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Naraku's Requiem

My real wish…

Naraku's consciousness reached a new level of perception.

Yes, the one wish I've always denied myself…

He closed his ruby eyes and his mind presented him an image of a beautiful girl…no, woman, with dark hair and defying eyes. She wore bloody red and white purity…

While she was alive, she was the incarnation of innocence. Her power was greater than any other miko, tracing back to Midoriko's time. Her fait was accursed, her ability sentencing her to a life of battle.

He loved her back then, even if he was not the same.

But when she came back from the dead, she was a totally different person. She was now tainted by hatred and suffering, but oddly she still had a certain purity about her. It was noticeable in her powers; instead of leaving her, they became stronger.


She was even more delicious now that she had gained a sort of freedom unknown to her before. The freedom of hate…

Naraku remembered the times he had to still his feelings, thinking that she was just a threat that needed to be silenced. She was a threat.

In more ways than one.

But she was gone for good this time, killed by him. Again. In a corner of his mind, he'd always hoped she would shun Inuyasha and her own beliefs and join him. But she defied him until the end. He held her in his arms while she was dying and for one moment he wished he could undo it. Until the half-breed came and took her away…Than he thought he had done the right thing. If he could never have Kikyo, than no one else would.

Opening his eyes, he looked at her copy. The younger girl was nothing like her. Appearance and holy powers were all that they had in common. Not to mention this one's power was but a shadow compared to Kikyo's. Even if they had the same soul, he could never want Kagome. But her question did stir something inside of him.

The jewel didn't grant your real wish, did it?
Her arrow pierced through the corrupted jewel inside of him and he felt his body scatter. Unlike the other times, he knew there was no escaping. It was over now…

Oddly, he wasn't disturbed by this. Only one thought troubled him right now.

My real wish…

He felt enlightened, freed by the burden of having to deny it to himself.
Her heart…that was my only wish. Kikyo's heart…

He smiled bitterly.

What a fool I've been…

He had always tried to get rid of Onigumo's presence, but the truth was that the bandit was part of him. A youkai body…and a human heart.

His eyes no longer see Inuyasha and his little miko. The blood-red orbs search the horizon, longing for the sight of the woman he…the word was so strange to him. The woman he loved.

I guess I'm not going to the same place you are, huh, Kikyo?

The realisation was painful, but he was at ease. He understood.

With his last strength, he turned to the girl, Kagome. This time he won't get it wrong. This time he knew what had to be done.

"With my dying breath, I make a wish upon the jewel." He pauses to look at her expression. He almost feels sorry for her, even if she's a former enemy. "It's what must be done and the Shikon agrees." He didn't owe her this explanation, but he felt like saying it.

Kagome disappears inside of a Meidou, separated from her friends. He feels no joy.

Naraku's eyes close for good this time, as he tries to grasp the image of a fierce, dark-haired priestess.

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