This is the last part of the story. It is longer than the others, so enjoy.

How the War Was Lost, Part Three


Seras remained in the cell not for a few weeks, as the Major had previously said, but rather two months. For two months, she was kept in the tiny, freezing cold cell and was only fed once a week. At first she figured that she would spend most of that time asleep; that idea was thrown out of the proverbial window. Every time she got even close to falling deep asleep, her mind replayed every moment of sex she and the Major had; replayed her last moments before being thrown into the cell. She couldnt get the cruelty and sheer evil of his tone and actions out of her mind. And thus, in those two months, she had a maximum of four hours of sleep.

Also, the blood that was given to her tasted foul...rotten, almost. The first time it was given to her, she couldnt drink it. By the second meal, she was starving enough to drink it from a toilet if needed be. So she was stuck with sitting in a cell seven feet long and wide, and six feet high, couldnt sleep from her past visions, and she was fed a mere cupful of rotted, half-coagulated blood only once a week. For two long, cold, silent months...

She waited.


Two months, four days later, Seras was sitting quietly with her arms resting on her knees and her head lowered to her chest, unmoving on the metal slab, when the door opened, letting light flood the room. Seras did not move even a twitch from her position as the silhouette of the Doktor stood in the doorway, observing her and the empty feeding cups scattered about the floor. Finally, he stepped forward and almost gently grabbed her arm and made her stand up. She numbly followed the Doktor out of the cell and into the dimly-lit hallways, leading her to a lab where he sat her down on a metal table and paged for the Major.

Seras numbly tuned out the conversation, content with staring at the dirty floor until she saw the white shoes of the Major in front of her line of view, and then his hand reach under her chin to tip her head up until she was eye level with him. His face was passive with a gentle grin, and his eyes were soft and glowing gold. He caressed her dirty cheek with his thumb and broadened his grin.

"Vhat are you, Sturmhauptf├╝hrer Seras?" he asked softly. Seras looked him in the eye, noting a glow that was almost human, then looked away.

"...A toy."

Active Duty.

Seras was washed, her uniform remade, her hair re-cut, and she was put back on active duty after feeding from some poor man who had nothing to do with the war, and a full day of sleep. The soldiers she had been put in charge of actually welcomed her back, as the Major had gotten rid of most of them with meaningless suicide missions, and actually preferred her methods. Though she was still in charge of them, the Major now put Seras in charge with the protection of Sir Integra.

The lady Knight looked much older than she really was, despite the good treatment the Major had treated her to. Her skin looked paler, her eyes duller, and her hair thinner. She only gave Seras a passing look most of the time. Seras also noticed, with a faint twinge in her unbeating heart, that Sir Integra was wearing the ring her Master had given her.

One evening, Seras had accompanied Sir Integra outside to enjoy the setting sun. The fading sunlight glistened on the large stone in Sir Integra's ring as the former Hellsing leader gripped the railing of the deck. Seras stood a few feet from her, watching as she was commanded to do. Silence rang between them through the sun setting, and then the moon's rising. And then an hour after that.

"...He offered me the world, Seras."

Seras snapped at attention at the sound of her former commander's voice. It took a moment for what Sir Integra had said to kick in, and then that twinge in her cold heart returned. But she said nothing. Integra looked out at the moon.

"...He offered me the world...he offered me every ocean and sea...every country...every continent...and everyone and everything in it..." She turned her head to look at Seras with an expression the vampire could not read. "...And all I have to do is marry him." She looked down at the ring on her finger. "...If I had the world...if I married would mean betraying the own country..." She looked back up at the moon. "...Even...him..."

Seras knew of whom she spoke about. But still, she said nothing.

"...However...if I do...and I claim the world...I could help it...but would he allow it...? ...No. He would not..." She sighed and turned back to the door to go inside. "...I'm finished. I wish to go back inside..." She walked back inside, and Seras escorted her to her room before turning and walking aimlessly about the ship.

Before she knew it, she had found the corridor that lead to the Major's private quarters. As she stared down the hallway, she half-debated going in...but turned and went into her room to spend the rest of the night sitting and staring blankly at the wall.


The day before the wedding, Sir Integra became very quiet. Not that she wasnt quiet before, but now it was worrisome. While the Major was conducting the decorations and reception--as well as the live broadcast to every major public screen in the world--Sir Integra sat quietly in her room on her bed with her hands in her lap, getting up only to eat. Seras was sent to deliver the wedding dress to Sir Integra, and was worried at the state the lady Knight was in. She was pale, thin, and her hair had thinned out, making her look ten years older than she really was.

Seras set the dress down on the couch and stood, staring at Sir Integra for a bit. "...Sir...?" she said timidly, that being her first word to Sir Integra since coming into New Millennium. Sir Integra looked up, her blue eyes dull and listless. Seras took a moment to gather her thoughts. "...If anything," she said, "...try to make the best of it."

Sir Integra stared at her before nodding with a light smile and turning to stare back into nothing. Seras took that as a cut to leave and turned to the door.


Seras paused and looked behind her. "Yes, Sir?" Sir Integra stood up and walked over to her, then put her arms around her and squeezed.

"Thank much..." she said softly. She let Seras go and turned back to her bed to sit down again. Seras smiled and left the room.

The next day, the Major sent Seras to help Sir Integra with her dress and hair. Seras herself was wearing a blue spaghetti strap dress that came down to the floor, and white forearm gloves that matched the occasion's elegance. The Major had allowed her to wear earrings and a necklace for the occasion, and she felt as she should be for being the Maid of Honor.

She came to Sir Integra's door and gently knocked. Upon hearing no answer, she knocked louder. "Sir Integra!" she called through the door. "...I came to help you get ready." Still, no answer. Seras sighed and turned the knob to let herself in. "Sir, I know you're having bad thoughts about this, but I can assure you--." She cut off with a gaping mouth at the sight before her.

Sir Integra was on the floor in her wedding dress with a gun in her hand and a bloody hole in her head. Seras stood there taking in the horrific sight, her eyes filling with tears and her heartstrings snapping one by one as the seconds ticked by. Finally, when the last string had snapped, she did the only thing she could think of. She screamed.

She screamed and she flung herself to the floor next to Sir Integra and took the former Hellsing director in her arms, flinging the gun to the other side of the room. She sobbed and hugged her and begged her to not go, screaming her name over and over again.

Finally, the commotion attracted the Major and the Doktor, who came running into the room. The Major was already in his emasculate white outfit with gold trimming, but now, it all seemed a waste as he took a split second to assess the situation and just stood in the doorway, his eyes wide and his expression that of complete and total disbelief. The Doktor immediately rushed forward to the other side of Seras to take Sir Integra's head in his hands to examine the wound, to see if there was anything he could do. After just a moment of looking, he turned to the Major and shook his head. His eyes then caught something in Integra's left hand. He pried it open and saw it was a small paper, and read it aloud.

"...'I vould rather spend un eternity in Hell than the rest of my life vith you'..."

This was the final proof she needed that it was really so. Seras took a sobbing breath and let out another scream of anguish.

The Major had the Doktor clean up Sir Integra and embalm her before sending her back to England, though in her hands, he put the sign Zum Henker Defatist.


For the next few weeks, the Major did not even smile. He went about his business as usual, but not even a hint of joy or happiness crossed his features. Seras figured that this was his way of mourning for Sir Integra.

As soon as she had been calm enough to pay attention to it, she noticed that the light in the Major's eyes were dull and almost dead. She knew that he was experiencing true sadness. A year or so earlier, she would think it foolish to presume a cyborg had emotions...but she remembered about what the Major had said...that he was human. And was it not human nature to feel emotion? As long as he had his will, he could feel. And he was feeling pain, she knew. She knew that he had true romantic feelings toward Sir Integra, and that his proverbial heart had broken at her weak decision.

Finally, four weeks after the incident, the Major had sent for her via the Doktor for her to go into his personal quarters.

Seras went without a second thought, knowing that the mourning would not last too long before he decided to get over it with her body. She knocked on the door and heard the usual "Geben sie." She opened the door and stepped inside, then closed it before walking over to her designated couch across from his and standing there silently.

The Major looked up at her, and Seras noticed that the light in his eyes was still dull, and his face was still unhappy. He finally stood up and walked over to her, but instead of pushing her to the couch or the floor, he took her hand and led her through another door that Seras immediately saw was his bedroom. The bed was enormous, taking up most of the room, and was pure white with a jubilee of pillows on it. The Major led her to the edge of the bed and began to silently undress her.

He took off her belt first and dropped it to the floor and her uniform top soon followed. He took off her undershirt, then gently set her down to sit on the bed as he knelt down and unlaced her boots. Seras watched him the whole time, not moving as he removed her boots and stood back up to run his hands up her clothed thighs and unbutton her pants before sliding them off and dropping them to the floor with the rest of her things. When she was just in her undergarments, he pulled the white comforter up and folded it over before shifting her to lie in the sheets. With that done, he sat back and took off his gloves before unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off.

This took Seras aback, for the Major never undressed more than unbuttoning his shirt or unzipping his pants. But still she remained silent as the Major continued to undress himself before turning and parting Seras's legs to crawl between them up her body and settling himself down and kissing her gently.

Seras felt like she was almost melting from the rare gentle tenderness she was receiving. She wasnt about to waste a moment of it, though. She kissed back and tentatively brought her hands up to hold his shoulders softly. The Major didnt protest, but rather seemed to condone it as he kissed her deeper and ran his hands down her body before sliding them under her back and rocking his hips forward to slide into her.

Seras moaned softly into his mouth and rocked her hips up. The Major made a soft sound back at her and drew out to slowly but firmly thrust back in deep and hard. Seras arched and clenched her fingers into his synthetic skin as he kept up that pace. The Major caressed her breasts gently, only squeezing every so often to make her arch and lean her head back onto the pillow, exposing her neck which the Major found inviting to nip and kiss.

It was this, and not any of the other times, that Seras had a true pleasurable orgasm. The Major seemed to finally touch every spot inside of her, giving her pleasure instead of taking it. Seras had arched back and cried out as she hit her orgasm, then slumped back onto the bed, shaking slightly. And then the Major was finished being nice. He pinned her down roughly by her shoulders, sat up on his knees, and rocked his hips up to bring her hips into his lap and began to fuck her.

There was no other word for what he was doing to her body. It was ravishment bordering on the brutal. It was painful; it was forceful. And it was oddly enough arousing for Seras. Her vampiric side craved for it, and her body responded to it. She parted her legs wider, arched her back, and clenched her fingers into the bedsheets. The Major kept a breaking grip on her shoulders as he moved harder and faster, his eyes flashing and his visage twisted in almost rage. Somewhere inside, she knew that he was not completely over it; he was taking out his pain on her.

And she found that she didnt care.

She wasnt really aware of when he finished, but it had to have been sometime between him snapping her left clavicle and lying on her body quietly, something inside of him pulsating frantically against her chest like a heartbeat. When Seras became aware of that, she slowly raised her arms to put them around him. The Major didnt reject the action. They stayed that way for a few minutes.

"...She told me you would have given her the world..." murmured softly, noting the slight tense in his body at the mention of Sir Integra. But she continued. "...She made a foolish move...she could have taken her country back for good..." She paused. "...You knew that."

The Major slowly raised his head to look at her, his golden eyes slightly dulled. "...England," he finally said in a low tone, "...vas to be my vedding gift to her."

Seras nodded silently. "...And still...she was a fool."

The Major pulled out of her and shifted so he was lying next to her. "...That she vas." He stared up at the ceiling, blinking softly. Seras took that as her cue to leave, but when she turned to her side, the Major's arms encircled her and pulled her to him. So she remained still and drifted off to sleep just as the sun came up.

Medal of Honor.

The years passed and turned into decades. Seras remained with New Millennium during those years. Many things changed, and Seras did not mind a one of them.

The Major decided to permanently change his title to Fuhrer, and it was now what everyone referred to him at. And in his place, Seras was promoted to Sturmbanfuhrer, becoming the new Major. And since from the decades before, the title of Major had been held with such reverence, the Fuhrer decreed that there would be no higher rank than Major other than Fuhrer, hence now making Seras his second-in-command. He had removed the collar and the Chip from her body, and had done so in confidence. Seras had not broken it.

Seras worked her new rank to it's fullest potential. She trained and guided her soldiers with skill and fear, demanding respect, and getting it. All of the men answered to no one but their Fuhrer or their Major, and that was just how they both liked it. She led attacks on all nations, killed millions, be it directly or indirectly, and soon became a master of the art of war, apprentice to the Fuhrer.

Even though Sir Integra was gone and the Major still invited Seras into his bed, the ring meant for Integra never went to her. But she didnt need it. Because in her opinion, Seras owned the world anyway. She had thousands of soldiers at her own disposal that were ready to die for her. She had the affections of the Fuhrer, to whom she showed affections back. And more personal to her, she had a spot just for her in the Major's bed.

On this day, the anniversary of the Major taking the title of Fuhrer, Seras walked through the hallways of the corridor forbidden to all but only three people on the ship, herself one of those three. It was a slightly different routine because on this day, the Major did not call for her, nor lead her to his rooms. But she walked down the hall anyway until she reached the door and opened it without knocking.

The Fuhrer looked up and saw his Major standing in his doorway, unannounced. But oddly enough, a wide grin came across his face.

"Geben sie."

Sturmbanfuhrer Seras smiled back at him and stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Kind of rough, but that is the end. I just had to get it off my chest, and so I have. Now, back to my other story!