Disclaimer: We don't own The Covenant. This story is loosely based off of the movie Heartbreakers, which we do not own either.

Authors: SkyyRyder and Cara Mascara

A/N: Okay, so here's something new Skyy and I decided to try. I'm pretty sure absolutely nothing like this has ever been done before in this fandom. It's a story, loosely based off of the movie Heartbreakers and also inspired by the song 'Loves Me Not' by t.A.T.u. I will warn those that are easily offended that there is, as of now, only mild fem-slash in this story. And also, the first scene is very similar to the gas station scene in Heartbreakers, for lack of being a con artist and actually experiencing these things on my own. We do not take credit for that idea. We hope you all enjoy this because I have a feeling we're going to enjoy writing it. Pictures of our two girls in my profile.



Con artist; noun; a person adept at swindling by means of confidence games; swindler.

That's what they were. Two young women, professionals at seducing and suckering men of all ages out of money, vacations, cars... you name it, they'd gotten it.

Two young women, much to young to be invested in such a lifestyle, could be seen driving down one of the highways of Massachusetts, preparing to pull of the next exit and fill their sleek red Corvette with gas. One brunette, a scarf tied on her head and sunglasses covering her eyes in a Jacqueline Onassis fashion sat in the driver's side, parted lips painted a perfect glossy red. The other, only two years younger than the driver sat with her seat back slightly in the passenger's side, feet on the dashboard, blonde hair falling down the back of the seat, accented by black lowlights, giving her a much edgier appearance than the elder of the two.

Finding its exit, the classy vehicle pulled off the highway, minutes later finding a fuel station and pulling up to one of the empty pumps.

"Where are we again?" the voice of the blonde questioned as her blue eyes scanned over the crumpled map stretched between her hands. Her brows were furrowed as she tried to figure it out on her own until her companion pointed to a small section of a town called Topsfield.

"Right outside Ipswich. Another twenty minutes should do it. But we need some gas badly," the brunette informed, glancing around the gas station. A few cars were parked in the small side lot and one other was pulled up to a pump, some kind of pickup owned by the stocky, balding man pumping it full of gas.

A smirk fell upon the brunette's face as she opened her car door and gracefully stepped out of the sleek, red vehicle. Faith, the blonde, caught on quickly and handed her the map she'd been trying to figure out, also stepping out of the car, watching as her dark haired cohort strutted towards the middle aged man.

"Excuse me," the brunette, named Celeste, called out to the man, easily distracting his attention from the gas pump he was using to the slender, leggy woman before him. "Could you help? I'm a little lost." She gave out a soft laugh of false embarrassment, knowing right then she had the man hook, line and sinker.

Gladly, the grinning man walked a few steps forward to meet her as she offered him the map. "Sure thing. Where are you headed?" Unfortunately for him, he made the dire mistake of placing the credit card he'd used to pay for his own gasoline on the rim of his truck's bed instead of immediately replacing it in his wallet. Sure the man was sufficiently distracted, Faith casually walked over to the neighboring pump, taking the card and returning to hers, quickly sliding it through and then began pumping the gas.

"I'm trying to get to Ipswich. We're right... here, correct?" Celeste feigned confusion as she blankly pointed to Gloucester. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Faith stuck the gas cap between the pump handle in order to hold it down while she replaced the card onto the man's tuck.

Satisfied, Celeste turned back to the man just as he was finishing up his directions, which Celeste noticed were completely wrong since in reality, the twenty two year old woman knew exactly where she was headed. "...and you just take a right here and you should be there in no time." Celeste smiled and nodded.

"Thank you so much... Gary, was it?" A dreamy look crossed over the older man's face, as if he were some hormonal schoolboy who'd just handed the head cheerleader her dropped pencil.

"Yeah, Gary. And it was no problem at all..." He trailed off, looking for the young woman's name.

"Beverly," Celeste filled in, flashing a sultry smile towards him as she took the map back and swayed back over to the car Faith stood leaning against, waiting for their gas tank to completely fill. Once it had finished, she unhooked it and put it back in the pump, stretching her arms out at the man at the other pump, sure to give him the best view possible.

"I'm parched Bev," Faith joked, calling Celeste by the fake name she'd given the man.

"Uh, I-I could run in and get you girls something real quick if you want. On me?" Gary had overheard them, which was obviously the plan all along. Poor, naïve man.

After getting two bottles of the most expensive Fiji water from the eager man, they bid him farewell, Celeste leaving him with a false cell phone number. He certainly didn't have what they were looking for and wasn't worth any more of their time. The ride only took the twenty minutes Celeste had promised, Faith taking over as driver, and soon they were driving down the winding Ipswich roads.

"Turn left here." Celeste directed, pointing forward. Faith sighed and easily turned the wheel to pull onto yet another unfamiliar road. "I never thought I'd step foot back in this place," Celeste mused looking around at the surroundings.

"How long's it been?"

"Hell," The dark haired girl smirked. "Ten years, easy…"

Faith nodded her head, her two toned hair pulled in to a low ponytail, one hand on the steering wheel, her left elbow propped against the door. Celeste gave her the directions remembering why exactly she had left Massachusetts for New York. There was not enough change here. Everything just stayed the same for too long. She didn't want to be in a place where everyone knew everyone else's business, especially living the lifestyle she and Faith lived.

Faith pulled up in front of a large hotel and smiled on Celeste's orders. "Four Seasons?"

"I've got connections," Celeste smirked slipping her sunglasses off and pulling her tall frame out of the car.

The two girls grabbed their bags and headed inside, Celeste walking up to the counter and greeting the receptionist. Faith stood by, not sure of Celeste's plan on getting a room here.

"Reservations under Chastity Hastings."

Faith stared over at her for a second, watching as she pulled out her wallet, handing the receptionist just one of her many fake ID's, and the woman on the other side of the desk shook her head. Celeste tossed Faith a grin as the woman handed her the keys and the room information.

"How did you do that?" Faith questioned once the two were out of earshot.

"My cousin Aaron. He called ahead and paid with his parent's credit card." The dark haired girl walked towards the elevator and smiled at her blonde companion. "We would stay with them, but their house is being remodeled."

Faith nodded her head. "So where's Aaron staying?"

"He lives in the dorms at school and his parents are on a business trip…"

"Excuse me, ma'am…?" A young man dressed in a bellhop uniform stopped them. "May I take your bags?" He asked them politely, his eyes large as he surveyed the two women.

"Sure," Celeste grinned, handing her two bags to the young man. Faith shrugged her shoulders and handed hers over.

The young man followed them in to the elevator and Celeste smirked to Faith. "So… what's your name hun?" she asked him, letting her finger run down his arm.

He looked at them, and nervously smiled. "Will."

"You must work out, huh Will?" Faith asked catching on to Celeste's idea.

"Uh, not-not… really why?"

"You must do something. I mean look at those biceps." Celeste grabbed his upper arm and gave him a small flirtatious smile.

"And you're carrying all those bags. They must weigh about twice as much as us…" Faith piped in, blinking her large blue eyes and his knees visibly weakened.

"I do a-a little bit of lifting maybe…" he replied as the doors chimed, coming to their floor. "Which room num-number are you in?" he stuttered. Celeste let out a low laugh after looking at the information.

"Room four sixty-nine." She gave him a suggestive look as she said the last part of the room number. Faith stifled a giggle as the boy swallowed a lump in his throat and his cheeks flushed. They did even more so when he glanced at Faith who was licking her lips and gave him a wink. He looked around and lifted his chin to the door that was going to be theirs for the next few days.

"Th-this is it." He grinned at them.

"Mmmm, thanks Will." Celeste rubbed against him briefly, to get to the door.

He grinned at her as Faith let her fingers dance over his as she went to take her bags, "I-I'll bring them inside for you…"

She smiled and her lashes fluttered lightly over her come hither eyes. "You're such a gentleman, aren't you?" She grinned as Celeste opened the door to the large room.

The young man smiled and placed the suitcases down, looking over and noticing that there was one king sized bed in the room. "Only one bed?" he questioned. "If that's a mistake I can talk to the receptionist…"

Celeste shook her head, "No mistake." She made eyes at Faith and then glanced at Will. "We like to share."

Faith opened her purse and pulled out some cash but he held up his hands. "Oh no, I couldn't." He shook his head to emphasize before a sheepish grin appeared on his face. "It was my pleasure."

Faith's brows furrowed, "Are you sure?" she asked as the two girls walked him towards the door.

"Positive, thank you." He nearly tripped stumbling out of the room.

Faith shut the door behind him and turned to Celeste, a grin apparent on her face. "You're too good at this."

Celeste lifted an eyebrow in amusement and picked up one of her bags. "I know. And they're too easy."

The two girls unpacked their bags, getting comfortable in their new surroundings. A knock at the door pulled them out of their conversation. Faith was asking questions about Celeste's cousin Aaron. Celeste was letting the younger girl know about the prep school that her cousin attended.

"Hold that thought," Celeste grinned, pulling herself off of the bed and walking over to the door. She looked through the peephole and noticed a man in uniform. She glanced back at Faith who shrugged a shoulder confused.

Celeste opened the door and let in the older man on the other side. She gave him a charming smile and he rolled the cart into the room.

"What's this?" she asked him.

"Complimentary from our Four Seasons staff member, William," the man stated, his accent terribly fake and terribly dry.

She lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow and smirked, "Thank you." She went to pull some money out of her purse but the older man shook his head.

"No need madam, it's already been taken care of."

She nodded, and he left the room. Faith squealed and jumped off the bed. "Complimentary champagne, huh?"

"Strawberries and all." Celeste licked her lips and grabbed the two flutes.

Faith went back over to the bed, and waited for Celeste to make her way back over. The older woman poured two glasses of champagne and skillfully maneuvered the cart over to the bed. She handed one of the glasses to her partner and set the tray down on top of the comforter.

Taking a seat, she cleared her throat, "Anyway, Aaron's prep school is crawling with snobby, rich kids…" She lifted her shoulder in indifference.

"Sounds like fun," Faith grinned taking a sip of her champagne.

"Mmm." Celeste nodded in agreement. "Perfect, actually."

Celeste grabbed a strawberry and held it to Faith's mouth. The young blonde took the delicious red fruit between her lips, her eyes closed as the sweet taste hit her lips. The older blue eyed woman grinned, a smirk playing on her full lips, holding her glass to her partners flute.

"Here's to the lonely, rich men of Ipswich." She whispered, her lips close to Faith's. Faith clinked her glass with Celeste's, her eyes opened just in time to see the older girl leaning into her.

Plush reddened lips fell on top of hers, a free hand tangled in to her mass of platinum and black hair. The kiss was hard and took the wind out of Faith. Celeste grinned against her lips, the taste of strawberry hitting her tongue as the kiss deepened.