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Corporal Alexander Reed 'Dirge' pegged a rebel in Corrosion armor, before turning and firing an ionized beam through another in Renegade armor, sending a spew of blood coming from the area his heart was.

As soon as his dropship landed, it met a patrol of rebels, initially the had the advantage, nine to four, but the rebels called in reinforcements, and they were still arriving. He fired a plasma ball into a group of them, which expanded and destabilized itself, causing them to litterally melt under their armor as it found tis way through invisible gaps.

He turned and fired another round at another rebel, causing it to lose its leg and fall off balance. The rebel was then put out of its misery by a Liandri soldier firing several photon rounds into its head. Judging by the amount of reinforcements, they were going to need a larger force.

James turned a corner and swiftly backed behind it again as he spotted a pair of link turrets, with about a dozen rebels milling about around them, opening crates that revealed Corrosion and Renegade robots, every now and then they would find a Syzgy. "This is theta squad reporting in, we see about a dozen rebels down here unloading robots from crates, there's also two link turrets."

"Roger that, Gamma squad is under heavy assault, I'm setting a NAV on the dish now, we're going to need a larger force."

"Roger that."

James deactivated the comm. And his heart sank,the dish was in behind the rebels massing in front of him, and a couple Goliath tanks rolled into view. He reactivated the comm. "Sir, we're going to need another squad down here."

Reed dove behind cover, an overturned crate, as a rocket exploded at his previous position. He checked his HUD and found the situation even more particularly dreadful, he could only count two other allies in the field, and who knows how many enemies.

He fired over cover, hoping to get some kills before pulling back down as another rocket whizzed by. He looked over cover again to see about half a dozen rebels relentlessly firing, before one of them holding a sniper shot him and he saw no more, his HUD crackling with static.