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The year was 1376, during the Yoshino Period in Feudal Japan.

There lived a clan of great warlords known as the Uchihas. The Uchiha clan was by far the most powerful and most respected family in all of the southern lands. The clan was led by Fugaku Uchiha and his wife, Mikoto. They had two heirs: Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. The two brothers were the last two remaining heirs to the clan and were treated as such. They were trained to be smart as well as strong.

Itachi, the elder of the two, was an exceptionally skilled fighter and seen as an intellectual genius. He surpassed his father's skills at his age. Itachi was seen as the true prodigy of the clan and was well respected. However, he was not happy.

Itachi was twenty-one now, well past the usual marrying age. Even so, Itachi held no interest in women whatsoever. The fact that his son was not even attempting to look for a wife angered Fugaku. He was determined to get his son to marry no matter what. He would call upon other clan leaders to send their daughters to meet Itachi, but so far, none were successful in winning his heart. Fugaku even suggested Itachi to another leader, with whom he was mending ties, who was looking for a suitor for his daughter. With much arguing, Fugaku forced Itachi to meet the beautiful young girl. The two were left in a room together with Itachi's back to the girl. The moment she began to speak, Itachi turned around to look her in the eyes. The moment he looked into her sparkling orbs, highlighted by her nervous blush, he had to speak, "no."


"Don't make me repeat myself."

"I-I don't understand..."

"What don't you understand? I deny your companionship," Itachi flatly stated.

At these words, the girl teared up. "Teme!" Itachi, unfazed by the insult sat down at the table and sipped at his provided cup of tea. Seeing her words had no affect on him, the girl buried her face in her hands and ran out of the room, crying for her father.


About twenty years earlier,

A young German man was exploring through the new Asian lands. He had boyish looks and blond hair and blue eyes. He ended up making his way over to Japan where he met the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. A poor village girl with long dark brown hair. He wooed her with trinkets from his land and ended up staying with her. One day, she stated to him that she was pregnant with his child. Calling her a whore, he promptly left to let her deal with the bastard. Months later, she had the child. It was a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, similar to his father's. He also possessed the traditional Japanese eye shape. He was a true artistic beauty in her eyes, and so she gave him a name she felt was worthy, Deidara.

Deidara grew into a young man, having never lived a very good life. His mother died of an illness when he was young. Since then, he'd been forced to fend for himself against the world along with the snide insults and remarks thrown at him by the other villagers. He lived in a small hut just outside of the actual village. Whenever he asked, he was denied food from the other villagers, so every so often, he would sneak in the dead of night and steal some food from the village reserve.

He'd just managed to grab a sack full of rice and was now knee deep in the man-made lake trying to catch a few fish with his net. He smiled to himself and rubbed his aching stomach soothingly as he held up the net and watched the fish squirming within it.

"So, the Teme is hungry, eh?"

Deidara spun around to find a group of villagers standing at the water's edge, arms crossed, eyeing him evilly. He dropped the fish and made to run but was grabbed from behind and thrown down into the water. The men dragged him out and threw him to the ground. A few other men brandished long bamboo sticks and started to beat him into the hard dirt. About ten minutes later, bruised and sore, he shakily got to his feet. As he started to walk away from the snickering men, one of them stuck out his stick and tripped him. He fell flat on his face as the men laughed and yelled insults to him. He got up again and forced himself to run away into the nearby forest.

He stopped when he felt he was far enough away and slouched against a tree whimpering in hunger as he clutched his stomach and rubbed the rest of his abused body. He looked ahead and perked up as he saw a bush full of berries. He crawled over to it eagerly and picked some of the delicious morsels and popped them into his mouth.


"What do you mean you refused her?!"

"Its as simple as that, Otou-san. I could not accept her as my wife."

"And why the hell not, Itachi?! She's young, beautiful. She's the daughter of the leader of the Nakanawa clan! She's perfect for you!"

"She didn't have what I was looking for."

"And what the hell, may I ask, is that?"

"Her eyes..."


"I didn't love her."

"Love?! You don't need love! I arranged it so that your marriage with her would bring the two clans back on good terms and end at least some of the fighting! If you just marry her, after years together, you'll develop feelings for each other. Especially after you have a child and bring a new heir into this world."

"Fuck your heir."


"You heard me. That's all you care about. So you can get off easier politically. You don't give two shits about myself or Sasuke."

"Don't you DARE bring Sasuke into this whole mess! He is a good son, unlike you of recently."

"Just wait..."

"What was that?!"

"I'm leaving."

"Don't you DARE! You set one FOOT out of this room and I'll-"

"You'll what?"

And with that, Itachi turned on his heel and walked straight out of the room, leaving his father alone. After he knew his father would not come out after him, Itachi ran as fast as he could to the stables. Upon arriving at the entrance, he leaned against a tree to catch his breath. He pulled his arm back and slammed his fist into the tree, leaving a rather large dent in the bark. An aggravated tear fell down his cheek. He would NOT let his father control his life or Sasuke's. Recomposing himself, he stepped into the stables and strode over to his favorite horse; a tall, strong, jet black stallion. He grabbed the saddle and reigns and secured them on the horse. He then mounted it and rode it out of the stables.

He let the horse run as fast as it desired. The wind blowing in his face helped to calm him. Itachi directed the horse across the large field along the line of the forest to take him to his favorite spot. A place no one except him knew about. A clearing deep within the woods with a sparkling lake and a small waterfall. It was a place where flowers bloomed in the dead of night and fireflies, along with the moon, gave it light. It was a truly breathtakingly beautiful sight and always calmed him and made him at peace with the world. If only he could see something equally as beautiful in a person's eyes.

He always saw eyes as being the doorways to a person's soul. That's why he focused so much upon them. He felt that if he looked into someone's eyes and he saw something deep and beautiful, then he could love that person. He didn't really care much else about the person, not even the gender, just so he loved their eyes. So far though, all the women his father had presented him with only had shallow, unappealing eyes. One glance, and he could not bear to look at the girls again, he just had to send them all away.

He was almost there. He could smell the flowers and hear the water and...muttering? Thinking it strange that anyone else would know of this place being that it was located on Uchiha property, Itachi decided to look into the matter. He came upon a young man, about his age it seemed, rummaging through bushes grabbing handfuls of berries and stuffing them into his mouth hungrily. He watched somewhat amusedly as the young man ate while also looking him over. He had a very interesting look to him; a peasant it seemed with a good, attractive body type, hugged in rags, even less of that of a normal villager. His skin was pale and creamy and his hair, oh Kami-sama, his hair! It was nowhere near the dark brown or black of normal people; it was a beautiful gold! Like the silky rays of the sun, long and beautiful. Itachi snapped out of his observations as the young man slightly choked on a mouthful of berries.

"You should be more careful on how you go about eating, or are you that hungry?" Itachi called out to the boy with sunshine hair.


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