Okay, I got a little caught up in writer's block for A Thought Upon a Drop of Blood, so I decided to write something with a little less romantic Seras/Major, but with a little more lemon. I actually dont care who reads it, but I'd like to put it up anyway.

How the War Was Lost

Right after.

It was a week after the war had reached London, and Seras Victoria was sitting alone in some obscure cell that was dirty and unpleasant. It was small. It was dark. It was cold. It reeked of death. And there was nothing but a metal slab chained to the wall for her to sit on. She could not escape from it; it was protected by seals that held her in as though she were merely human. All she could do was sit and wait and think.

She didnt know how it happened. One moment, Integra and the Major were facing off, and it looked as though Integra had won. Seras herself had broken through the barrier, and shot the Major with a cannon, revealing his secret--a machine. No, he said he was still 'human'...his will saw to that. They were facing off, and had guns pointed at each other. Seras had stayed back; this was the final battle, meant for the commanders of each opposing side. And now...she wished she hadnt. The last thing she remembered seeing before waking up in the cell was Integra's finger tightening on the trigger--then nothing.

She knew the days were passing; her internal senses were telling her. That, and she was being fed daily. By who, she didnt know. But every time she woke up from passing out for some ungodly reason, there was just enough blood in a small bowl for her; just enough to keep her sated until the next day.

She had already been 'fed' for the day, and now, there was absolutely nothing to do. Nothing at all.


She was shocked to hear the door to the cell opening the eighth day after the war had reached London. She actually had to squint from the light that flooded the cell, but wasnt blind enough to see the Doktor standing there, the door wide open, and letting light flood in. Seras growled, baring her fangs, and made a move to leap at him and tear his fucking throat out, when a fierce pain erupted from deep within her body. She collapsed to the floor, her arms around her middle, and tried not to cry out.

The Doktor bent down and actually picked her up and carried her out of the cell without a word into a dimly-lit lab not much cleaner than the cell itself. He laid her down on a table and uncurled her body before strapping her down.

Seras began to feel a dread rise in her cold heart. She struggled, and the same pain erupted, rendering her still again. She was forced to remain still as the Doktor cut away her clothing and exposed her body, then proceeded to poke and prod at her; thankfully, not in a sexual way, but rather in the way a Doktor such as himself should. The pain receded after awhile, but Seras remained still, knowing what would happen at even the notion of violence.

Finally, the silent Doktor picked up something that looked like a thick black collar and fitted it around her neck, then snapped it closed and sat back as though to admire his work before turning to what looked like an intercom and pressing a button. She didnt catch what he said, but her suspicion wasnt quelled even when he put a sheet over her body for some sense of modesty.

She didnt have to wait long for her fate, as just moments later, the Major walked into the lab, perfectly repaired and looking quite well. His hands were behind his back, and his eyes locked onto her immediately.

"Wie geht unser neuestes Mitglied, Dok?" he asked softly, his golden eyes still locked onto her. The Doktor rummaged for something in a cabinet.

"Sehr gut, Herr Major," the Doktor replied, finding what he was looking for and turning back to the table. "She ist ready."

"...Ready for what?" Seras found herself asking. She regretting speaking when both the Major and the Doktor's gaze fell upon her. The Major grinned, sending a shudder down her spine.

"...Vhy...ready for recruitment, of course!" the Major said merrily. "Velcome to Millennium, Seras Wictoria!"


Seras had been forced to wear an SS uniform made especially for her. She was forced to cut her hair shorter and stand at the Major's left side. She really had no choice, seeing how every time she protested or made a move to tears someone's throat out, something inside of her forced her to her knees in pain...and now, she knew what the collar was for. It was for obedience. More specifically, it was made so she was forced to obey the Major's commands.

The only light in the situation was that Sir Integra was still alive. Sans an eye, as Seras found, but she was still alive and very well. She was clean and well-dressed, and was being treated well by the Major as his 'companion', for lack of a better word. Seras learned that right before Integra was to do away with the Major, the Doktor had knocked Seras out by unknown means, and threatened her life with a silver spike over her heart. He had told Integra to back off from the Major, or Seras would die. Integra had backed off. The Major had told the Doktor to tend to Integra's eye, and to begin on his new body. Suffice to say, those were the activities of the week Seras was in her cell.

But there was more of a catch; the Major told Integra that he would only keep Seras if she sold the rights to the girl to him. Seras had been injected with a micro-sized Chip that guaranteed her good behavior, and then a collar for obedience. She was officially the property of the Major.


Seras's prime objective was to protect the Major as he traveled to other countries for new soldiers. The Doktor was responsible for Integra's safety during the meetings with the countries. Seras found that her job was not stationary; at least four underground leaders had taken a shot at the Major. She had blocked the shots, and depending on the Major's orders, either killed the leaders, or stood back for more negotiations.

A month later, Millennium had three hundred new members. And the Major put Seras in charge of training them.

It was a lot of responsibility, she came to find out, and a challenge. Most of the men were chauvinists, and some outright refused to listen to her. It infuriated her to the point that she walked out of the training area in a huff, knowing her new Master would be less than happy if she killed off any of the men he had acquired.

She had sat on the railing on the outside of an airship stored back in 'The Panther's Den', trying to quell her habitual urge to cry with frustration. She was a vampire, goddamnit. She shouldnt be having those urges anymore, despite the fact that she was the property of the Major, not allowed to talk to Sir Integra without either the Major or the Doktor present, and to top it all off, the men the Major had assigned to her were all pigs. If only her former Master, may he not exist in peace, could see her now... She put her face in her hands and sighed.

Footsteps behind her made her look up and whip around to see her new Master walk toward her, his hands behind his back and a relatively passive look on his face. Seras jumped off the railing and stood at attention, though her head was a little low. The Major came to a stop in front of her, and just looked her over for a moment.

"Problems, Fraulein?" he inquired. Seras bit her lip, not knowing whether or not to say anything. The Major arched a brow. "I haf new orders for you," he said after a moment. Seras raised her head a little. "...Insubordination ist a crime. Und crime should be punished." He turned to leave. "They are your subordinates, und they haf committed a crime." He left her with the not-so-cryptic order.

Two days later, Seras had the pigs in line singing "Edelweiss" on her command.


The months turned into a year before she knew it. Over that time, more members of New Millennium came in, and Seras oversaw them all. She began to grow accustomed to her new life to the point that she actually smiled on occasion. True, her demeanor crashed often when she saw Sir Integra, but on the whole, she found this new life to be oddly fulfilling.

Over the months, though she received orders from him every day, she didnt notice the way the Major looked at her. She didnt notice his eyes roam her body, or stick to her body every time she left the room. She didnt notice the odd smile that would spread across his face when she wasnt looking. She never noticed it until the day he touched her.

At first, she pegged it off as an unconscious movement; she had received her orders and as the Major passed her in his leave, his fingers brushed her waist. She had shaken it off and went about her day.

The second time he touched her, she knew it was on purpose. She was walking behind and beside him toward a meeting in a room, and she had stepped ahead to open the door for him. As he passed her through the door, his hand brushed against her backside. She had frozen for a moment, but followed him as normal regardless.

The third time he touched her, they were alone. He was sitting in the Kommandantzimmer in his chair, his fingers laced and legs crossed, watching with amusement a news report still pondering the disappearance of Sir Integra. Seras was on fetch duty that day, and had brought him a cup of van Houten cocoa. What a cyborg needed food or beverage for, she still did not know, but she wasnt about to ask or complain. He had thanked her without looking away from the screen, and as Seras withdrew her hand from the tray, the Major's hand reached out to touch her fingers and lace their tips with his own.

Seras looked up at him, and he looked up at her. And that was when Seras saw that smile for the first time before he let her fingers go and picked up his cup. He thanked her again and left it at that. Seras left slightly shaken at the attention behind that smile.


From what had transpired in the Kommandantzimmer a month earlier, it should have come to no surprise when the Major took up touching her again...but more intimately and deliberately.

It began with touches in the hallway, usually on her waist, hips, or backside. They were more frequent, almost daily now, and he would lock eyes with her each time, always with that odd smile on his face. Then they escalated to more than just touches.

The first truly intimate thing the Major did was touch both of her hips from behind. Seras was in the main hallway, rearranging the bulletins, when she felt him come up behind her. She had grown accustomed to his presence enough to sense him coming from down the hall. She apologized for not putting the current bulletins sooner, but her words were cut short when she felt his hands slide around her hips and hold them there. She froze when she felt him press closer and put his mouth near her ear.

"Think nothing of it, Sturmf├╝hrer," he murmured softly. He clenched his fingers into her hips before letting go and continuing down the hallway. It took Seras a few moments to compose herself enough to use the staple gun properly.

Small things like that continued for weeks...and then the Major was finished playing.

Seras was finishing up with her training the soldiers. It went relatively well today, and only one man had to die because he called her a bitch. She had sent them all off when the Doktor approached her with orders that the Major had requested her presence in his personal quarters. He did not say what for. Seras nodded and made her way to the destination, taking the directions the Doktor gave her, as that was the one part of the ship no one was allowed in, aside from the Major himself, or Dok, when requested. She came to an ornate door with the Millennium symbol embedded on it, and gently knocked.

"Geben Sie."

Seras turned the knob and walked in. The Major's personal sitting room looked as she thought it might; mostly white with some black thrown in. Older-fashioned, really. The Major was sitting on a small white loveseat, reading something out of a folder that she supposed had to be something of importance. She closed the door behind her and stood there waiting. The Major didnt look up, but pointed to the seat across from him. "Sitzen."

Seras immediately walked over to the other couch and sat down to wait. There was a coffee table between them with more files and papers on it, and nothing else. The Major was half-reclined on the loveseat, his jacket off and hanging on a coat rack, and his white gloves were missing. He had a pen between his teeth that he took out every once and awhile to make a mark. Finally, he made one last mark, put the paper back into the file it belonged in, and dropped it to the table, and that was when he finally looked at Seras.

Seras shifted a little, feeling a little weighed down by his stare. "...I was told you wanted to see me," she finally said. The Major grinned and stood up.

"I did," he replied shortly. He walked around the coffee table, his fingertips touching the arm of her couch as he came to a stop about two feet from her. Seras looked up and blinked. The Major smiled, then with one quick motion, had her pinned to the couch with him crouched over her, one knee wedged between her legs.

Seras could only let out a small yelp of surprise, but the threatening twinge in her body let her know what would happen if she protested or pushed him away. The Major grinned and reached up with one hand to loosen his tie.

"I did vant to see you..." he said softly, his golden eyes flashing. "...I vant to see your body..." He pulled the tie off and put it on the table. "...I vant to see your curves..." He reached back up to flick his shirt buttons undone. "...I vant to see all of you..."

Seras let out a shudder and made a small move escape, but his hands pinned her down by the shoulders. "Nein," came his firm reply. "Bleiben noch." The collar around her neck forced her to obey his command, and she did remain still as her Master finished unbuttoning his shirt and started on undressing her.

It seemed like forever and yet a second later to her before the Major was rubbing his hands over her exposed skin, his eyes taking in her every curve and detail. His hands actually did very little loitering on her breasts, she was aware enough to notice, as they slid down to fondle her flat abdomen and curvy hips. After groping her skin for a few moments, the Major pressed his body to hers and leaned forward to press gentle kisses to her neck.

Seras tried so hard to numb herself to what was happening, but somehow couldnt. Be it the Major or some force that seemed to hate her guts, she was aware of everything...his touch, how his body felt, and how her own body reacted to his touch. She couldnt even make her mind wander to another place...

She jumped when she felt one of his hands slide between her legs to press two fingers to her, easily sliding them in to blindly grope at the soft, moist flesh as he kissed the top of her chest. Seras felt tears prickling in the corners of her eyes, wishing that she were anywhere but there, getting felt up and fingered by the Major, of all people. Her wishing did her no good as the Major slid his fingers further into her, using his thumb to rub her clitoris.

A jolt of pleasure ran through her, despite her desire not to feel anything. Without meaning to, she let a soft cry escape her lips. She felt the Major's mouth curl into a smile against her skin, and cursed herself for giving him the satisfaction. He scissored his fingers, making her arch slightly, and continued to stroke her pleasure spot.

This continued for a few moments more before the Major pulled his fingers away and wiped them on his open shirt. Seras thought that he was finally done; that he had gotten his jollies out of her body, and he as going to let her get dressed and be on her way...but no. The sound of a belt being undone brought tears to her eyes once more. The Major looked up and cupped her cheek with his hand--thankfully not the one he had used to finger her with.

"Shh...it does not have to be awful, Seras," he said softly, the lustful flare in his eyes betraying his gentle, consoling tone. "...Ist it really so bad?" He leaned forward to kiss the corner of her mouth before finally undoing his belt and undoing his pants.

Seras took a needless breath and let it out, shuddering as she stared up at the ceiling. Even in her wildest dreams and darkest nightmares, this was not how she imagined she would lose her virginity. She didnt imagine losing it to her former enemy, and current Master, the mad Major...no, not ever. She thought it would be Sir Integra in this situation, not her. She thought it was Sir Integra the Major was fond of, not her. Did Sir Integra not put out, and the Major wasnt about to force her into sex on a couch, that he had to go to Plan B? That just made this moment nightmarish and cheap.

She was broken out of her thoughts when the Major leaned over her, his hands on either side of her body, as he parted her legs with his own and rocked forward into her. Seras felt him enter her body, and felt cold, hot, and sick at the same time. However, from the waiting Chip in her body and the collar around her neck, she did nothing to stop him. The Major pressed his body closer to hers and stroked her face as he slid in further, going slow and showing a rare act of mercy for her.

It didnt hurt, Seras found in contrary to what she had heard. Though, her high threshold for pain might have had something to do with that. After a short moment, the Major stopped moving and remained still as he brushed the tears from her eyes and kissed her cheek with patronizing tenderness. He waited a few moments more, for what, Seras didnt know, and then began to rock his hips slowly.

Seras made a small sound, but did nothing more as she let the Major thrust into her body. She wasnt going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know it actually felt good; she was disgusted with herself as it was. The Major kept his slow pace, but after a few moments, grabbed Seras's hips and rocked harder. Seras broke her silence with another cry and her hands shot up to his shoulders like it was instinct. She gripped the cloth of his shirt tightly as she fought with herself to not make another sound, to not let herself feel pleasure.

It was a losing battle and she knew it. After a few minutes, she had spread her legs a little wider and put her arms around his body as an instinct inside of her vampiric soul was set loose and allowed to indulge. She was vocalizing her pleasure and indirectly begging for the Major to give her more; to give her the orgasm her vampiric side begged for. The Major was obviously a good listener, for he always gave her more. Anything she wanted, he gave to her, and a lot of it.

Finally, Seras clenched around him and arched up with a sharp cry as she reached her orgasm. The Major grinned broadly and continued to thrust into her until his own body shuddered and he finally stopped. He kept his body pressed to Seras's for a moment before pulling back and out of her body, tucking himself back into his pants and buttoning up his shirt. He picked up Seras's clothes and redressed her while she came down from her high. It was a few minutes after she was completely redressed before she finally became aware of what had just transpired and shakily sat up and looked at the Major, waiting for him to tell her to get out; that he had gotten what he wanted.

The Major calmly retied his tie and carded his fingers though his hair to put it back into place, then readjusted his glasses and looked at Seras. He took in her foreboding expression, then leaned forward and put a hand to the back of her head to pull her to him and kissed her gently for a few seconds before pulling back.

"Until the next time, Seras," he murmured softly, stroking his hand down her face. He reached over and picked up a file and handed it to her. Seras took it and walked out of the room, still dazed with a dull throb still between her legs as she went to perform whatever task was in the folder.


The next day, Seras was promoted to Sturmhauptf├╝hrer.

There's going to be a Part Two.