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We Pick Ourselves Up

Prompt: 48. Soul

The warehouse has mostly emptied. A boy is sitting on the floor, twirling between his fingers a scrap of paper, covered in a tight scrawl and smears of blood. There may be someone else there, or there may be a number of people surrounding him. There may also be blood and bodies. He does not notice.

Outside the warehouse, it is not so still. The angel has flown away, it is shedding its red feathers so it should be easy to find, but it isn't. Perhaps the searchers are not looking that hard. Between them, there is an element of hesitation. He is wounded, if they leave him, he will die. And then it will not be their choice (will not be their fault) what happens to him.

They are uncertain, but for Matsuda, there is uncertainty about the uncertainty. If they find Light, what happens to him will be their fault. If they don't, it's only Matsuda to take the blame. His gun and his bullets make it his kill.

Whatever blame there is for catching Kira, anyway. But it's not like the world will know, so, really, it shouldn't bother him.

Later that night he has a dream, and in dreams everything is different so he doesn't make too much of what his dream-self is feeling. The feelings are horrible, a twisted mixture of anger and devastation, and he's glad when he jolts awake. But then he wakes up properly, and he can't excuse it as a dream anymore, because it's still there.

Days pass.

Matsuda fumbles for coffee and burns toast. He rubs his eyes a couple of times and takes some pills (he isn't too sure what) and tries the whole thing again from the start. It works better but he takes his time with it anyway. He tells himself to be careful but really it's to use up time, because he's just worked out that he doesn't know what he's going to do for the rest of the day. Everything is over, slammed shut and locked up, and everything that isn't will be taken care of by Near anyway.

He is tired.

He meanders around the kitchen a bit more, and then grabs his coat. Whenever he was unsure of what do to next he would ask the Chief, but that's not an option anymore so he goes to the NPA because it's as close as he's going to get. Aizawa and Ide and Mogi are there, and he thinks they know what they're meant to be doing but when he looks again they look just as uncertain, just as afraid. Aizawa's saying something but Matsuda, he just stares at him, and he can't work out how to change the sounds coming out of the older man's mouth into something intelligible. Aizawa steers him back the way they came.

They sit in a café. It's too expensive for breakfast and Matsuda isn't hungry, but they make him eat. Aizawa seems to be the most awake, and Matsuda just doesn't understand any of them anymore.

He hasn't dreamt again. He thinks he probably will, though, once he's caught up on four years of lost sleep. He's so, so tired. He doesn't think about Kira. He can't.

Of the three people sitting around him, all know him very well and none are stupid. They notice the glassiness in his eyes, and the fact that his hair sticks up at odd angles and hasn't been washed. They can tell why. In parts of themselves, they feel the same. They know, though, that they don't feel it so keenly.

So they stand up, and pay the bill for Matsuda's uneaten pancakes as well as their own. Ide keeps up a constant stream of chatter while Aizawa drives and talks to Mogi in a low voice. They go to Aizawa's, because it's the biggest and his kids are at school at this time of the day. His wife smiles and fixes drinks, and Ide and Aizawa look at each other across the table.

It will be hard, but they'll get past this. The hardest part will be Matsuda, picking him up and pulling him through and making him go on, making him get past it.

Somehow, though, they'll manage.


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