wanna go out with me?" I shouted through the closed door. I didn't hear anything so I asked again.

" Trish Stratus would you like to go out with me?" I closed my eyes hoping she wouldn't laugh and say no.

" I would love to Chris. I knew you sent me the letters. I was just waiting for you to ask me." When I opened my eyes Trish went on her toes and kissed me.

" So you wanna be my girl?" Trish nodded and led me into her locker room.

Of course I could do this, I am the sexy beast! Baby baby.

Uh, be my girl.
Be my girl.
Are you gonna be my girl?! Yea

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