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"Prooowwwwwllll" Jazz made it all sad and drawn out when he said his bondmate's name like that. And he only did that when he wanted attention.

Prowl, of course, was sitting at his computer going over the day's reports. Jazz sauntered up behind him, leaning over the Datsun's shoulder. "Do you have to do reports now?"

Prowl flicked his doorwings "Yes."

"Oooh. One word responses." Jazz thought. "Must be either annoyed or deeply concentrating."

He pouted at his bondmate. Prowl saw his reflection in the monitor screen, and sighed. "I'm sorry, Jazz, but I have to get these reports done."

Prowl didn't sound sorry. He sounded, in fact, annoyed. Jazz tried pouting harder. Prowl's gaze never left the computer. Jazz considered turning to monitor off, but that would result in Prowl getting truly upset with him, and that wasn't his goal. "It's not like I'm asking him to stop working completely." Jazz thought. "I just want some attention." Prowl knew that anytime his bondmate felt "ignored" he would try something to get Prowl's attention away from the reports. It was a wonder he got any work done, he mused. Finally, Jazz moved away.

Prowl had allready told him that when he was doing reports, he did not want to be bothered, teased, or distracted, and that when he finally got his work done, then he could relax and give the Porsche attention. He had though maybe Jazz would resort to one of his sneakier tricks, like teasing Prowl's doorwings till the tactician was wound way too tightly to continue with his typing, but this time, Prowl only heard the Porche flop onto the nearby couch. He inwardly thanked Primus and hoped Jazz would actually leave him alone. Sure, his bondmate might be mad at him over this, but he would forgive him.

Then Prowl heard it. The music started innocently enough, though annoying as it was.

"De Da De da Da da De Da, la da dee dee doh, ladadadeedeedeededadadadadadadodo..."

Jazz leaned back on the couch and grinned, watching Prowl flick his doorwings at the high-pitched voice. It sounded like a human who had inhaled just a bit too much helium.

When the baseline and drums came in, Prowl cast his black and white bondmate an irritated glance. "Jazz, please turn that down."

Jazz grinned in reply. "What? I'm relaxin, man." he stifled a chuckle. The Macarena had been banned from the ark because of how annoying it was, and there had been other songs Prowl considered just as annoying. But he hadn't heard the Hamster Dance yet...


Jazz chuckled, although it was covered up by the rather loud music.

The porche leaned back, head bobbing in time to the rythm of the music. Prowl glared at his computer screen, trying to concentrate. Jazz turned the volume up a little more.

"Here we go. Ladadeedadadeedee, ladadadeedadoh. ladadeededadedadedadohdoh"

Jazz grinned watching Prowl's doorwings draw up. Ever-so-slowly. They flicked once, twice.

Jazz moved one hand through the air, like an orchestra conductor in time to the rythm, grinning widely.

Prowl's wings flicked again in annoyance. He typed faster, then paused, trying to remember what he was going to type, fingers hovering over the keyboard.

Jazz noticed. "success!" he thought. He grinned and stood up. "Time to really get his attention."

The porche grinned at the back of his bondmate's head as he started moving from one foot to the other. It was kind of like a variation on the chibi dance, or something called the trans-dance Jade had told him about. Something some fans did at a convention, once. He switched to doing the cabbage patch when he got tired of that, then went back to the chibi-dance, grinning the entire time, watching Prowl's reflection in the monitor.

"Allright everybody, now here we go. It's a brand-new version of the do-ci-do..."

Prowl GLARED at his bondmate's reflection, still trying to rembmer what he was going to say next in his report.

"Just stomp your feet and clap your hands, c'mon everybody it's the hamster dance."

Prowl facepalmed.

It wasn't so much the porche's dancing that was annoying, it was that he was being WAY too gleeful about it.

"Bounce in time to the beat, hey..."

Jazz spun and shook his hips, then turned again to grin at Prowl, who had turned his chair around to outright glare at him.

"you don't even have to move your feet. Just shake your thing let's see you move, now skitter around and feel the groove."

Jazz wiggled his hips exaggeratedly, still grinning. "Aw c'mon, you need to unwind a little!" he yelled over the music.

"I'll unwind you..." Prowl thought. He couldn't even think over the abnoxiously loud high-pitched, nasal vocals.


Prowl glared daggers. J

azz danced over, ignoring the annoyed flicker of Prowl's wings, which were twitching more often, now, (almost constantly) in aggrivation.

"Can ya understand em, or should I turn it up some more?" Jazz yelled. Prowl opened his mouth to say something, then realised he hadn't been listening to it. It sounded like a foreign language or something.

"deedadeedadeedadeedaladadadadadee, ladadedadeedeedadeedadeedahdohdoh..."

Jazz just watched Prowl's expression go from annoyed to confused to..

"click, thud"

passed out.

"Well, that wasn't exactly what I'd expected." the Porsche told Prowl. "But if it gets ya away from your computer." he grinned as the song finished playing. He danced over and leaned in. "And maybe when you wake up, you can give your loving, caring..." he planted a kiss with each word "cherishing, loyal, loving bondmate some lovin." Jazz planted a final kiss on his audial and went back to his dancing.


Endnotes: Sorry, but my headcharacter Prowl ran away as soon as I got the fic going. I think he's mad at me now. XDDDDDDD Although, Jazz was more than happy to pop up and take over the fic. HeeHeeHee. :-)

Also, the Trans-Dance came from some art someone did, but I unfortunately can't remember their name. It's also a video on YouTube of a bunch of us cosplayers doing the Trans Dance at BotCon 08. (I'm the one dressed in pink, as Elita-1)

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