Author's Note: Here's something really naughty for those slash fans out there. I may write more of these if there's enough interest. Hope you enjoy it! Please review! Be warned it is very graphic slash sex. I've seen hordes of Jake/Chance slash, so I wondered, why not the dark SWAT Kats instead? Also, instead of anal sex in it, I wanted a different approach, since I saw this thing Called 'frot'.


Over the skies of an alternate dimension's Megakat City, a gruesome version of the Turbokat headed for the salvage yard. The pilot pressed the button for the secret hangar entrance to open. It squealed a bit from lack of maintenance. The jet soared down the runway then halted on the rotating platform which also protested its use. The engines were shut down as the platform ascended upward then halted.

When the cockpit opened, the city's most wanted vigilantes leapt out to land easily on the concrete floor. They had no idea how long they'd been caught in the dimensional rip the bomb had sent them. They'd been extremely lucky to have found the rip again so quickly. So now they were back and as angry as ever…though definitely relieved to be in one piece.

"Fuck that took forever!!" Razor growled as he tossed his helmet away to land with a bang on the floor. "At least your flying didn't get us killed!"

"Shut it…." T-Bone snarled, not in the mood for an argument, just satisfied to be home again at all. It had been a close thing.

"What? Who else was driving that piece of crap? It sure wasn't me!" Razor retorted sourly.

"Pffft! You're just pissed because you can't aim worth a shit anyway!" He sniped at his partner.

Razor just snorted. "At least there's no sign of Dark Crud or his creepy things around anymore!" He growled more to himself than to his partner as he took a quick look around their hangar.

They ceased trading insults and focused their attention on refueling the jet, reloading munitions and making minor repairs.

The big tabby tried to ignore his partner's constant grumbles each time the smaller tom passed by him. Razor was grouchier than ever. T-Bone had finished his work and turned to watch his partner idly.

Razor was replacing some of their mini-nuke rockets when he saw a long bulge between the legs of the tom's G-suit. It struck him suddenly; his partner was really pent up and needed release. Come to think of it, so did he. They'd both been without some personal attention for far too long.

"What the hell are you staring at?!" Razor barked angrily as he caught his partner staring at him intently.

T-Bone crossed his arms as he walked closer to him. "Y'know, I think I already know why you're being such a grouch….you haven't been getting any!" He told him.

"What? Where do you get off staring at my crotch?" He demanded, trying to ignore his obvious erection.

Dropping his arms, the burly tabby looked Razor square in the eye and backed him up against a wall, ignoring the furious growling. He pressed closer until their chests met, using his arms to cage the smaller tom.

Razor tried to struggle away, but his partner had him pinned too tightly, he then leaned down and kissed him. The cinnamon tom pushed and clawed, trying to escape. It was no use, T-Bone was too used to pain and far too powerful to budge.

Razor gave in, enjoying the kiss. He dug his claws into T-Bones arms and held on as the tabby's tongue found his own and they dueled. He moaned in pleasure as T-Bone continued his erotic assault on his mouth...he wasn't going to get free...or was that what he really wanted?

It was an unfortunate truth that they had a 'thing' together. The rude way they acted toward each other was their way of responding to the hell their life had become. They were tired of it! The sniping, the name calling, the back biting, it was getting old. Despite what they said to each other, T-Bone was an excellent pilot, better than any living right now and Razor was an exceptional marksman. But due to some wrong decisions, their life was one of crime and misery. They truly didn't have anyone they trusted except each other. Deep down they knew they really had no one who cared whether they lived or died. This realization is what made them seek each other when the need struck.

He shuddered as his partner slowly pulled the zipper of his G-suit down while nipping his neck. The dark tabby could easily see Razor's prominent erection trying to escape its prison.

The big tom dropped to his knees before his friend. The sight of the heated tabby licking his lips made Razor even harder. The slim tom knew the tabby could suck a mean dick…..having experience a few times...that big mouth of T-Bone's... It made Razor moan with desire.

"How long has it been?" T-Bone asked as he pulled the zipper the rest of the way down.

"Three weeks." Razor gasped heatedly.

"Three weeks? Guess Callie wasn't in the mood before she started working with us, huh?" He asked. Razor watched him eagerly as the tabby started to slowly pull down his briefs.

"Yeah." He sighed, his member finally feeling the freedom and coolness of the air. He smirked at T-Bone, his musky scent strong enough even he could smell it.

"I think you're a little pent-up." The big tom grinned wickedly as he stared at the other Kat's cock, the dark pink glistening flesh bulging with veins, was waving in his face.

With a gentle flick of his tongue over the tip, T-Bone kissed it before opening his mouth, drool connecting between his large fangs as he swallowed Razor's cock to the root.

Razor groaned at the hot sight of his partner on his knees with the slim tom's cock in his mouth. He spread his legs more to give better access to the dirty tabby.

The Kat's huge tongue swirled around the head, teasing Razor, tasting him, enjoying this first foray into pleasure with him. Razor watched as his partner serviced him, seeing a smirk even as he sucked him…..hard, his arms wrapped around his hips.

"Suck me, T-Bone." He growled hotly as the tabby tasted the first drops of precum. He did, using only his lips now, while staring up at his partner, making sure he saw them open as he took him downward and closed ever tightly as they made their way up, his cheeks indenting as Razor's penis was covered heavily in his saliva. He made sure to go slow, drawing out the pleasure, holding five seconds each movement upward. He wanted his friend to beg.

"Hey…. Speed up…" Razor panted, trying his hardest but failing to make it sound like an order.

T-Bone pulled the throbbing meat from his lips. "You're gonna have to say please." He growled deeply, and then flicked his tongue on the veined shaft, making it wiggle.

"Please?" Razor blurted out. The tabby grinned as he stopped his blissful torture, then swallowed the slim Kat's entire cock again, swirling his tongue along the thickening underbelly from side to side.

'Nnnnn damn..." Razor growled as T-Bone's greedy tongue worked along the slickened shaft as his head bobbed up and down, deepthroating him easily with his big mouth. The tabby kept going, his pace neither slowing down or speeding up as he kept pleasuring the smaller tom.

It was enough to make his mouth's host shiver and tremble. The tabby dutifully licked Razor's precum away as it seeped out, his tongue lapping over the head of the other Kat's cock when it was back toward his lips and then running them and his tongue down the length of the shaft as it plunged back toward the tabby's throat. Razor's tip felt the tabby's throat rhythmically work it, knowing what T-Bone wanted to swallow next.

Razor was soon grunting, his voice louder with each grunt. He couldn't hold out anymore, his body seizing up, fists clenching, and ball sack throbbing under his ridiculously hard member. He roared as he exploded, arching his back as his eyes clenched shut. The hungry tom swallowed it all, his throat muscles working visibly under the fur on his neck, showing how pent up he was himself, not just his partner.

T-Bone pulled back off Razor's cock to catch his breath. The smaller tom could see the big tabby's mouth was covered with his seed which the tabby proceeded to lick off his lips, the thick cream vanishing down his throat.

"See, I knew you were pent up!" T-Bone said matter-of-factly.

Razor smirked at him. "What are you, a doctor?" He joked.

"I could be…" He snickered playfully. "Shall we continue this?"

Razor, no longer cared about anything else. "Oh yeah..." His voice heavy with lust. When T-Bone stood up, Razor rubbed his paws over the tabby's ass. "But it's my turn, now." His voice promising dark things.

They moved to their lockers and stripped off their filthy G-suits. Razor watched as T-Bone shed his clothes with careless ease showing off an impressive body. He admired the claw marks he'd made while his partner had been pleasuring him.

Chance leered at him when he caught Jake staring, glad the scar on Jake's left eyelid still allowed him to see the tabby clearly especially when he 'showed off'.

They hurried upstairs then onto Chance's bedroom. It was much larger than Jake's and smelt better to 'play' in because of the sweet scent from his workouts that lingered. It was such a great smell they never used air-fresheners. When Chance opened his bedroom door, Jake showed off by managing to pick up the large kat and tossing him onto the bed, his mood for roughness beginning to show.

The tabby landed with a grunt, his erection's pink skin easily visible though his boxers. He literally tore them off and threw the pieces in the trash, not caring at all since he still had tons more. Jake stripped off the last pieces of clothing he still had on, his penis re-filling with blood at the sight on the bed as he licked his lips for what was to come.

Jake crawled over the tabby, not in the least shy about his muscular body, or the thick, hard meat between his legs. "Mmmm……looks tasty." He growled, seeking revenge for what the tabby had done earlier.

"I can imagine. Your dick tastes good too by the way." Chance retorted. Talking dirty always got them hot and he was ready for a good blowjob. He was in the mood for a hard ride later too.

Jake opened wide to engulf the long, thick, veiny, throbbing, hard, meaty, and glistening kat cock, revealing his gaping throat in the process for the tabby's viewing pleasure.

Chance shivered as he watched as the entire thing disappear down the Kat's throat, admiring the fact that Jake's jaws were so well parted, but not too far to lose the wonderful suction and tongue ministrations. After all, he wasn't an absolutely massive twelve, only seven.

Seconds later, Jake drew back, the other Kat's penis escaping from his throat briefly. He sighed as he stroked him, a small drop of precum showed itself on the slit. "Man, you're hard…. Guess it's been longer for you huh?" He asked with a smirk.

Chance just nodded.

"Well, I'll just have to fix that." Jake said as he began a lick-fest along the head, then base, then the whole shaft. He tasted the first drop of precum.

He plunged back down, still licking as he sucked softly, swirling his tongue around it, savoring its hot feel and taste, taking Chance's cock all the way into his warm moist mouth. He didn't want to use any other tricks since it had been so very long since the last time so only his tongue and all of his mouth and throat muscles were being used.

He rested his paws on the tabby's thighs while he milked his partner's penis. His lips squeezed the base as they reached it, the urethral cord on the underbelly thick and musky due to lack of showering. He absently flicked his tongue along the pulsating veins, testing the fullness of them, looking at him cutely, and then returning his attention to his work. The tabby groaned as he felt his precum seep out and his cock grow harder. Jake gulped it down, getting his revenge.

Chance panted, he knew Jake was just as skilled at fellatio as he was, but he wanted to come gloriously with him doing something else. Soon, his body started tightening, it was now or never.

"Uhhh! Stop." He groaned urgently as he gently pushed at his partner to let go.

Jake ceased and looked up, letting the hard flesh fall out of his mouth. Blinking, he asked, "Huh? You don't want to cum yet?"

"I want something else first, then you can swallow all you want. What do you say?" Chance asked temptingly.

Jake nodded. "How about I take your ass then?" He suggested, licking his lips as he stroked himself.

"There's no condoms or lube, remember?" Chance pointed out. He never wanted to do it bare-back; he didn't know that much about his partner's sexual habits outside the two of them but he, personally, never went naked and would take no chances, even with his best friend.

The slim tom sighed. "Well there's always that thing we saw on the internet, huh?"

The tabby grinned; it was perfect for what he wanted. "Come up here then!" He ordered.

Jake moved up without hesitation. He aligned his hips with the tabby's. Jake's cock already as hard as Chances. He bent over and kissed him hungrily, feeling the vibrations of purring, which was rather rare for either of them to do that. He pressed his hips down, letting both of their erections come in tight contact then held still for a long moment...until the tabby groaned for him to start by moving his own hips.

The slim kat moved back and forth, his hips grinding with Chance's. He felt the other Kat's larger penis throb against his own. Chance moaned and groaned as the friction brought them more and more pleasure. Jake kissed him again, giving him a full body rub. Feeling the tempo rise, Chance wrapped his large, strong thighs around the brown tom's hips, making him grunt hotly.

Chance's paws slipped down to Jake's ass, squeezed and rubbed his cheeks together and pressed a finger into the furless pucker to caress the gland inside. Jake grunted again as he held onto the tabby's hips, his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth as he concentrated on making Chance roar, moving more upright as he did so. They trembled as sparks flew between them, Chance's member was leaking again.

Jake watched as it flowed into the tabby's belly button and sticking to his own, feeling as if he was a part of Chance now. He could feel how tight the tabby's ball sack was as his rubbed against it and felt him begin to tighten.

Sweat formed on his forehead as the tabby's groaning made him hotter and harder than ever. Soon, the pace quickened, both of them tensing. Chance grit his teeth, digging his claws into the other Kat's ass, making him moan loudly.

"Come on, make a mess!" Jake commanded, knowing he was close. "Let it all out."

Chance finally lost his mind and thrust up hard on the tom's hips, grunting loudly. He roared, making Jake clench his eyes shut, his cock erupting, spraying across his abs, pecks, and all over his face, a few ropes landing in his gaping mouth.

This was all too much for Jake, his penis was already hyper-sensitive from the wonderful blowjob he had earlier. He joined him, adding more thick ropes to the tabby's as he growled.

When it was all over, Chance was heavily covered in spunk. He could taste his own mixed with Jake's. The slim kat looked down and chuckled at how well Chance's body was painted.

"How's about you clean this up?" Chance said.

Jake licked his lips at the offer and lowered his face as the tabby released him, licking at his face, then kissing him, swirling their seed in their mouths. He licked his nipples, and then cleaned the rest up. He gulped down the flaccid member as he reached it, making it clean and harden as it left his lips.

"Ohh! Kitten's still hard!" He said naughtily.

"Uhhh… more." Chance groaned. "My dick hurts, wait until morning." He chuckled.

"Fine then, I'll be up first anyway!" Jake growled hotly, licking his lips again, making Chance's erection twitch.

He turned Jake around and spooned him from behind so that he could hug Jake close. "Mmmmm….love you hot stuff." He murmured tenderly.

"Ditto. And sorry about earlier, I gotta stop blaming things on you. You're all I got y'know." Jake said softly, purring due to Chance stroking his ears.

"Nah, don't sweat it, you were just grouchy. And I know damn well you can aim, you always get my mouth." Chance said cheekily.

"Stop the dirty talk, I want some sleep." Jake chuckled.

"Yeah, and tomorrow we'll take a trip down to city hall and blow Manx's brains out, sound good? There's no one bossing us around anymore." Chance suggested with a smirk.

"Yeah, thank god Dark Crud's gone. I think I'll blow his brains out too when we find him then I'll stop being grouchy, getting any or not."

They both chuckled at that and snuggled closer, purring in unison, falling into a pleasant, dreamless sleep. They knew they had a busy day ahead tomorrow.