Title: Untamed Heart
Author: Prentice
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Category: AU; Non-magic.
Rating: FRAO
Feedback: Cherished.
Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling. That is all.
Author's Note: Yes, this story is being updated again. Once I have it fully updated on here, new chapters will be posted. 

Summary: When the son of a billionaire take an interest in a local town boy, will their relationship be doomed to fail even before it begins?


Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy had never been a patient young man. He wasn't brought up to be patient. He was brought up to be a Malfoy, plain and simple. So when the mechanic at the local garage told him it would take at least two days to fix his broken down Mustang GT, he was furious.

"Goddamn hicks." Draco muttered disgustedly as he stepped out into the oppressive midday heat.

Though it was barely the middle of March, a stifling heat wave had set in on most of Hogsmeade and it's surrounding areas. Much to the displeasure of young Malfoy Jr. Having spent most of his young life traveling across Europe with his mother and father, Draco was used to most any weather the world could throw at him but he none-the-less despised the heat.

It always made him get nasty red blotches on his cheeks and his hair lay limply against his face, making the hour he spent every morning styling it go down the drain. Which only served to irritate him further. A Malfoy was meant to look distinguished, not like a sweating pig. Leave that to the locals.

"Damn hicks." Draco muttered again, squinting behind his designer sunglasses to try to look around the small town he was now stuck in.

That morning when Draco had left his family manor to try to catch his father between business meeting, he hadn't counted on having to think about, much less stop in, this joke of a town. In fact, if his car hadn't started acting up half-way through the trip, he probably wouldn't even know the town existed. The blonde rarely paid any attention to the scenery and to actually take note of a local town was almost an impossible thing.

A town like this was just another dot on the map between Malfoy Manor and the Metropolis that was known as Hogsmeade.

"If you're looking for somewhere to go, you might want to try the Leaky Cauldron, mister. It's just right over there."

Draco scowled, resisting the urge to flip the pointing mechanic the finger. "Aren't you supposed to be working on my car?"

"I told you, I can't fix it until--"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard you the first time." The blonde cut in, waving the man's comment away.

What good was having a mechanic in the middle of god damn nowhere if he couldn't fix the bloody things?

'I should feel lucky. At least he can call the damn part in.' He thought sourly.

The last thing he wanted or needed was to stay in this town for longer than necessary. He had places to be and things to do. He was counting on talking to his father before the man flew to America in the morning to close on a business deal.

Blinking the sweat out of his eyes, Draco turned back to face the man, trying not to wrinkle his nose at the over powering stench, of what Draco could only guess was, oil hanging over him.

"There a pay phone around here?" He asked impatiently. Maybe if he called his father's secretary, Juliann, he would be able to get her to send a tow truck and company car to pick him up. That empty-headed bitch had been panting after him since the day she took the job for his father, even going so far as to hike up her skirt when they were in the same room so Draco could get a good look at the lacy panties she wore. To bad she was about as good looking as a dead cat but she served her purpose. And anyway, it would thrill her to pieces just to be able to do one simple thing for him. Even if it didn't involve her legs in the air.

"No. No pay phones but like I said, you might want to try the Leaky Cauldron. The bartender Tom will probably let you use his phone." The man said before turning and disappearing back into the shadows of the tiny little garage.

Draco's scowl deepened.

'Fucking small-town asshole.' He hissed irritably to himself as he turned to look back around the town. There wasn't much to it. For his standards anyway.

Most of the town, as far as he could tell, was made up of town-owned stores and "brothels". Among them, he could see plainly, the Leaky Cauldron which looked to be a particular favorite to the locals, if the number of people who came and went was any indication.

'Might as well get it over with.' He thought, stepping off the small curb and making his way across the street, not even bothering to check for cross traffic. 'Traffic? In this town? Yeah, right.' Draco snorted.

He doubted this town got any traffic from the locals much less from someone passing through. He wouldn't have even been passing through if it wasn't for the fact that this was the quickest route to where he needed to be. Most people stuck to the more traveled highway instead of these back roads, even if it did add an extra hour to your trip.

But even as he took the few final steps to the other side of the road, the rickety sound of an old truck filled his ears, making him cast a cursory glance over his shoulder. Just on the horizon, an old beat up pick-up truck came careening down the road. It's grinding gears rattling noisily.

'Probably another good ol' boy .' Draco thought unable to keep a grimace from creasing his lips. A true-blue country bumpkin was the last thing he needed. He'd had his fill for one day.

Stepping into the shade with a sigh, Draco watched as the truck came to a groaning halt a few meters away from him. It's engine died with cough. A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead while he watched behind the tint of his glasses as the passenger side door swung open with a creak.

"Are you happy, Ron?! You could have killed us!" A girl screeched from inside the cab moments before she slipped out.

Draco's nose wrinkled. She wasn't much too look at. A country girl through and through if the overalls and bushy braided pig tails were any indication.

'No wonder I stick to city life.' He thought as his eyes drifted over to the driver's side door that had just swung open.

The young Malfoy couldn't help but snicker when he saw the young man who got out. A red haired, freckled faced boy whom had a dirt smudge of the side of his nose was sliding out from behind the steering wheel. The red haired boy's face with flushed with sweat, making his freckles stand out even further.

'And here's the good ol' boy.' Draco thought bemused even as he was slightly disgusted with the boy's attire: jeans bleached practically white from the sun with grass stains on the knees and a white tee shirt that would have looked fairly new if it wasn't for a small hole near the bottom. The outfit was enough to make Draco thankful for the hours his mother spent drilling into him fashion tips when he was younger.

"Don't be dramatic, 'Moine." The red haired boy, which Draco could only assume was Ron, said. Unable to stop himself, Draco turned his eyes back to the girl to see what her response would be, morbidly fascinated at the scene before him. It wasn't often that he saw normal everyday people going about with the lives. Years spent under his father's tutelage had jaded him 

into seeing cool, aloft and collected individuals that would just as soon stab you in the back as they would shake your hand. He didn't much see anyone else.

But before Draco's eyes could make it back to the girl, his eyes stopped dead.

"Bloody hell." He breathed.

There, just in the bed of the truck, was a second young man who was now handing the girl a package. Lean tan arms easily maneuvered the box into the girl's grasp, not letting go until he was sure the girl had a hold on it before falling back to his sides. Long fingers wiped against denim.

Draco licked his lips, the saltiness of his own sweat barely registering as he took a step forward. His own fingers rubbed against the soft khaki of his pants.

The boy was gorgeous. Shaggy hair the color of night shinned under the sun's stifling beams, making a small halo shine above the boy's head. Perfectly round glasses encased a flawlessly smooth face that was flushed with the heat. A light sheen of sweat could be seen glowing on the boy's skin. The boy's lithe body was incased in soft jeans that were faded but not bleached accompanied with a worn tee shirt that had the logo for PLATFORM 9 ¾ , the hottest club in Diagon Alley.

'Boy's got some class…' Draco mused lamely as he watched the boy jump smoothly over the side of the truck-bed wall and land easily on the pavement. 'Wonder what his name is…'

"Well c'mon then. Don't just stand there all day." The girl snapped, handing the package she was holding over to the red-headed boy before turning on her heels and walking towards a store across the street. Belatedly, Draco realized it was an herbal shop, or at least, that's what it looked like. He couldn't be sure. Despite this being a small town, there could be one or two places around the that weren't what they appeared to be. Which was usually the case, in Draco's opinion.

Draco fought down a shudder, the feeling of someone staring at him assailing his senses. There was only one person it could be...

Draco's eyes to snapped back. Through the tint of his glasses, his eyes locked with the raven haired boy's own.

He gasped.

Those eyes. Perfectly emerald and so deep he felt as though he could fall into them forever. They burned into him with such intensity; he felt his insides flutter with appreciation. Without thought, Draco was taking a step back out into the sunlight and had taken two more before he could stop himself.

He swallowed thickly, looking away but not before he saw the ghost of a smile grace the other boy's lips. Sweet Merlin, what had gotten into him? His eyes flicked back for a second, the boy's lips were still curled into a small smile.

'Oh god, those lips…' He moaned silently to himself. Red as crushed cherries and supple as silk.

"Harry? You coming, mate?"

Draco fought down the urge to snarl at the red-haired boy for interrupting. He had just begun to fantasize about all the delicious ways he could bruise those pretty lips; make them open wide as the boy screamed his name. He shuddered. Fuck.

Curling his fingers against his sides, Draco let his eyes shift back to the other boy, watching for a strained moment as their gazes met. But just as quickly as they did, the boy's eyes shifted away from him. Draco wanted to scream in despair. Those eyes needed to be on him, not that damn red head.

But, before Draco could muster it inside himself, those eyes were back on him, jade with curiosity.

The boy's smile grew slightly.

Draco took another step forward, making sure to make the movement as graceful as possible.

'Harry. His name's Harry.' Draco thought, delighting in the way the other boy's eyes tracked his movements. Bone deep pleasure shot through the blonde as he saw the tiny smile on the boy's lips grow further still.

Unable, or unwilling, to stop himself, Draco took another step forward, stopping himself short as the other boy spoke for the first time.

"No. No, I don't think I will. I'll meet you both in the Cauldron." He said, eyes never wavering from Draco's own. His voice was as sweet as honey.

"Oh, okay. See you there." Ron said, completely missing the tension that was starting to thicken the air as he turned and hurried to catch up with the girl. She was already waiting somewhat impatiently for him at the door of the store.

Another bead of sweat slide down the back of Draco's neck as he stared at the other boy. He watched in hazed fascination as the boy licked his chapped lips unconsciously before he cast one last look at his friend's, whom were now disappearing into the coolness of the shop.

'Please' Draco thought 'Please just get your ass over here and talk to me.'

And then the boy was, moving towards Draco with a determined look on his face and a glint in his eyes that made Draco want to give a 'whoop' of delight.