Meet the Jacklies Coven. Rez, Sandra, Breann, Brian, Kairi, Jake, and Lucas. All have there fualts. And surprises.Rez likes to be called Rez. Breann is obsesed with Anime and Manga. Brian Loves Video games, Lucas loves children shows, Kairi is a newborn. Jake, Well he loves to tease Dia. Dia is obsessed with what ever her family is doing! Follow the families adventures! And what happens when they move to forks and meet the cullens?

Disclaimer: Haha. I will never own Twilight alas. But I own the Jacklie family and there random thoughts. I don't own Vampire Knight, Dora, Wow, Wow, Wubzy, pokemon revolution, the wii, or even Apple Pie. How sad!

Randomly Random

Chapter one

Yes I know what your thinking. That your family is so messed up. Think again. Mine is, by a long shot. No wait, messed up isn't right. More like insane if you ask me! Oh, by the way, my name is Diana (Or Dia as my brothers say) Jacklie. Im a normal high school girl… except im a vampire.

Go figure right? Well, let me tell you something. Im not 17. Im actually over 100 years old. Well 168 actually. But who's counting? Im beautiful. Im only saying that because Im a vampire. We are all beautiful. Its something we have to get used to. Like the fact we cant have children, or that we don't sleep, or eat. Seriously, I hate that not eating thing. Right now I'm in the mood for Apple Pie.

Anyway, I look like a super model. No scratch that, even super models would be jealous! I have straight chocolate colored hair and caramel colored eyes. Err… what is with these food descriptions! My body is okay. My stomach is flat. Im skinny as well. My chest is normal sized for a 17 year old.

Oh ya, back to my family. I live in a coven with my adoptive father Rez. I don't know why we call him that but we do. I told you my family is weird. Anyway he was blonde hair, light enough it almost looks white. Add that with the paleness of our bodies and you have a ghost in making. I think he works as a vet.

My adoptive mother Sandra is really nice. She has sandy brown hair and a great smile. She loves to cook. I know its weird and all. We are vampires, but who are we to really tell her what to do. She has that old persons wisdom, you know. I shouldn't be saying this but, she is over 500.… She works as a chef.

Oh yeah, I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. There names are Kairi, Lucas, Jake, Breann, and Brian. Breann and Brian are twins. They have the same colored hair as I do and are… unique. Breann, she loves this thing called anime and manga. Brian, well he likes video games to much. I know, weird.

Kairi is Japanese. I still forget when we let her in the coven, but she is one of my best friends along with Breann. She has curly black hair and Topaz colored eyes. She has a black belt in Karate and can do tea ceremonies well. But she doesn't do that much, since she is to strong. She is a newborn vampire after well. Her mate is Brian.

Okay, one thing you need to understand about Lucas is that looks can be deceiving. He is on the football team at our high school and the captain at that. But his true personality? Snicker, Snicker. He loves children's cartoons! I just stared at him one time watching Blues Clues and Dora! It was so funny! You had to be there to actually see what is happening right in front of your face. Even then you wouldn't believe it!

Lucas has fire red hair and topaz eyes. He is very protective of me and the other girls as well. His mate is Breann.

Jake… Hm, what can I say about Jake? He is my mate so I guess you can say he is absolutely stunning. But the thing is. He is so very weird at times. He excels in everything. Sports, grades, even getting on my nerve! But I still love him. He is the one who changed me… Well I asked him to. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him.

Hey I was human at the time I can have these moments too!

Anyway, that is my family. Wasn't that fun going through them? I look up meeting my gaze with Breann. She was on her laptop. I also heard a language I knew very little about. anime. I slur out, annoyed again at the sudden head ach I have to my head.

"Oh, Oh! Dia, Dia!", Breann repeated hyped up. Okay, who let her hunt on Cats again. Oi, I wonder what pet is missing today.

"Brei, did you drink from a pet cat today?", I asked warily. Breann smiled.

"Yup, I did. Anyway, Dia. Want to watch some Vampire Knight with me. Its so Kawaii!", she screamed. Oh, her and her vampire anime. Wait, where not even like that. I wonder what would happen if the creator knew that vampires where real.

I mentally chuckle. Breann looks at me, sighs, and goes back to what she was doing, which, now that am focusing on my staring, is sitting on Lucas' lap while he watch Wow Wow Wubzy. I hate that show. All of a sudden he starts singing softly. But it was like screaming for vampires.

"Wow, Wow Wubzy, Wubzy Wubzy wow, wow." I chuckle and Lucas throws me a dirty look and makes me snicker even more.

Oh yeah, I forgot. We have powers. My power is that I can write down peoples futures, past, and even present. Also when I write some times it comes true. Hehe…

Breann's power is that she can draw and her creation comes to life. I turn to stare at a dog next to me. Breann grew him…

Brian's power is that he can heat things. End of story. Its nothing special.

Lucas's power is that he can bend things. Yeah, like in Avatar, but more hurtful. It even hurts Vampires.

Kairi's power is to shape shift. She can really get into trouble with that. She can use it on other people to. I snick once more.

Jake can control the weather. Its really useful. That way we can go to school all the time, despite if it is sunny because he will turn it cloudy at the next minute. Yeah, hurrah!

Rez and Sandra don't have powers. Just the powers of there imaginations.

Anyway, just to let you know. This family is random, way random. We can be talking about something and the next we could be talking about pickles!

"Hey, Dia!", I heard Jake call to me from our bedroom. Yes we live in the same bedroom. We have been 'Married for 150 years. I roll my eyes as I go to my bedroom. Just to see Jake with one of my bras in his hand.

"Jake, what are you doing?!", I screech at him. He starts laughing to himself. I slap him hard and he seems unphased.

"Why didn't you tell me these things felt so good!", he said laughing. I glare at him and he stops.

"Im just kidding. Shesh Diana.", he said emphasizing my full name. If he calls me that it means hes really sorry. I hug him and walk back down stairs where I see Brain Ogling my Wii.

"Brian, you want to play?", I ask. He jumps at the chance and he gleefully goes to play 'Pokemon Revolution'. Him and his videogames.

Rez comes home with Sandra in store. He turns to us and sighs. "Guys, where moving to Forks."


"What?", I said, my voice croaking. I loved where we where at right now and I want to stay here. Jake put his arm around me and protected me, as if I was a babe.

"You get new books!", Rez said. That lifted my spirits. But I was still not fine.

"Whatever", I grouched, nuzzling my head into Jakes chest.


I'm working on a new story while juggling three more. One is in Harvest Moon and another is also in Twilight. This one has Vampires in it so… Heh! Go me.

I love my characters in this. I especially love Breann. I named her after me and she has the same hair as me! The only thing different is that she has Topaz Eyes, while I have Blue. She also has a Twin, which I do not.

But do not worry. I don't need a twin.

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