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Carlisle POV

I was sitting at my desk still trying to get the plane tickets for Forks. No matter how much money I offered no one would give me tickets. This would be harder than I thought, and we had to leave tomorrow. Alice could no longer get a read on Bella, or Rosalie.

Hey, hey pick up you dang phone!

Now, do it you know you want to.

Emmett had somehow gotten a hold of my phone and changed all my ringers to his voice. What a great kid he was.

I looked down at the number it was Bella.

"Bella," I answered.

"Carlisle?" her voice was strained like she was holding back tears.

"Bella, what is wrong?"

"Umm, it's just; I need someone to talk to. Everyone has left me and…" she broke off into tears.

"Bella, calm down," I soothed, "If this is too hard to tell me do you want me to get Alice or Esme, Jasper is here to."

I heard her take to deep breaths like she was trying to stop her tears. I don't know if I have ever seen someone this upset before.

"No, I can't talk to any of them. I mean it is hard enough for me to talk to you." She paused, but I didn't want to say anything that would upset her again. I needed to know what was wrong. "I…don't trust any of them…well any of you. Wait…I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"Bella it's fine, you have plenty of good reasons to no longer trust us. Please though, tell me what's wrong. I won't tell any of them you called." I waited she answered "Bella you can trust me I won't tell."

"No Carlisle I know you, but I just don't want to talk about. I was just hoping maybe if I didn't talk about it then everything would go back and be the way it used to be; the way it should be. Alice and I would still be best friends. Emmett and Jasper would be my big brothers. You and Esme would be like my parents and Edward…Edward would be here, alive. He would be here with me, and I would be there with all of you. I would be with my…family." She barley could finish through her tears I just listened to her cry. It broke my heart to hear her, and for the first time I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry for my dead son. For my family that was slowly coming apart, and for my 'daughter' whose life had been completely ruined partly because of my family.

"Bella just calm down, you know Edward was right your life would have been better if we hadn't come into it."

"Carlisle! Never say that." Her voice went from pain and despair to pain despair and anger, "If you guys wouldn't have came I would have died. Either when I was hit by the van, or in Port Angeles. You guys are what I believe my guardian angels. When I came to Forks I was a no body. I was positive my life would become a living hell. Nothing good was ever going to happen to me, and I most defiantly didn't think I would ever find the love of my life. It didn't matter to me that you all were vampires. Without you I would have died. You guys gave me everything I ever wanted and more in less than a year. Do you know what life would be like for me now if you had never came? If I had even lived…" tears took over her voice again.

"Bella, Bella calm down. I am so sorry I made you bring all that up again." Still all I could hear was her sobbing. "Please, Bella what was it you wanted to tell me."

"Carlisle, Jacob left me…and Rose came back, but she left just when I needed her. Someone is still out there after me, and I am pregnant with Jake's baby. Carlisle I can't be alone again. I just can't do it." She paused and sobbed "Carlisle I need someone."

"Bella, we will be there tomorrow I promise."

"What, but no. It's just that. You can't come. You can get Rosalie, but I never wanted to see any of you again." She yelled and hung up the phone.

I didn't understand. She had called, but she doesn't want to see us. We had to get Rosalie, but would I really be able to keep Alice from going to see Bella, and be able to keep my promise to Bella.

There was light knocking on my door. I knew it was Esme. "Come in dear."

"Sweetheart the kids want to know if that was Rosalie on the phone. Emmett is getting really worried."

Well at least I could assure them Rosalie was safe. I just had to get them to Forks and back without ever seeing Bella. "No it wasn't Rosalie, but I am sure she is fine."

"You don't think she would have found Bella do you?"

"Trust me Bella is safe." She was defiantly safe for now.

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