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"I don't date ugly girls with pink hair." Safe to say his words crushed the poor girl. The plastic bag of cookies dropped to the floor as her mouth widened in response. The boy just turned and began to walk away. Luckily for the girl her long pink hair covered her green eyes that were starting to tear up.

He was the door, about to leave the classroom where she confessed to him, when she spoke up. "I'll make you eat those words, Sasuke." She growled out, picking up the cookies and throwing them roughly at the stoic boy. He caught them easily before tossing them in the trash.

The challenge was not something he was prepared for, but ever the genius he smirked. "Let's put that to the test. I'll be back senior year. See if you can change my impression then." And with that he opened the door and walked out.

She scoffed, rubbing at her stinging eyes. "Three years? Piece of cake." She mumbled before stalking out of the same door he went through.


First day of Senior Year at Konoha High


"Damn, Sakura, can you believe that we're finally seniors?" A tall blonde girl put an arm on the girl named, Sakura. "Think about it! We've spent 3 years here and it's about to end just like that!" The girl snapped, making sure not to break her new acrylic nails.

Sakura wasn't paying attention to her loud friend and instead looked around nervously. "He's not here, you know. Get over him and go to the loudmouth Naruto. He's been after you since middle school."

"Shut up, Ino." Sakura snapped coldly before frowning. "Sorry, but this isn't about my idiotic crush. This is personal. That cold-hearted, egotistical," the pink-haired girl wrung her hands together, pretending that it was Sasuke's throat. "Anyways, I've been over him for years now." She waved her hand nonchalantly.

Ino gave her a No-way-in-hell-am-I-believing-you look but shrugged, taking her arm off the shorter girl and pulling out her schedule. "I have Asuma for homeroom again. " She frowned.

"Well I have Kakashi again." Sakura sighed. It wasn't that the girls hated their homeroom teachers, quite the opposite actually. It was just that the two of them had the two men every year since they started high school.

"Yo! Sakura, you have Kakashi too?" A loud blonde yelled, causing everyone in the hallway to turn to him. His bright cerulean eyes were wide with excitement that the first day of school always brings.

"Hey Naruto, hyper as ever I see," Ino stated lazily before turning to Sakura, "I'ma make sure that Shikamaru made it to school today. Knowing him he's probably asleep on the side of the road." She shook her head and walked off to find her friend.

"Have you seen Sasuke yet, Naruto?" The pink-haired girl asked nervously, trying to be nonchalant. She opened her locker and stuffed all the stuff she could into the small space.

"Oh? That guy, not yet, but knowing him he's probably in you smart classes." Naruto always referred to Sakura's advanced classes as 'smart classes' since he was almost in remedial everything.

"Probably." She sighed, slamming her head against her locker. The first bell rang loudly, shocking all the freshmen who weren't used to their eccentric principle's way of running their school.

"You know what that means, Naruto. If we don't get our butts to homeroom Tsunade'll drag us there." The blonde's eyes widened in memory of his first day of high school before he rushed off waving goodbye, pushing other kids out of the way roughly.

Sakura shook her head and walked to the third floor, room 222, and took her seat in far back, left corner. Kakashi assigned her that seat year since he knew she took school more seriously than his other students. Speaking of unserious students…

"Hey Shikamaru, Ino dragged you to class early I see." Sakura smirked at the lazy boy who was seated in the first row.

He stared back. "Aren't you suppoased to be exacting you revenge on that one guy that broke your heart?"

"Can't find him, maybe he chickened out." She smirked wickedly which made the lazy genius shrug and turn around.

There were only 15 kids that got into Kakashi's class. Not because it was extremely difficult but because the older man was so picky that he only allowed the best to be in his class.

"Yo." He greeted, walking in five minutes after the second bell. A large bruise was forming over his left eye, most likely Tsunade's handy work. "We have a new student. Some, probably all, of you might remember him, Uchiha Sasuke." He waved at the door and in walked a tall boy around the class's age (all were seniors who were used to Kakashi's odd method of teaching).

Sakura worked to keep her expression as emotionless as his, but couldn't help the small smirk that graced her pink lips. "He was here three years ago and has recently moved back. Tsunade has ordered everyone to treat him as you would anyone else in this school, but know this group I think that would only give you guys an excuse to torture him. Be nice." After his quick lecture the teacher sat down, put his legs on his desk, and pulled out a thick orange book.

Sasuke sat in the front of Sakura, not even looking at the pink-haired girl. He stared at the window blankly and the girl found herself unwilling to 'be nice' as her teacher had ordered.

Crumpling up a scrap piece of paper she threw it at the boy's spiky black hair. He didn't move so she threw another. After five paper balls and an eraser the boy finally turned and glared at her.

"Do you have a problem," he looked at her hair before raising an eyebrow, "Pinky?"

Shocked that he didn't recognize her and angry that he called her Pinky, Sakura openly gaped at the boy.

"If you're going to be my fangirl then you need to send in an application to the president of the club."

"Excuse you?" She asked angrily, one eyebrow up in question.

"You heard me." He answered before turning back to face the teacher. Kakashi just flipped through the pages lazily, not really caring about Sakura's now deadly aura.

"Obviously I didn't hear correctly. Because if you think that you're important enough to gain my affection again than you are sorely mistaken, Uchiha Sasuke." She growled out, shaking from the effort it took not to slam her fist into the arrogant boy's jaw. Kakashi looked up, making sure not to make eye contact with the girl. She was Tsunade's niece and he knew where her strength came from.

"You seem familiar, Pinky. But let me tell you this," he stood up and she saw that he was a few inches taller than herself. "I don't have any problems hitting a girl." He stared at her coldly and she smirked.

"I don't either." She said angrily before grabbing her bag and walking out the door. "Yo, Kakashi," she called out from the doorway, "Class is over in five minutes so I'ma going to go to the bathroom."

The teacher nodded. "Which is code for "This guy's pissing me off and if I don't leave now I'm gonna kick his ass" in you language. That's fine, just don't tell Tsunade or I'll get yet another bruise." She smiled at Kakashi before throwing a victory glare at the Uchiha.

As soon as she left the class started to whisper, one girl, a tall brunette, started the fuss. "I've never seen Haruno get so angry at anyone." Another added, "It's that Uchiha's fault. What's he got up-," "Don't be so crude." "Sorry." And if continued for five minutes until, as Sakura had predicted, the bell rang.


"Wow, that's definitely the worse reunion I've ever heard of." Ino stated, laughing. It was lunch; so far Sakura's favorite class of the year since it was the only one she didn't have with him

"Don't remind me. If I have another class with him I think I'll puke. Do you think they'll let me transfer to your classes?" She pleaded.

"No chance, you know how your aunt is. She knows what you're capable of and, unlike my nice parents, won't let you skip out of the hard classes." Ino waved her chopsticks around before taking another bite of her home packed sushi. She had a point though; no way in hell would Tsunade let her skip out on the hard classes because of a single boy. Most likely her aunt would tell her to beat the boy to a bloody pulp off of school grounds…Actually, that wasn't a bad idea it's just that Sakura didn't need people thinking that she was some scary bitch that picked on new kids.

She sighed loudly before Naruto plopped down next to her. "What's up Sakura? I heard you met Sasuke again and it didn't go to well." The blonde frowned at the thought of Sasuke hurting his friend again. "Don't worry about what he says; you remember how he was back then. Seems like nothing has changed, eh?" He started to eat his instant ramen (it wasn't served at the school but the loudmouth somehow charmed the lunch lady into giving it to him).

"Naruto's right, for once. Nothing's changed about the Uchiha. In fact, the only thing that's changed is you monstrous strength." Ino stuck her tongue out playfully while the pink-haired girl deadpanned.

"Ino's right, Sakura, you are strangely strong. Even my cousin is jealous." The small girl next to Ino piped up. Her creamy white eyes glanced back and forth at the oblivious Naruto.

"Oh Hinata, I didn't know you were here." Sakura blushed at her mistake. "How's your first day going? Obviously it must be better than mine." She groaned.

Hinata nodded happily. "I have a lot of classes with Ino and Naruto." She smiled up at the depressed girl. "Ino also told me that you have Calculus next, so do I so we'll be together, right?" Her voice was soft and anyone who had just met the girl would never be able to understand her but her close friends had no trouble understanding and tended to translate for the shy girl.

"Yay, at least we have one class together. You guys are so lucky you don't have geniuses in your family who think that you want to learn this stuff." Sakura crossed her arms and let her head fall into them with a thump.

"Poor Sakura." Ino mumbled before the bell rang. "Hey, only around a hundred more days to go, right?" She grinned like a Cheshire cat before running off, barely missing Sakura's long arm that reached for her throat.

Hinata held out her hand for the emerald eyed girl. She took it slowly before lifting herself off of the table. "He better not be in my next class or I swear he's a stalker." Hinata just giggled, following the sulky girl to their next class.


"Dammit, why the hell are you here too?" Sakura yelled out of frustration. She stood over Sasuke who was looking at the math book before she stormed over.

He looked at her lazily. "Because I was forced to?" He answered blankly before turning back to the book. Sakura wasn't fooled though.

"You're stalking me. Change your schedule now." She ordered, pointing a manicured finger at him.

He glanced at her finger before looking up at her. "You really do look familiar. What's your name?" He asked, changing the subject flawlessly.

"Haruno Sakura." She answered voice low with malice. All her pent up aggression at the boy in front of her was about to blow.

He looked fairly surprised even if it was only for a second. Then his eyes narrowed and a smirk formed on his lips. "I remember you now. You're the ugly girl that confessed her love to me three years ago." He looked her up and down slowly. "You've changed."

She blushed, but glared anyways. "What? Like pink-haired girls now?"

His smirk was practically glued to his face. "No, I like girls with nice racks." She noticed that her breasts, which we in fact fairly large and the tight school shirt didn't help hide them, were right in front of his face.

"Pervert!" She yelled over the giggles from her classmates. She shook with anger and Hinata was too slow to stop what happened next.


"Bitch you broke my nose!" Sasuke yelled out in a nasally voice. Blood was pouring down his nose and Hinata, being the nice person she was, helped him up and began taking him to the nurse's office.

Sakura looked around, happy that only two other kids were in the room. "Do I have to tell you to not squeal?" She asked threateningly. The others nodded no, eyes wide. After the confirmation she took a deep breath before running out after Hinata and the jerk.

She feigned shock at his nose. "Oh my God, Sasuke! What happened to your nose?" She asked worriedly with her hand at her open mouth. She opened the nurse's door for him, smiling at Hinata behind his back. The girl looked frankly shocked.

"You know what happened you-," He hissed as the nurse touched his nose. Sakura glared at him behind the nurse's back and to her surprise he smirked.

"Young man, what happened to your nose?" The nurse asked quietly, touching in various places with a cold cloth.

"I fell and hit it on my desk." He lied easily, eyes on the surprised Sakura.

"Hmm, well you're lucky it's not broken. The swelling will go down in a few days but the bruise will be there for a while." The nurse turned to Sakura who feigned worry at Sasuke. "Sakura, be a dear and drive him home please? There's no way he can go through the day with this pain. I'll tell Tsunade where you are."

"Thanks Shizune, come on Sasuke, my car's out back." She waved to the boy who begrudgingly followed her. He thanked Shizune with a smile as he caught up to the pink-haired girl.

"You're welcome." He stated cockily, holding ice to his nose.

"No, you're welcome. I didn't break your nose and now I'm driving you home. You should be on your knees begging for forgiveness." She said just as cockily as him. Neither spoke until they were in her white Volkswagen Rabbit.

Before she started her car Sasuke told her to stop. "You've been in trouble before, haven't you?" He would have crossed his arms if one wasn't holding the ice pack.

"So what if I have?" She asked, leaning against her leather seat.

"You don't want me to tell the principal that you've harmed me, a new student on the first day of school, do you?" He asked, smirk on his face. At her silence he knew he was right. "Well then you'll just have to do me a few favors."

She glared at him. "I'm not having sex with you." She stated bluntly before he could say anything else.

He chuckled, a deep laugh that she found herself liking against her will, "I don't need you for that, and I've already told you that I don't like ugly pink-haired girls." He held up a finger before she could yell at him again. Uchiha Sasuke does not do yelling. "I'm just saying that if I need something then you'll give it me. Come to think of it actually, I would mind a nice home cooked meal for dinner tonight." He tilted his head at her with both his eyebrows raised.

After a few moments of silence Sakura gave in. "Fine, but only a few things if you promise not to tell anyone. I've already told the other kids not to say a word and they'll listen to me so all I have to worry about is you." With another glare she started her car and sped away towards his house.

How did her first day of her last year of high school end up like this?

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