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Nine Months

Month One:

The month of discovery

Uzumaki Naruto had just come home from an excruciatingly tough mission (emphasis on excruciating) and all he wanted as he warily stepped into his lush one bedroom apartment was a welcome back kiss from his wife of two years…and perhaps a foot massage. Instead, he was greeted by the sound of wailing coming from the bedroom.

Being with Yamanaka Ino for five years, two with which they had been married, Naruto had been forced to acquire the ability to decipher his wife's many moods. With his general health often at stake, Naruto had struggled to master the skills necessary to properly interpret when his wife was exuberant or when she was just downright pissed. Though it may not seem like a great achievement, for the husband of Yamanaka Ino—a woman with and million and one emotions—Naruto was very proud of himself.

However, he was flooded with fear and doubt as he gently pressed his ear against the bedroom door. He was certainly hesitant to go right in—fearing the wrath of his currently overemotional wife. Instead, he listened carefully to the sound of her sobs, noting here and there when she paused to take a breath or blow her nose. All these were indicators of the mood Ino was currently in. For now, Naruto could only tell that she was somewhat happy from the irregularity of the sobs. Or maybe she was frustrated? (He tended to get the two emotions confused). Unfortunately, the sobs were becoming subdued and it was getting more and more difficult to decipher their meanings. Sighing, Naruto knew the only way to find out what was truly wrong with his wife was to ask her himself. He flinched slightly as he touched the door handle, waiting for the sound of an explosion of screams, but proceeded nonetheless into the medium sized bedroom.

It was perhaps a split second after he opened the door (maybe less, he was too disoriented and scared to tell), that Naruto was tackled by a blond blur. It took all his ninja skills to keep himself from falling over from the impact and to maintain his balance as the blur, which he could now tell was his wife, entwined her arms around his neck and laced her legs around his hips. Naruto gazed up slightly to see Ino grinning widely into his face. Her beautiful baby blue orbs still sparkled with tears and she did nothing to wipe them away.

"Oh Naruto, I'm so glad you're here!" Ino exclaimed as she rested her head in the warm crook of his neck, "I have wonderful news for you".

Ino's warm breath tickled his neck and he felt shivers all the way down. He knew this was going to be either really, really good or bad, just bad. Naruto steeled himself for the worst.

Ino moved her head so her lips were right next to her husband's ear. Her whisper was so soft that Naruto had to strain himself a little to hear.

"I'm having a baby!"

All was still for at least ten seconds as Naruto allowed his brain to digress what Ino had just said. His wife looked down at him, her eyes expecting nothing but full joy. However, they were soon full of concern as Naruto failed to respond.

"Uh Naruto? Did you hear what I said? We are going to have a baby. Aren't you happy?" Ino's smiled melted slowly to a glare as anger began to replace the elation she had felt seconds earlier. Naruto clear blue eyes seemed to stare past her as if she was invisible, his mouth frozen in a half grin.

"Hellooo? Earth to Naruto. Anyone there?" Ino proceed to give him a light smack on the head. This was followed by a small scream from her as her husband collapsed from beneath her.

Uzumaki Naruto had passed out and it was not until hours of shaking and finally a bowl of steaming miso ramen that he awakened.

So ended the month of discovery.

Month Two:

The month of sickness

After the initial shock had worn off (he had been unconscious for a total of 3 hours), Naruto was none the happier to the thought of becoming a father. It was only because of Ino's pleadings and threats—mostly the threats—that Naruto restrained himself from announcing the news to the whole population of Konoha. However, he could not resist bragging to all their friends, which he promptly did once he had woken from his…slumber.

Naruto could tell Ino was as proud as he was from the glow that emitted from her beautiful face whenever a close friend or acquaintance stopped by to say congratulations or wish the couple good luck. Ino was especially pleased the day Haruno Sakura stopped by. Always rivals even after Sasuke had broken both their hearts, both women never relinquished a chance to outshine the other.

It was common knowledge that Sakura was still single. Most men feared the girl who had the power to destroy them with a single flick of her wrist. Though she had had many boyfriends, the next Tsunade was yet to find her special someone. Ino often teased her friend about her unfortunate love life. Now that she and Naruto were about to start a family, she couldn't help but rub it in a little.

Ino had grinned widely as she opened the door to find her best friend standing slightly nervously on her door. A light flush had formed on the pink-haired Kunoichi as she looked into Ino's beaming face.

"Well, well, well, look who it is. Sorry Sakura I'd let you in except I'm not sure you could fit that huge forehead through the door." Ino had grinned even wider as she watched Sakura turn a deep shade of red and clench her fists. The medic-nin however, was quick to compose herself and equally quick to shoot back the insult.

"That's okay Ino-pig. Pretty soon you'll be so fat you won't be able to leave your own bed. Then you'll really be a pig".

Only Naruto's quick interference had stopped the two women from entering into a full-scale battle. Unfortunately for him, he had taken the worst of the blows, leaving him black and blue as the two women continued to converse next to him about topics ranging from ex-boyfriends (Sakura) to potential baby showers (Ino).

Overall Naruto knew little about pregnant women, so he was mystified at the idea of a "baby shower" and even more mystified when he came home one afternoon the hear the sound of vomiting coming from the bathroom. The door had been left ajar and Naruto nervously peeked in to see his wife bent over the toilet, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Always the concerned one, Naruto didn't hesitate to lay a comforting hand on Ino's back.

"Ino-chan? Are you okay?" Naruto was surprised by the speed in which Ino reached over to bat his hand away. She turned around and glared at him, her eyes fiery.

"Do I look okay?" Ino hissed dangerously. Naruto paled slightly and began twiddling his fingers in a manner often observed in a certain Hyuga heiress.

"Um, er, is there anything I can get you?" Naruto smiled hopefully. Ino always adored gifts and treats and he always did his best to please her. However, the prospect of a present or favor did nothing to diminish Ino's anger. Hours of sickness and vomiting had paled the normally glowing skin, and her lips were colorless and slack. It was only the bright blue eyes that depicted Ino's true rage.

"You know what you can get for me?" Ino's voice was low and laced with acid "A time machine, so I can go back and stop myself from getting fucking pregnant!" At these words, a wave of nausea swept over Ino and she turned once more to the toilet. Naruto flinched as she gagged.

"Uh Ino, honey, I don't think they sell those in Konoha…should I try Suna?"

Both Naruto and Ino couldn't be happier when the second month came to a close.

Month Three:

The month of tears

It came to the point when Naruto almost went to Sakura for help—a violation of one of Ino's many rules—when the vomiting finally stopped and Ino returned to her "usual" self. She assured her worried husband that this was normal for women in her condition, thus there was nothing to worry about. Naruto was skeptical until Ino threatened to march him to the library to check out a book on pregnancy. Fearing public humiliation and reading, Naruto finally gave in. He was sure that everything would be fine from here on.

A common tradition at the Uzumaki household was Saturday Movie Night, or as Ino called it "Cuddle Night". Naruto refused to use this name for it, even though cuddling was the night's primary event. In order to refute the disgusting name of "Cuddle Night", Naruto made it his duty to get the scariest movie he could find. This however only increased the amount of cuddling, at least from him as he held onto Ino for dear life while watching the insane farmer feed his victims to his headless pigs. These movies did little to scare Ino as she simply pointed out that the pigs couldn't possibly eat the people since they were in fact, headless. Her comments did little to comfort her husband.

The next Cuddl-uh Movie night, as Naruto slid in the tape, he promptly moved to the farthest end of the couch and away from Ino—in order to prevent any cuddling, or as he put in "protecting Ino from headless pigs by holding on to her very tight". This particular night Ino was especially quiet. Usually she teased him about his inability to watch scary movies. Tonight she sat silently, her knees pulled up to her chin. Naruto smirked, thinking that he had finally found a movie to scare her. This week's feature was "Headless Ninja Zombies from Hell", a personal recommendation from Kiba. Naruto was sure this would be the movie to send Ino into his arms. However, as the movie progressed, Naruto found himself inching closer and closer to his wife until he could hear the soft sound of her breathing.

As Naruto clutched Ino's arm as a zombie from hell burst from the closet, he heard the sound of sniffling. He glanced over at his wife to find tears rolling down her face. His own fear forgotten, Naruto concentrated all of his attention of his crying wife.

"Ino-chan, what's wrong? Is the movie too scary?" Ino shook her head, more tears rolling down her face.

"Do you feel sick?" Naruto cringed, fearing another vomiting episode, but once again Ino shook her head.

"Then what's wrong?" A sudden fear rose up in Naruto and he hoped nothing was wrong with the baby.

"It's just…it's just-", the flow of tears increased as did Naruto's apprehension.

"It's just what? Ino tell me". Ino turned to her husband, her blue eyes swimming with tears.

"It's just…how could they ruin such beautiful clothes!" All Naruto's fear evaporated as he fell back onto the couch. He didn't realize he had been standing…or breathing.


"The clothes! I mean when that zombie popped out he ruined all those clothes! It's just terrible!" Ino broke out into a wave of fresh tears and Naruto stared unbelieving at her.

"You have to be kidding me…" Ino stared at her husband in wonder.

"What do you mean? Those were perfectly good clothes and he just ruined them! I don't understand who would make such a horrible movie like this!" Ino continued to cry as Naruto shook his head in disbelief. Definitely the strangest Cuddl-uh Movie Night ever.

Ino's strange behavior continued the next day as she burst into tears when she accidentally spilled her tea. Despite Naruto's reassurance that everything was fine, Ino ran into their room and refused to come out for the rest of the day. A missed grocery item brought waves of sobs and an unfolded piece of underwear brought a tirade of tears that even chocolate (yes chocolate) couldn't solve.

Much to Naruto's annoyance, tears were a daily thing at the Uzumaki household for the rest of the month. Naruto almost jumped for joy when Ino started laughing when the headless (Headless monster movies are very popular in Konoha) cab driver ran over a puppy at their next movie night.

So ends month three.

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