Master of Disguise

Master of Disguise

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Raphael contemplates a lot of things in the rain. Pre-Movie and hints from the comic book. 14th story in the Kaleidoscope Effect Series

Disclaimer: Don't own them. How sad.

Raphael shivered slightly as the rain poured down from the sky.

He really should have thought to put a heating and air in this thing when the old man designed this thing. But…nooooo…the guy wanted the cool net launcher instead.

Now, he is paying for it. Freezing his turtle's behind in the rain.

He has been lucky tonight. It has been a quiet night. The criminal element got the hint to stay inside too. He sighed. That meant he had nothing to do. That meant he had time to think.

That is something he avoid doing as much as possible.

He wished Michelangelo was here. He could keep him entertained. But oh, no…his brothers choose not to fight because of Master Splinter's stupid rule. They can't fight until Leonardo returned. So, they can fight as a "team."


Pure and simple.

He couldn't wait around and do nothing. Bad guys don't take vacations. Neither Leo nor Master Splinter seemed to realize that. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to patrol the city himself. He paid for it.

Some people paid even more.

Stupid old man. He shouldn't have jumped in the way of that bullet.

His fists tightened into a ball. He wanted to scream in angry. He wanted to destroy anything in his way. Most of all, he wanted revenge. He promised the old man that even if it took one criminal…one crime at a time.

In return, the old man gave him his suit. It was a little uncomfortable at first. He had to fix it up a little to fit his body type. He had to practice with the manriki several times before he got it right. Manriki were heavier than his sais. But damn…the stuff he could do with them.

It was pretty cool…he had to say.

But his sais are still the best.

The name….was the hardest part. He didn't want to take the old man's name. He could honor the guy but….it just didn't seem right to him. He was a different type of crime fighter.

He needed something simple…nothing like Mikey's crazy superheroes. Yet…it had to be something that would scare the crap out of the bad guys.

Of course, he could do that without a name.

But every good super hero needed one…

After much thought, he came up with Nightwatcher.

The name didn't scare the bad guys at first. He smirked under the mask…but after a few of his adventures with the criminal element.

They're coming around.

And his dear…dear…family had no clue that he was the Nightwatcher. He planned to keep that way. Don thought that he isn't doing anything. Master Splinter shook his head in disappointment. Mikey was just Mikey.

Let them believe what they want to believe.

He had better things to do with his time.


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