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It's been nine months since that date. Sakura and Sasuke were stronger than ever….not mention gag-worthy. Their love oozed from each other by the buckets.

Over the last few months a few mysteries were cleared. One, Ino was the leading factor in their relationship (but Shikamaru was the mastermind), two Kakashi was the person to mess with their phones, and three….well there was too many to count.

It was summer, only one more month until Sakura left for her prestigious medical school and Sasuke for his business college.

"Sasuke-e-e-e." Sakura whined, emerald eyes wide, "I don't want to go now." She complained for the tenth time that week. It was Monday.

"You have too. I promise we'll get married once you're out of school and then we'll see each other every day." He kissed the top of her head reassuringly. Of course she wasn't reassured – Sakura was a firm believer in the theory that long-distance relationships just don't work. But she didn't say anything to him, just smiling.

Ino and Hinata had promised that Sasuke and her relationship would work, Ino had the familiar scheming glint in her eye, but Sakura wasn't too sure. Today would be the day she broke up with him.

"What?" He yelled, shaking her slightly with wide eyes when she told them that she wanted to break up with him. "Why?"

She shrugged, wiping at her eyes, "I want to focus on school. You should too. But, promise me, swear to me, that you'll see me in 8 years when I graduate. If you don't I'll marry Itachi." She threatened with a giggle. Sasuke was not amused, but he lived to cater to her will an agreed hesitantly.


8 Years Later


"Is he there?" Ino asked over the phone. Sakura told the girl no. "Bastard better show up. You're matured so much since high school, though, I wonder if he'll recognize you."

Sakura shrugged. Her long pink hair flowed freely in the wind, reaching her hip, and sighed, looking for her old beau. It wasn't everyday that one waited for their first love. Of course, this was the second time she's done so.

Sakura had been waiting for an hour. Her graduation ceremony was long over and she was the only one left waiting outside the school building. "Hey," she said sadly, "Ino, I'm going to hit the bar tonight." She said her goodbyes and hung up with a frown.

Standing up, she stretched and turned on her toes to leave the area, but one figure caught her attention. "Sasuke," she breathed with a smile.

"Sakura." He said with a smirk, walking up to her. She hugged him tightly before tilting her head to look at him. Like her, he had matured over the years. No longer 'cute' or 'hot' but more 'rugged' to fit her classy look. He still had the same chicken butt hairstyle that she couldn't help commenting on. He ignored her insult and asked her to dinner.

"So, how have you been, Sasuke?" She asked to break the comfortable silence. He hadn't changed much, she noted happily.

"I've been talking to that seductress Ino about you for eight years. I think my IQ has dropped significantly, but my ability to lie and persuade has grown tremendously."

Sakura grinned. "She can do that to people."

"Do you know why I've come today?"He asked out-of-the-blue.

She frowned. "Because I made you?"

He shook his head. "No." He pulled out a box in his pocket. "Will you marry me? I expect a long engagement, a year maybe, but I refuse to take any answer but yes." He said calmly.

Sakura grinned, opening the box and putting on the ring. "I guess I have no choice but to say yes." She said.

And so the ugly duck turned into a ferocious swan and won over the handsome boy…


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