The Kids

In this story, there is no Michael. Most of these characters are made up. Emily is an actual Quartermaine. Mason Scorpio is Robin's half brother from Robert. I know it's a lot of characters, but it will be a good story. Alexis is NOT Sam's mom.

Sam's kids: Zack, Emmy, Nathan, Kristy, Marissa, Madison, Cameron, Rebecca and Alexandria.


The Spencer-McCall's:

Sam McCall: the mother of nine children. She is currently working at the Metro Court.

Lucky Spencer: Has 3 children. A cop at the PCPD.

Kristy McCall: Sam's daughter with Justin. She is pregnant with Noah Webber's child. (18)

Tommy Spencer: A student at the high school. Dating Mattie Scorpio-Drake. Son of Elizabeth and Lucky. (15)

Cameron McCall: Sam's younger daughter with Justin. She is dependent on her older sister. (14)

Lydia Spencer: Lives with her dad and step-mom. She loves her younger sister, Alex. Elizabeth and Lucky's daughter. (13)

Alexandria Spencer-McCall: The only daughter of Lucky and Sam. She loves her Aunt Lulu and cousins. (12)

The Scorpio-Drake's:

Robin Scorpio: She is still a doctor at GH. The mother of 3 kids; she is expecting another one. Especially fond of her niece, Rebecca.

Patrick Drake: Still a neurosurgeon. Father of soon to be 4. Doesn't believe his kids need to be constantly shopping.

Mattie Scorpio-Drake: She is dating Tommy Spencer. Mattie loves shopping with her younger sisters and can't wait for her mother to have the baby. (15)

Abrielle Scorpio-Drake: Dating Morgan Corinthos, which her father is not happy about. (13)

Taylor Scorpio-Drake: Mattie is her favorite sister. She wishes she was older, (and that Ryan Zacchara would notice her!). (9)

Mason Scorpio: The older brother of Robin. He is marrying Nadine Crowell.

Rebecca Scorpio: Loves her Aunt Robin. She is the daughter of Sam and Mason. She wishes her dad would have more children. (13)

The Zacchara's:

Johnny Zacchara: Is getting ready to marry Lulu Spencer. He loves her and their children more than anything.

Lulu Spencer: Hates her almost sister in law, Claudia. Wants more kids.

Nalani Zacchara: The daughter of Lulu and Johnny. She is Alexandria's best friend. (12)

Ryan Zacchara: Ryan loves Taylor Scorpio-Drake. He is trying to get enough courage to ask her out. (9)

Lucas Spencer: Lulu's brother. He loves Emmy Morgan. (22)

Claudia Zacchara: Johnny's older protective sister. She has one child that she loves.

Christian Zacchara: Child of Robert Nichols and Claudia Zacchara. He likes Cameron McCall. (14)

The Cassadine's:

Nikolas Cassadine: Nikolas is now a cop. He tries to control his daughter's lives.

Emily Quartermaine: Still in love with her husband. She is now a Doctor at GH. Loves her 5 kids.

Spencer Cassadine: Secretly loves Kristy McCall, even though she is pregnant. (17)

Talia Cassadine: Looks just like her Mom. Best friend of Mattie Scorpio-Drake. (15)

Kalob Cassadine: Has decided that this is the year he needs a girlfriend. (14)

Daniel Cassadine: Not interested in love, but he plays all kinds of sports. (12)

Alison Cassadine: The youngest Cassadine. She doesn't like how her father has prevented her from seeing Mitchell Corinthos. (11)

The Corinthos's:

Sonny Corinthos: Dropped out of the mob to protect his family.

Katie Corinthos: The daughter of Lily Rivera and Sonny. (20)

Kristina Corinthos: Kristina is smart and very pretty. Her mother died when she was 10. Her father has full custody. (16)

Madison Corinthos: Madison is a spoiled brat. She looks like her mom. She is constantly being fought over by her parents. Sam is her mom. (15)

Morgan Corinthos: The only child of Sonny and Carly. He gets fought over by his parents too. (14)

Mitchell Corinthos: The son of Sonny and Reese. He loves Alison. (11)

The Morgan's:

Jason Morgan: Loves all of his kids. He is also out of the business and now runs a club.

Courtney Matthews: She still is in love with Jason after all the kids he has had.

Gabrielle "Gabbie" Morgan: The daughter of Jason and Elizabeth. She looks like her mom. She has two children with Zack Branson. Lexi is 4 and Tyler is 2. (24)

Emily "Emmy" Morgan: The daughter of Sam and Jason. She looks like her Aunt Emily. (22)

Nathan Morgan: Dating Katie Corinthos. The son of Sam and Jason. He looks like his father and he is a trouble maker. (20)

Noah Webber: The son of Jason and Elizabeth. He is having a child with Kristy McCall, who his brother likes. (19)

Max Morgan: The only son of Courtney and Jason. He looks like his dad. He loves Kristy McCall. (17)

Marissa Morgan: Marissa is the good child of the family. She looks like Emily too. (16)

The Branson's:

Kyle Branson: The husband of Kelly Lee. He has two children.

Kelly Lee: Married to Kyle. She has one daughter.

Zack Branson: Has two kids with his wife Gabbie Morgan. Lexi is 4 and Tyler is 2. Mom is Sam. (24)

Cassandra "Cassie" Branson: The daughter of Kelly and Kyle. She loves her older brother and her niece and nephew. (10)

The Jack's

Jax Jacks: Loves his wife and children. He owns the Metro Court.

Carly Jacks: Co owns the MC.

Brielle Jacks: The oldest daughter of Carly and Jax. (16)

Cody Nolan-Jacks: The adoptive son of Carly and Jax. He is 3 months older than Julia. He likes Alexandria Spencer. (12)

Julia Jacks: Best friend of Alexandria and Nalani. (12)