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Chapter 7

Edward's POV

"Get off of me!" I squirmed with all my strength to be unfastened by this heavy vampire's clutch. To my dismay, i couldn't fight for much longer. I let out dry sobs as Bella scanned my face with a shocked look in her eyes. I raised my hand to my cheek, to see that although it was impossible, I shed a single tear.

Two Days Later

I was told by everyone in our family (and by the Denali's) to stay here in Forks until we were all fully prepared. I hated the idea, I knew it was best to somewhat be able to withstand whatever torturous events the Volturi would put us through so I just locked myself in my room not wanting to look or talk to another being unless it was my Bella.

I felt pulsing in my pocket to see that my phone was ringing. I couldn't care less about who was calling me now. I took the phone out of my pocket and placed it on the bed. I counted how many times it rung. 1...2...3... one more time until it goes to voicemail. 4 – when it was half way through the ring Alice barged into my room. "EDWARD CULLEN! PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE! IT'S THE VOLTURRI!" My eyes stretched wide practically bulging out of their sockets. I reached for the phone and it stopped ringing in my hands.

"No, no, no, no, no." I was shaking my head in disappointment. And getting frustrated with the buttons as I fiddled with the keys wanting so bad for them to answer.

"Edward, they'll call again. We have thirty minutes until their next call."

"Alice, that is too much of a wait. I can't wait until then. I waited two days here in Forks, and I don't think I can just sit around and do nothing while they hold my Bella captive there!" I raised my voice and stood up as my brows furrowed in frustration. "What happens if I call back?" A small bit of hope lingered in the back of my mind. There wasn't a lot of it, but it was still hope.

"If you call, they'll know you're eager and torture you by not answering you're calls and who knows if they'll feel like returning your calls."

"Do you know why they are calling?"

"No, I don't know. My visions are blurred when it involves them" she shuddered. Alice looked stood up from her slouch against the wall and walked into the washroom. I heard a loud clashing noise followed by a booming dry sob.

I ran to the washroom, vampire speed to see that Alice collapsed pulling the shower curtains with her. She seemed to be grabbing something in her arms. I walked over her and gasped at what she was holding. In her hands she was clutching tightly to a strawberry-scented shampoo bottle that Bella left here months ago.

I bent down to pull the bottle from her hands and she growled and batted my hands away sobbing even more loudly. I forgot how close they were. Alice really missed Bella.

I couldn't look at the painful sight before me so I left the room and went to sit in my closet. In there, I found one of Bella's sweaters bunched up in the corner. An uncontrollable movement washed over me and I soon found myself hugging the sweater and inhaling its sweet scent. The scent of my Bella still remained on the sweater – sweeter, and stronger than ever. I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose with my forefinger and my thumb, trying to concentrate on one of the memories I shared with Bella. I was soon intoxicated with thoughts of the precious times we shared together. I thought of everything we did in each other's presence, from the first time we met to the first time we completed each other (if you catch my flow. If not than I mean losing the title "virgin"). I smiled at the thought of that night. The thought brought back to me by my vivid memory. Her warm embrace meeting my cool one. It was a really magical night, filled with love and compassion. It was also a few days before I left. I was gone for three month to be exact. Coming back sooner than expected. I really missed my Bella.

From inside the closet, because of my sensitive vampire senses, I heard my phone vibrate again. Alice must've heard it too because we both ran out to get it. I answered on the first ring. "Hello?" I was eager to know what they had to say.

"Why hello there, Edward" I could hear the smile in Jane's voice.

"What have you done to her Jane!? Don't you even think of laying a hand on my Bella! If I hear that you even touched –"I was cut off.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Edward. You worry too much."

"Jane, you're taking this too far. Don't hurt her!"

"Don't worry Edward, I won't hurt them. They're in good hands you know."

"What do you mean good hands?" I thought of the pros and cons of knowing what she meant. Pros: I would know what they were up to. Cons: I would know what they were up to. Both good and bad.

"We can't transform her yet. We have to wait a few months. So instead, we have a few more things to keep her new future filled with excitement."

Wait, she previously said 'Don't worry Edward, I won't hurt them. They're in good hands you know.' Something was different. Did they take another innocent human? "Jane, what did you mean by 'they'?"

"Edward, don't you know? We were about to bite her, when we noticed two heartbeats in the room. They were ringing in everyone's ears driving everyone mad. We thought there was a stowaway so we listened closer. It came to the point where we tried to sniff the victim out. The being smelled human, than smelled vampire. It was the weirdest thing. When we finally found the source, it was unbelievable! You got your Bella pregnant. None of us thought it was possible, but Bella is a unique one. The rest of them think we should wait and see if your child has the same potential, so because Bella is four months pregnant, with a bump not even visible, we figured we'll keep her here until she gives birth. So, good-bye Edward. I had a wonderful conversation." Click.

I closed the phone and looked at Alice. She must've thought I went insane because I was angry, yet it looked as if I was hiding a grin, the end of my lips slightly curling up. "E-Edward... did something happen?" She looked confused as ever. "I don't see any reason for you to be happy right now. Did you lose it? Do need help?" she turned her head towards the door. "Carlisle! Esme! Jasper! Anyone!"

Within seconds, my door flung open and everyone shoved through the doorway and into my room. "Edward..?" Esme's knowing eyes were clouded with concern. I guess the Denali's decided to stay downstairs.

"Esme, the Volturri called. They spoke so quietly amongst themselves, I wasn't able to hear a thing. Throughout the call Edward had so many mixed emotions written all over his face that I wasn't able to pick up what was happening. Once he hung up ... he was hiding a ... smile." Alice slowly stated.

"Edward... Edward, sweetie. Are you okay?" Esme asked her voice filled with worry.

I couldn't choke out any words.

"Little bro, is Bella alright?" Emmett asked so quietly it was strange to not hear him loud and proud.

I nodded, but I wasn't able to remove the crooked smile on my face.

Carlisle pulled a pocket light out the small pocket on his dress shirt. He shone it in each eye then asked me to follow it as he moved it in small circles slowly increasing in size. "He seems to be okay. But I haven't been able to conclude any reason for him to respond so happily to a call from the Volturri."

I looked over to Alice. Her face was emotionless, and her eyes were vacant. I focused on her mind "Edward, no way..." I nodded.

Alice began squealing with excitement. "Alice! What did you see?" Everyone asked in unison. Except for myself, because I already knew what had happened.

Like myself, Alice was lost for words. She had the same crooked smile played across her lips. Everyone was eager to know exactly what was going on.

"Should we tell them?" Alice had asked me through her mind, not daring to risk it if she spoke aloud.

"Not yet," I mumbled only loud enough for her ears.

"Edward, Alice, would you please fill us in to what is making you both giddy at an unfortunate time like this?" Esme was getting frustrated.

"The Volturri won't touch Bella for another five months," I started. "They still want to keep her there, mind you I won't allow that."

"Why won't they touch her for another five months?" Jasper asked, a little intrigued now that the story began.

"...because she's already four months pregnant with my child."

I watched as Jasper and Esme's eyes widened with shock. Emmett had his usual stupid grin played on his face."Good job, lil' Bro!" He patted my back with that. Rosalie rolled her eyes from what I could tell, she was jealous. Carlisle had concern written all over him, but he was none-the-less happy.

Carlisle cleared his throat. "Edward, I know you're happy that you are now expecting a child, but you have to know how dangerous this could be. Do you know anything more about Bella and the baby?"

"Yes, I do. They said that every now and then, they'll smell a human, and then a vampire. But there is a heartbeat. That's all she said before hanging up. She said that the Volturri have plans for the both of them believing that our child has potential ..." My voice faded to a whisper.

"This makes things a little more difficult, you know that. Don't you Edward?" I hesitated, clearly knowing the answer, but not willing to admit it.

I waited until everyone left my room. Carlisle and I followed after them and headed to his office. He sat down behind the heavy oak desk and gestured his hand for me to take a seat. My breathing became ragged and I sat down on the leather seats with ease. "Carlisle," I cleared my throat. "Bella is my miracle. Having met her, and then I fell in love with her and I was gifted because she loved me back. She completes me. I've never been so happy throughout this century I was here. During my lifetime, I never believed in life. I didn't have a reason to live until the day I met her. When I first layed eyes on her, I realized she was why I was born. And now, above this all, another gift has been bestowed upon me. It's impossible for vampire to produce the things they need to have a child, and yet, I am going to have one. I am over-whelmed with happiness that words can't even compare to how strong my feelings are. Everything is too good to be true, cliché I know, but it's true." Carlisle nodded, completely understanding where I was coming from. "I know I don't deserve any of this. But I want my family to be safe. And I'll do anything and everything in my control to get things back to the way they were."

"Edward, I believe in you. But it's easier said than done. Everything will have to be planned again because we need to get Bella out of there safely, and with precaution. One wrong move and it could be the end – for both of them." I shuddered and anger flicked across my face. "I suggest that tomorrow 

morning we all sit down and discuss what the future holds and what we must do in order to maintain everybody's safety. Can you hold off a day longer?"

I growled. I hated being away from Bella. "I can wait." I sighed heavily and walked out of the room. I shut the door behind me, and my phone rang again.

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