Deep in Dark Kats fortress, preparations on building a new Mega detonator were already underway. The designs were almost finished and the parts necessary for construction had been collected.

Suddenly, an explosion shook the place.......hard.

The lights flickered as the ground shook as the SWAT Kats made a rather loud entrance to the fortress.

Razor quickly reloaded another rocket onto his glovatrix, as T-Bone fired his. The second projectile decimated the rest of the machine. All the guards had been killed in the first volley of the attack, but the war was far from over.

"Alright buddy, let's see where Dark Kat is!" T-Bone cackled evilly as he pressed the detonator button, setting off charges all throughout the base. "That should flush him out!"

The vehicles that would've been used for escape had been blown to scrap. The alarms went off and guards from all over were alerted. This was going to get messy.

"Razor, take cover!" The tabby barked.

The slim tom leaped behind a console, whilst selecting ammunition from his glovatrix. T-Bone, meanwhile, fired a ballistic mini-missile at the entrance the guards were pouring out of, killing a great many of them, making a bloody mess.

Razor picked the acid bomb that was one of their older munitions. He turned the corner and fired at the burning wreck left by T-Bone's missile, causing a huge hole in the ground. 'That should keep the surviving guards where they are.'

He activated the detonator again, blasting the power supply completely. Thankfully, the energy for the lights was on a separate circuit. He was about to head for the exit, when T-Bone felt something was wrong.

"Wait!"He shouted, halting Razor. "This is way too easy!"

A demonic kat's voice started chuckling madly from somewhere. "You're right, T-Bone…..All TOO EASY!"

A wall that turned out to be a hologram, shimmered then disappeared behind them leaving a gaping cave opening from which the sound of gunfire from hidden shooters took dead aim at them.

T-Bone roared in agony as bullets smacked into his back causing him to fall face forward.

"T-Bone!" Razor screamed in fury. Heedless of the shots coming from the cave entry, he raced to his buddy's side but it looked like his partner was dead.

He turned to fire at Dark Kat, totally enraged but the shooters shot him five times in the chest before he could get off a shot, sending his body spinning to the ground not far from his partner.

Dark Kat's chilling laughter filled the sudden silence as the gunners ceased shooting. It appeared he had finally won but one of the SWAT Kats stirred.

T-Bone's eyes shot open, he saw his dead partner, looked toward the cave where Dark Kat had finally appeared to crow his victory then, slowly, painfully lifted his arm and aimed his glovatrix at the cackling maniac.

Dark Kat gasped in shocked dismay. "Impossible! I killed you. I KILLED YOU!" He screamed in angry disbelief.

"Say goodnight asshole!" The tabby chuckled coldly then fired the last rocket he had, blowing the criminal to smithereens once and for all. Dark Kat was finally no more. It also had the extra benefit of shutting the cave entry and, hopefully, killing whoever were the shooters.

T-Bone panted in relief and pain as he slowly shoved himself to a sitting position. He looked over at his buddy, who was conscious and groaning.

The two of them had taken the wise precaution of wearing bullet proof vests, something their enemy never expected them to do. They may have saved their lives but it still hurt a lot.

The burly tabby struggled to his feet.

"Come on you lazy butt, let's get out of here before were barbeque." He chuckled to the cinnamon tom.

"Very funny…" Razor groaned as he finally got to his feet.

They held onto each other for support as they ran back into the corridor. They took one of the few shortcuts they knew, to a landing pad at a crease behind the mountain. Razor took out the remote for the Turbokat. Within moments, it appeared in the sky above them. He brought it low enough for them to leap aboard and soon they were flying off at top speed as the fortress collapsed, fire spewing out the entrance by the force of the blast from within.

By the time the mountain quieted, they were long gone and nearing home.

Razor chuckled weakly. "Asshole."

"Don't mention it. " T-Bone sighed in relief. "We're gonna need some major stitching when we get back. You alright buddy?"

"Yeah..But getting shot still hurts you know." He growled, unzipping his flight suit to take off the bullet proof vest.

"Good. Too bad we can't celebrate our victory yet." The tabby growled softly. He turned the jet toward Enforcer Headquarters. They had one more task to perform.

I hope this reminds you guys of the 'icy hell' arc in 'breaking the ice' But in a good way. lol

Special thanks to ulyferal for betareading.