One Year Changes Everything

A Camp Rock Story

By Jrfan81

Summary: A year has passed since the first Camp Rock movie. Shane and Mitchie haven't seen or talked to each other since they left camp and lots of things in Mitchie's life have changed. Can Shane and Mitchie's Camp Rock friends save Mitchie from herself before it's too late?

A/N: I don't know if the JB are brothers in this movie but I'm making them brothers. They just didn't want to work together before Camp Rock. Or at least that's my explanation and you better go with it : P

Disclaimer: I don't think so... but i can wish!

Chapter 1- Changes

CONNIE Torres walked up to her daughter Mitchie's room. The room was dark and her daughter was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling as she did most of the time now. Ever since the accident she didn't sing, didn't write, and certainly didn't do anything she loved anymore. Connie was getting worried. She needed to do something to get Mitchie out of this depression she was in, but how? Then a thought came to her and she smiled and went downstairs she had a favor to call in.

MITCHIE heard her mom go downstairs and sighed. She knew she was worried about her. She didn't want her mom to be worried but she just couldn't bring herself to be happy or at least pretend to be happy. Ever since getting back from Camp Rock last summer everything had gone from amazing to something that was the worst thing ever. Shane had promised to call her when she had left Camp Rock but he hadn't. She thought that they'd meant something to each other but apparently it had only been on her end. She had moped for weeks and Sierra hadn't understood why she'd been so upset.

They'd fought about it constantly. Finally she and Sierra had fought about her wanting to be a singer and make it big. Sierra told her that realistically it wouldn't happen and she shouldn't get her hopes up but Mitchie just couldn't help it. She just knew she was going places and that no one could stop her. Sierra had left angry and had driven home mad. She was so angry that she didn't realize how fast she was going and when she hit a curve her car skidded into a tree. Sierra managed to survive long enough to get to the hospital but that was it. Her best friend was gone and it was all her fault. She since then had fallen into a depression and changed everything about herself. She wasn't life filled anymore she was like a zombie. She couldn't even sleep through the night without nightmares anymore. Mitchie Torres that went to Camp Rock was gone and in her place was someone who just didn't care anymore.

SHANE Gray sat on his bunk looking at the photo album Caitlyn had made him form the pictures at Camp Rock last year. Most of them had him and Mitchie in them. Shane sighed. He missed her. He'd tried calling but the phone was disconnected apparently or at least that's what the deceptively happy voice told him when he'd called it. Caitlyn had the same problem. He hoped she'd go back to Camp Rock again so he could see her since he was going to be an instructor again. All the guys were actually. Caitlyn was also going back. All that was great but it wouldn't matter if she wasn't coming back. He needed to see her again to at least apologize for not calling her. He needed to tell her how he felt about her. He needed to hold her again. He just hoped she would give him the chance to do so.
"Oh look Jason it's Mitchie moping time," Nate joked and Jason laughed while Shane looked up from the album and glared at Nate.

"I am not moping," he said and Nate laughed.

"Yeah right, you do this at least once a day," Nate said and Jason nodded. "Bro we're going to see her in a couple weeks, so stop moping."

"What if she doesn't come back?" Shane asked nervously.

"Why wouldn't she? I thought it was her best summer ever?" Jason asked and Nate nodded.

"Jason's right," Nate paused. "Wait, did I just say that?"

Shane laughed. "I think you did man, and Jason is never going to let you live that down. And you're right just a couple weeks; I think I can do that."

"Good, now will you quit moping and help me right that song we were supposed to write?" Nate asked and Shane nodded.

"Yeah and Jason can play the guitar and find good melodies," he replied and Jason smiled happily. Over the last year Shane had become more accepting of everyone around him, and wanted to play on their strengths, even Jason's.

"Well then what are we waiting for?" Jason asked leading them to where the guitars were.

BROWN sat at his desk going over the roster for this summer at Camp Rock. He was happy his nephews were coming back, all of them this time. Last summer had been good for Shane and he hoped the same for Nate and Jason. Nate was way to driven, maybe he could have some fun this summer and Jason well he was sure to have fun being who he was but he hoped the boy would find some intelligence while he was here. Brown shook his head, Never going to happen. What saddened him was that Mitchie Torres was not on the list for this summer. Shane's going to be crushed. And honestly so would he. The girl was a breath of fresh air around here and her voice was amazing. He was just sitting around contemplating Mitchie when his phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered. "Oh, hello Connie, How are you?" he asked. "That bad?" he joked but when Connie told him the story of what had happened this year he paled and turned serious. "So, she's really that bad?" He listened for a few seconds. "Well is there anything I can do to help you out? Mitchie was quite the inspiration last summer and I want to do what I can." He then smiled. "Oh sure I think we can swing that, I'll call it a scholarship. No you don't have to do anything, I owe you for last summer and the delicious food you made for us and for bringing Mitchie and changing my hard headed nephew." He smiled as she thanked him. "Well I'll be in your town next week; maybe I'll just come pick Mitchie up to save you the trouble." Another pause. "Oh it's no problem. Don't worry about it just have her ready to go. Alright Talk to you soon." Brown hung up the phone and grabbed the roster and with a sad smile wrote Mitchie's name at the bottom. "Welcome to Camp Rock, Mitchie Torres."

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