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Chapter One

A Call to Action

"Finally, home at last," Jude breathed as she walked into her New York apartment. It was very large and spacious for her first place on her own and she loved it. It had a master bed room and a guest room, each with its own bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen that fed into the living room. Inside the living room were her large tan sectional and newly purchased entertainment center.

Jude dragged herself through the foyer and into the kitchen, throwing her purse onto the granite countertop. Reaching into the refrigerator she grabbed a beer, popped the cap and took a sip. Now that she was 22 she was finally able to drink legally, not that she ever went out and got drunk. She had learned her lesson from the time her ex-boyfriend spiked the punch during high school prom and tried to get her smashed. Needless to say, Carson Hill High saw a side of Jude Harrison that night that…well…just wasn't meant for ANY one to see. She was sure she scarred at least half the high school that night.

Taking the beer with her Jude padded into the living room, plopped down on the sofa and turned the TV to the news station. There were stories about drive-by shootings, robberies, and missing children. Jude shook her head in disgust, "It's all so depressing," she said to no one in particular.

Jude came from a pretty average family, if you consider a cheating father average. Then again with the way things were going in today's times, sadly it was average. If matters couldn't get any worse, they did when her mom up and left to elope with her divorce lawyer, Don. However, that was a lifetime ago. That was back when she had a career in something she loved: music. Granted, she loves being an actress too, however it didn't fill her with the same passion and drive that music once did. But that was the past, and Jude knew she did the best thing packing up and moving to New York. If she didn't she would still be back at the old G-Major, singing songs she didn't write for fans that would never again get to hear the real Jude. She took another swig of beer starting to feel a little more relaxed.

Yeah, the more she thought of it, the better she felt about switching professions. The pay was better, and you got to transform into someone else for a brief moment in time. By now Jude had been killed, married, shot at, loved, hated, proposed to (four times), rejected, seduced, been a drugee, a wife, a daughter, a best friend, and the list continues from there. There was never a limit on what you could act, and by now Jude had her own style of acting that lured in a certain genre of movie casters. Most of her acting jobs were in horror movies where she played the lead roles, which is quite ironic, seeing as how Jude used to hate watching scary movies. But as of right now, Jude wasn't working on any up and coming feature films.

That's another nice perk about being an actress. You work hard for a few months, and then you have a long break. Plus, she didn't have one set boss. Sure she had her agent, but he didn't control her, he just helped her find new auditions. It was nothing like working for Darius at G-major. Even when she was finished with her albums it always seemed like he had been hounding her for more songs to start on her next one.

Something on the TV caught Jude's attention as she snapped back to reality. It was a segment on the news about a young girl who was abducted from a mall two days ago. No one knew where she was, who abducted her, or even if she was still alive. This struck a nervous chord in Jude's stomach, immediately dismissing it like a bad memory. She quickly changed the station to MTV seeing that there was some kind of interview taking place. Jude let out another sigh of disgust as she saw that it was Tom Quincy being interviewed.

It's not that she hated Tom Quincy. It was just that, to her, he seemed to not care about his life or anyone else's at all. Especially not the girls he was with in the tabloids. She couldn't really say she hated his guts because she had never met him, but to put it plainly, he was definitely not on Jude's list of favorite people. He seemed too arrogant and cocky for her taste. Then again all men that I've ever come in contact with have been arrogant and cocky. Too full of themselves to care about how anyone else feels. All they do is cause pain. She thought frustrated with the TV, turning it off.

Right when the TV screen switched to black a phone rang in her apartment. Reaching over the sofa she picked up the receiver, "Hello?" she said with not much enthusiasm.

"Jude? Great news. There's an audition for a new romance film up for grabs." Jude gave a groan at hearing her agent's voice, and also for him mentioning the word 'romance' in the same sentence as his greeting. She hated romances. Jude always did horror.

"A romance film?"

"Yes, it's something about how two completely different people from different worlds fall in love. You know all that sappy stuff…" Mike continued.

"Yeah but why am I doing all of the 'sappy stuff'? Isn't it you that always says that I'm better off at looking 'scared and depressed'?" she asked mockingly. She could hear him sigh on the other side of the phone.

"Yes, but there's not going to be another horror film coming out, not a good one at least," he explained, "and I actually thought you would be good for this part. The leading girl is stubborn and independent….just like you," he finished with a short laugh. Jude rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine, I'll audition. Who's got the male lead?" Jude asked wanting to at least know she could potentially be acting with.

"Yeah, um…about that. They haven't exactly chosen yet, actually they were going to do that tonight," he lied, "We should know by the time you audition." Jude knew something was up by the tone of his voice, but didn't press the matter further. Frankly, she was just too damn tired and couldn't care less.

"Ok, well what time are the auditions?"

"Luckily I've been able to squeeze one in for you tomorrow at one o'clock sharp, don't be late," he warned, "Once you get there you will get briefed with the character you're auditioning for, something tells me you'll do a great job at that."

"Tomorrow?" Jude whined and thought a moment. "Ok, I'll be there. Bye," she stated before hanging up on him.

A romance film? Why is he having me act in a romance film? He knows I hate the lovey dovey crap. Maybe this is payback for the 'slut' incident? I told him I wasn't really going to do it! It was just fun to string along those guys for while, give them a taste of their own medicine. Oh well, whatever it is, there is something he is not telling me…Jude thought walking down the hallway into her bedroom.

After Mike hung up with Jude he breathed a sigh of relief. "That was a close one," he said to himself before dialing Gary Sanchez's number. Gary was another agent like Mike that he worked side by side with on some casting calls. Gary was Tom Quincy's agent. After leaving Boyz Attack he had been recruited into the movie Fast Lane, which had in turn put him on the "fast lane", so to speak, to becoming an actor. Gary's phone rang four times before anyone picked up.


"Hey Gary, this is Mike," he responded into the receiver.

"Hey man, what can I do for you?"

"I was just calling to say that I talked to Jude, and she's going to audition for the part tomorrow afternoon," he said with a smile playing across his face.

"Great, I just talked to the movie casters and they told me that Quincy has officially gotten the role," Gary confirmed.

"Fantastic. I think Jude's a real shoe-in for the part. Not her usual style, but if she lands this then it will be great publicity for her." Gary gave a short emotionless laugh on the other end of the line.

"Heh, yeah Tom Quincy has a way of showing up in the tabloids, almost religiously," Gary scoffed.

"Yeah well I just wanted to call and give you the update, after I hear word on how the audition went I'll give you a call," Mike said.

"Sounds good, I'll see if I can talk to the casters tomorrow after auditions are over to try to get a sense of who will win the part."

"Awesome, I'll catch you later Gary," Mike replied.

"Sure thing."

Mike hung up the phone feeling very confident and pleased with himself. If this played out right his career could be skyrocketing with new offers for people wanting Jude to act in their movie, which meant more business for him. Yes…this could work out very good. All we need is to get Jude to stop being so damn stubborn…he thought turning back to his computer.