Who Is She Exactly?

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Summary: Before Mikan was transferred into the academy she was a singer and a very young one at her age. She was a singer when she was 5 years of age and she still is. Sometimes, she would have missions because she is now a special star, but sometimes she would have to postpone the missions and have Persona do her missions in her place while she goes to rehearsal or to her concert. Magazines and articles of Mikan everywhere in Gakuen Alice. Now no one really knows, besides the staff, that Mikan Sakura is actually the singer Hikari Minami. Natsume is also a singer, but he doesn't know that Mikan is actually Hikari Minami. Natsume doesn't have a stage name and so that is why he has more fan girls than usual when the whole academy found out that Natsume was the singer. What if one day Natsume happen to see Mikan going out the academy with a cape covering her and why does her singing sound so familiar? Find out for yourself!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Mikan's POV

Hello, as you know my name is Mikan Sakura, but one thing that you don't know about me is that I am Japan's number 1 singer, Hikari Minami. But of course, there's Natsume-kun, but he's only in rank number 2. Loser thinks he can do better than me does he?! Well think again!! *Laughs evilly* Oh whoops sorry no one's supposed to know that I am the singer Hikari Minami so keep a secret just between us two, ne? *Winks* Anyways, I am also a special star so it's naturally that I do missions, but I only do my missions when I don't have a rehearsal or concert. But when I have a rehearsal or concert, Persona will have to do my missions for me or have it postponed until I'm available due to orders of the headmaster, whom I have recently found out was my real father, Shin Sakura. I really love my father, but I also love my foster father, Narumi-sensei as well. Whoops forget what I said while I do some business with the author. (Mikan: *holds a dagger near my throat* don't make me say things that they're not supposed to know yet Me: so who cares Mikan: we don't want the story to be shorter now do we? Me: N-no now put that dagger away)

Okay sorry for my "time" with the author. That thing with the dagger and the author about to be killed was due to the training I had with Persona. I just hate him now!! I hate it when he says "emotions get in the way when fighting with an enemy"

End of POV

"Mikan, why are you talking to yourself?" asked Anna. "Nothing. Nothing at all." said Mikan nervously. "Are you sure?" asked Nonoko. "Yea I'm sure. Oh my god!! I'm gonna be late, see ya later!!" yelled Mikan running to her room. While Mikan was on her way to her room, she suddenly bumped into someone. She waited for the impact of the ground, but she felt nothing but warm and strong arms had a firm grip on her waist. She looked up and saw that the person she bumped into was Natsume. Realizing that Natsume was holding her, Mikan blushed. Natsume also realized and blushed too. Mikan tried to get up and Natsume helped her up, too. "Why, you're actually being nice for a change." said Mikan. "I'm only being nice because" said Natsume. "Because?" asked Mikan. "Because you're an idiot!!" said Natsume calmly. Mikan fumed and stomped away.

"Will Mikan Sakura please go to 'THAT' room? I repeat will Mikan Sakura go to 'THAT' room?" said the PA system. Natsume suddenly let go of Mikan and glared at her. "What exactly is 'THAT' room?" asked Natsume angrily thinking that Persona was asking her. "I don't know, but I have to go now. Bye, Natsume-kun." said Mikan nervously and ran to 'THAT' room.

'THAT' room was actually the headmaster's office. "Well, it seems that you got the message." said Shin. (me: remember he is Mikan's father) "Hai, Outo-san." said Mikan sitting on a chair. "Well, you have a mission today, but it's been postponed because you have a concert. A duet actually with Natsume Hyuuga." said Shin. "But, what if he finds out who I am because you know how sharp he is?" asked Mikan. "Ah, but that's the part that I'm getting to. I've upgraded your disguise so he won't notice that you're Hikari Minami and vice versa." said Shin. "Arigato, outo-san!!" yelled Mikan and hugged Shin. "Hai, now go get ready for that concert." said Shin and Mikan was out the door before he finished the sentence. Mikan was in her room deciding what to wear with the duet with Natsume. She stopped moving and blushed. Now that she remember it, this is going to be the first duet that she's going to have with Natsume.

Mikan started throwing her clothes around the room until she heard a knock on her door. "Coming!!" yelled Mikan and went to open her door. "Ahh, Hotaru why did you visit me?" asked Mikan. "Because I heard some rustling from my room and your clothes are everywhere." said Hotaru. "I know your secret, Mikan. You're actually--" Hotaru was cut off because Mikan covered Hotaru's mouth with her hand. Hotaru took out her baka gun and shot it at Mikan. Mikan was blown back into her room and Hotaru walked in and locked the door. "You're the true identity of Hikari Minami." said Hotaru. "H-how did you know that?" asked Mikan getting smaller and smaller while Hotaru's getting larger and larger. "Easy, we've known each other since we were 4, of course it's natural if I know." said Hotaru. Mikan nodded her head with her mouth open. "Anyways, we better get you ready for that duet with Hyuuga." said Hotaru. "Hai!!" said Mikan smiling, but then she frowned. "Are you going to tell anyone about this?" asked Mikan. Hotaru gave Mikan one of her rare smiles and said "Why should I? You never told anyone my secrets and neither will I."

Hotaru took out an outfit and Mikan thought for a while and nodded her head. Hotaru helped Mikan with her accessories and hair. Mikan is wearing a red long sleeved shirt that reaches to the end of her thumb and black mini shorts. Her hair is down with curls at the end. She has black mid thigh boots. Hotaru temporarily dyed Mikan's hair into a raven color and Mikan had olive color contacts on. Hotaru took a cape from Mikan's closet and wrap it around Mikan careful as to not ruin her hair and make-up.

Mikan walked out of the room and went into Shin's office wit Hotaru following her with her baka cannon in her hands so no one knows that Mikan is, for now, Hikari Minami. Mikan opened the door and Hotaru closed the door. "Outo-san, Hotaru found out that I'm Hikari Minami. So can she be my manager since I currently don't have a manager?" asked Mikan with her puppy eyes. "Why of course you can have Hotaru as your manager it'll be better too since you both are best friends!!" yelled Shin and took out some slips. Hotaru knew what to do and that's exactly what she did. She signed the slips and had an ID to have permission and proof that she is Mikan's manger. They both walked to the front of the academy and told the guard that they had permission they were allowed to leave the academy for Mikan's duet. Natsume was on the tree and noticed that Hotaru was walking out of the academy with a girl. He assumed that it must be Mikan, but he took a closer look at her and saw that she looked a lot like Hikari Minami, but he knew that Hikari Minami doesn't go to Gakuen Alice. He knew that she was going to an academy, but she never said what academy she went to.

Natsume waited until Hotaru and the "girl" left and jumped down from the tree and walked into his ride to the concert. Mikan's driver had to take a different route to the concert because the driver, Mikan, and Hotaru both don't want Natsume to find out who Hikari Minami really is and why Hotaru is with her. Natsume was at the stage behind the curtains waiting for Hikari Minami to come. After 5 minutes, Hikari finally arrived with Hotaru behind her. Natsume raised his eyebrow when he saw Hotaru. "I'm her manager." said Hotaru. Hotaru took Hikari's cape off and gave her an ear phone. Natsume has a microphone in his hand and waited for Hikari to catch up with him.

"Now, please welcome the rank number 1 and rank number 2..." said the announcer.

Me: hey, when Mikan becomes Hikari Minami I'm gonna call her Hikari instead of Mikan.

Mikan: just to let you know so you don't get me and Hikari mixed up.

Hikari: yea

Me and Mikan: Why are you here?! You're not even real!!

Natsume: Urasai baka

Me: who're you calling a baka, aho!!

Hotaru: Please review

Mikan: sweatdrops