Title: The Real Ending
Author: CSIGeekFan
Spoilers: Season 5 finale
Author's Note: Okay, this is my first NCIS fanfic. It's also extremely short.
Summary: This is an add-on to the season 5 finale. Just a one-shot.

Gibbs surveyed the smug look on Vance's face, as the new director held out the file folders of the 'new' team. There was just one problem.

"I don't think so," Gibbs quietly stated, his voice a study of suffering boredom. The feral grin should have warned Vance that whatever Gibbs planned wouldn't be nice. Hell, Gibbs' entire team subtly shifted away from their boss.

Pulling his wallet from his back pocket, Gibbs flipped open the leather case, and retrieved a folded sheet of paper. Inching towards Vance's desk, he made a show of unfolding and flattening out the document before slightly quirking his lips and handing the item to the director.

"Jenny believed in knowing who worked for her… including those who filled in for her," Gibbs stated mildly. Tossing the files on the desk, he watched Vance's skin turn ashen. "Of course, that's just a copy."

As the implications hit everyone in the room, Ziva ducked her head and stared away from her boss and the new director. She bit and sucked on her lip to keep laughter from bubbling out, but couldn't help the escaping snort.

Tony, on the other hand, reacted quite differently. That part of him wallowing in grief and guilt had felt relief at the 'punishment' of being sent out to sea. The senior field agent kept his expression purposely neutral, only giving Ziva a momentary mild grin that made bile rise in his throat.

The team being back together thrilled Tony – McGee deserved his status as field agent, Ziva liked being part of the team, and Abby wouldn't go ballistic and hysterical over the loss. He just didn't think he deserved to be part of it.

Later, as he dropped his shield and gun on his desk, along with a letter, he took one last look around the dim, empty bullpen. Heaving a sigh, he gave a mock salute in the general direction of Gibbs' desk. Buried somewhere deep in his subconscious, Tony knew the ache in his gut hinted at just how much he would miss this place.