French Toast

L now had a renewed appreciation for all of Raito's talents. Not only was the man a genius, good looking, skilled in analysis, psychology, and was physically strong, but he had a hidden talent which L loved more than anything.

And probably wouldn't have been revealed of acknowledged if Watari hadn't been on a very much deserved week long vacation.

At first, L was able to survive. He simply had to ration out his cakes (which was almost impossible for him even without a case numbing his brain). But when a particularly confusing plot hole in the case arose, L was forced to eat a weeks worth of sugar.

Leaving him starving and stupid.

L watched as Raito donned an apron (frilly and pink), dipping bread into seasoned eggs. The genius detective smiled slightly as he watched the younger man work, dipping enough pieces of bread to feed the entire task force, with seconds...and thirds. His mouth watered. He got to eat all of that french toast.

And Raito's french toast was far better than watari's. L could say that hands down any day.

"Raito-kun." L started, waiting for the younger man to glance behind him in recognition. "Where'd you learn to make french toast so well?"

Raito was silent for a few moments. "I had a dream where white rabbits visited me and taught me how to cook." Raito shrugged. "That had been one of the scariest dreams I ever had."

"Maybe I should tell the visit more. Your french toast is heavenly."

Raito rolled his eyes. "Only if they don't bring bloody butcher knives like last time."


mmmm, cute, not really humor, and slight shounen-ai. I can imagine L crawling along the floor with big puppy eyes begging Raito for french toast, lol.