The Photograph by AndromedaMarine

Day after day it sat on her desk, bearing true meaning only to her. Leave it to her to fancy cryptic meanings in a simple photograph. But every day when she looked at it she was reminded of why she was there. It reminded her of what her job came with and why she couldn't quit, even if she wanted to. It bore the same meaning the smiley face sticker on her cheek did – but the picture let her really see it.

Someone rapped on the glass door of her office. She looked up from the picture and smiled. He walked in and beamed down at her.

While the photograph was a simple representation, the real thing stood in front of her.

"Hi John," Elizabeth said, tucking a stray wisp of hair behind her ear. She took one last look at the photograph and stood to join her second in command.

That was a year ago. Now the simple image contained in a rectangle was the reminder of the losses that she had to endure as leader of Atlantis. The photograph now bore the same meaning as the dog tags, wristband, and ring that sat in a box on her desk. The box would be moved to her room eventually, but she needed the reminder. The child growing within her was the second symbol of what the picture represented. The first was four years old. The real thing was gone forever, never to be seen again save in pictures like the one on her desk. And her only link to his image, to his features, was the photograph.

The photograph was of John's and Elizabeth's wedding day.