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Randomly Random

Chapter 3


Today is the day. The day we move out of our comfy little home and go to Forks to meet with the Cullen coven. To tell you the truth, I was anticipating this day. I wanted to see what the other people where like. I hope they weren't as weird as my family.

I finish packing up my stuff in mine and Jakes room, using my vampire speed. It took less than 5 minutes, we didn't have all that much stuff. I sighed contently, looking out the small window in the room, towards the forest behind our house.

I am going to miss this place, but I think its time to start anew, see to it that I make new friends. I turn my head back around to be staring at a very happy Jake. I walk over to him in human speed, making sure to record the memory in my head.

Jake hugs me gently. He was going to miss it here to, I knew it. He had tons of friends here, and was a huuuge suck up to the teachers. Heh. Teachers pet…

I look up to him and gentle press my cold lips to his, he returns the kiss. We stay like that for about 5 minutes, just kissing, before we head down stairs.

Breann was still on her laptop. When does she charge that thing?! Brian was playing a DS. At least it was hand held. Lucas was sulking because he wouldn't get a chance to watch his shows Kairi was feeding the vampire bunny some rabbits blood. It's a cannibal! We named him Chewy. Don't ask why…

Rez was walking on the phone with a moving company and Sandra was making pastries. I don't know why she was making them, seeing as this whole family is vampires.

I brake away from Jakes hold and quickly walk over to where Sandra was.

"San? Why are you making human food?", I ask quickly. She looks up from her work place and smiles.

"Because we can eat the food, but we have to throw it back up! We have to look like normal humans on the plane!", she cheered. There goes her cheery attitude again. Im not having any of that disgusting food. No way Jose!

I quickly run out of the kitchen for fear of her wanting me to test out her latest creation. I bump into Brian, still playing his DS. Wait a second, that's my DS!

"Brian! Why the hell do you have my DS?!", I scream, my bad side coming out yet again. Brian screams like a girl and runs away. I hear stifled laughs from Kairi and Breann. I turn around to glare at them. They quickly stop and go back to what they where doing.

I sigh as I look around, the last time I will see this home. I only wish we had a little bit longer. I go over to where Chewy is and put my finger in his cage. He chomps down on it as I scream. Damn Vampire Bunny.

CPOV( Carlisle's point of view):

Sigh. My family is at it again. Emmett is being him self. Which, if he was just a bit smarter, wouldn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't know what Rosalie sees in him. Alice is dragging Bella up the stairs again. And I mean literally dragging her up into the room.

Edward is trying to pry Bella out from under Alice's grip. Why don't I just run away from all this. At least I will get away from it. I sense calmness coming towards me and I glare at Jasper. Oh right, why sis I ask every one to gather into the living room. Oh yeah, the new coven moving in with us!

"Everyone, return to the living room I need to tell you something!", I say normally. I know they heard me. In an instant 6 vampires are surrounding me. Wow there fast.

"What is it, Carlisle?", Esme asks me, dirt on her cloths from working in the garden to much. I smile.

"Well, Alice and Edward probably already know this but, a coven is going to be moving in with us!", I say cheerfully. They all just stared at me.

"Are they vegetarians dear?", Esme asks, worriedly. I nod my head.

"I know one of them, from back in the 1860's", I say, thinking of Diana. I havent seen her in a while. Jasper looks at me, with a puppy dog face.

"1850s?!", he practically screams. I just look at him. "Is it anyone I know?!"

I just stared at him some more. "I doubt it, she comes from the north. You probably don't know her Jasper…" He just looked at me and if he could he would cry. I stifled a laugh and turn to everyone else.

"Are you okay with this?", I ask. I really didn't care for there answer, I already decided. They just shrugged.

"As long as they don't hurt Bella", Edward said stalking upstairs.

"As long as some of them like shopping!", Alice cheered.

"As long as they are not prettier than me", Rosalie sighed. The rest just shrugged. They are such a strange bunch. I heard tire sounds out side.

"Oh yeah Edward!", I said calling to him, "Your giving up your room!" I heard a crash and a very loud growl. Heh, he is so fun to tease.


That plane ride was pure torture. I hate the fact we cant go to sleep, so that left me to snuggling with Jake. Okay, that part wasn't bad. Oh, If I could blush I totally would. I decided to pull a little prank on everyone. A very funny one, but they had to be very stupid to not see it. That will decide if they are worthy of being on my good side.

I could feel my self radiating with pure evil. Oh no, Jake is sure to sense it. Gr. Anyway, I cant wait to pull it. Heh. Anyway, everyone else had something to do on the plane and I didn't. I had pouted the whole way too!

I looked around and finally spotted the house that is to be our new home. I took it all the sites, and sounds as well. Maybe living in Forks wont be such a bad thing. Maybe it will open my eyes to new and exciting things.

I look up at Jake and sincerely smile. "We are here." He smiles and pulls me in for a light kiss. I giggle and he smiles with victory. I pull open the door to my car and step out.

Suddenly the scent of the other vampire hit me directly. There was a scent in there too, a human scent. And it smelt so good. No! Stop it Diana! No human blood! No! No!

I looked up to Jake and whispered what happened in his ear. He just sighed, starting for the door. Everyone started to the door as well.

Rez knocked on the door and I saw a boy looking about 17 come to the door. He just looked at us and glared, opening the door more. I smiled, rushing through the door, dragging Jake along. I could here my family members laugh at me. I didn't care.

I rushed into what I believed to be the living room, in the room where 6 vampires, 7 with the other boy coming in to sit as well. I noticed the oldest looking one, remembering him as Carlisle.

"Its very nice to meet you again Carlisle!", I said smiling. I was so happy to see him again. I could feel Jake beginning to growl. Carlisle smiled at me too, obviously remember who I am.

"Ah, Diana! Its very nice to see you again as well! I see you are a vampire as well!", he inquired, quite happily. I smile again, happy that he remembered me.

"Ah, yes I am. And I have a power as well. I can see the past, present, and future. Also write the prophecies from the future", I said, letting the other people know they cant pull wool over my eyes, even if they killed the sheep.

Kairi stepped up and shyly smiled. Her and being around strangers. "S-sorry for the interruption, but, where should we put our stuff."

Carlisle smiled at her and pointed to upstairs. Kairi smiled, grabbing all our stuff and taking it upstairs.

One girl looked at me and she smiled. "My name is Alice. I have the same ability. I mean, to see the future. Do you like to shop?" Cool, she had the same ability as me. I nod. I do love to shop, just not with Breann and Kairi. She squealed. And I mentally smack my head. What did I get into?!


Truth and dare? These people had to be grade scholars. And The big guy Emmett told me to do a dare so horrible?! I cant even do it with out hurting others. But it is a dare none the less and I have to do it.


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Name: Diana Evangeline Moore Jacklies

Age: 168

Hair: Brown, straight with lighter brown highlights.

Eye Color: Topaz (Blue before changing)

Mate: Jake

Personality: Random, split personalities

Powers: See the past, present, and future. And write prophecies.