30 Minutes

By: MyVampireEyes

Rating: PG-13 for violence and language in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara!

Summary: When Easter decides to eliminate Ikuto and Amu all together, the two are on the run with only their love to keep them safe, while the doubts of their romance linger on both of their minds and danger lurks all around them. Will love be their salvation, or will time be their demise?

Author's Note: I got this idea after listening to "30 Minutes" and "All About Us" by T.A.T.U. After reading the latest manga chapter, this seemed to make me more inspired to do this fanfic. I'm usually pretty bad at updating fanfics, multi-chaptered ones, anyway, but this idea won't leave me alone, so I'll try.

Also: The PREFACE is from Amu's point of view. The rest is Third person.



30 Minutes.

That was all we had left. Easter had demanded Ikuto show himself. With my life as the ransom. As I stood petrified in the middle of the storage room where we stood holding onto each other like life support, I knew there was no hope. I knew Ikuto's decision even before he spoke the words to me.

"I have to, Amu."

He spoke quietly, his voice cracked and dry. I could feel the tears running down my face as I buried my face into his chest. His hands rubbed my back gently, holding me closer to him. My body shook with grief and fear. "Please. Ikuto, don't. Please."

"I can't risk your life." He pulled me slowly away from him, gently and tenderly, so he could look at me. He lifted my chin and I unwillingly gazed into his sharp blue eyes that were filled with determination. "Amu. Your parents would be devastated if they lost you. And Ami.. how would she understand what happened to her big sister? You've got to live, not only for yourself, but for your family. Do you understand?"

His words were not harsh, but despite the reasoning I heard in them, I could also trace the selflessness in the sacrifice. It immediately hit me that he held no regrets; he would protect me with his life, as he was doing now. All that time he had been teasing me, and we'd fallen in love with each other, I should have realized how deep that love was. I pulled away from him and looked at the floor.


He seized my chin, somewhat firmer this time, and forced me to look back into his eyes. This time, I clearly saw the sadness and the start of anger I was beginning to locate in his eyes. "Look at me, Amu. This must be done. If I don't go, they'll continue to hunt us both until they've killed us. I won't let them kill you at any cost."

"I won't let you die!" I snapped, the edge of my patience breaking. I looked up into his wide, blue eyes and tried to muster the strength of my emotion into that one simple gaze. "I'm not going to be without you anymore! If they want you, they get me too. Let's fight them. I'm tired of running. They think we're going to simply give in and let them get us! But our love is something they can't touch, Ikuto!"

Ikuto sighed. "I'm tired of running, too. But the only way to end it is for me to give myself up."

"You really think they won't kill me just because you're dead?!" I glared up at him. "Really, Ikuto, I'm younger than you, but I'm not stupid! Their plan is as clear as water! They'll take you out, and just because I have the lock, they'll kill me too!"

Ikuto didn't respond, and instead turned his back on me, running a hand through his chin-legnth indigo hair. "Well, we have to do something."

I couldn't speak for a moment. Fire was burning in my throat, realizing the truth. The half-hour given to us by Easter had nearly elapsed. I swallowed down the lump of fire in my throat that felt like it were burning my throat raw, and took in a deep breath of fresh air to calm myself.

Finally, I opened my mouth to reply, but a high cackle cut us off. In fear, I clutched Ikuto around the waist and he wrapped his arms around me in comfort as the ridiculing laughter grew more and more pronounced.

"I have to admit, the little girl's rather smart." The voice vibrated on the outside, though it felt much closer to me than from behind the exterior wall. "What makes you think we'll stop after we've killed you, boy? It's because of that brat you're in this position."

Ikuto growled. "You would love nothing better than have me dead anyway, though, wouldn't you, Dad?"

I gasped. "Ikuto.. this man's..?"

His voice broke with hatred, his fists clenched and teeth grinding together in a snarl. "No, this man's not my father. He's my step-father, who happens to be in charge of Easter. He's the one who's put this death sentence on the both of us."

"That's right."

Ikuto whipped around, dragging me with him, to face the voice that sounded as if it were right behind me. A figure stood in the doorway, not even two feet from us, holding a hand gun that was pointed straight at Ikuto's heart. My scream of fear could not be contained, and as the man pulled at the trigger, multiple things happened at once; Ikuto tossed me to the ground, and I hit it with hard contact; the sound of bullets erupted like an ear-splitting scream through my ears, and I heard the man's jeering laugh.

30 minutes was up.