OMG! this thing just ate my author's notes! Anyway, it was three in the morning, and I had the Hamster Dance on repeat on my media player, and Ratchet anbd Wheeljack kinda popped up in my headspace and went (well, Wheeljack did) "Ooh, we want in on the fanfic!"

So, here it is. Enjoy.


Jade blinked as Ratchet stalked out of the repairbay, practically trailing smoke out of his audials. The femmeseeker had been called down to the control room by Optimus Prime himself after the last couple of pranks, and that included what Blaster, Jazz, and she had done with the... music and making Prowl pass out earlier. The jet tried to stifle her mad snickering, but it just came out as giving the white and red...

ahem, medic some really big chibi-eyes. Ratchet fingered the red stuff attached to his helmet. "What is this stuff!?" he demanded, pulling at the long stringy red stuff annoyedly.

"ermm.. uhh.." Jade looked at prime with a "Help me before I explode with laughter!" look.

Prime tried to swallow any emotion and calmy replied "I believe humans call it... hair." although the tiniest hint of amusement did creep into his voice. Ratchet's horrified expression didn't help any. "But how do I get it off!" he practically bawled, pulling it out then up, making Jade imagine frankenstein then imagining Ratchet with a bright red mowhawk.

The jet Promtly turned her back to them and proceeded to have a coughing fit.

like a choking hyena.


Ratchet growled under his breath, and Prime sighed. "It's quite allright, Ratchet, you're not the only person these pranksters 'got'. he pointed to his new flame decals. Ratchet glared at Jade's back. "Jade."

The femme held up a hand like "hang on for a second." trying to catch her breath. She had managed to hold in most of the laughter, but her shaking shoulders and wings were a giveaway she was silently laughing still. She leaned against a nearby stalagtite.

She turned around, took one look at the pair and collapsed into gigglefits again.

"Ah...I'm sorry... but...aheeheehee!... ahem. You just..." she glanced back and snorted back laughter, trying to keep a straight face.

And keep her optics off Ratchet's long...erm-red hair.

She looked at the flooring instead. "I've been here the whole time. I have no idea who's doing this, and I seriously hope they don't aim any of this at me cause the..." she pointed with a finger, trying to keep her voice from wavering with barely restrained snickering as she glanced up at him "I would... hate.. to have... a...

"brightlycoloredmowhawk shnnrkkkkk..." she clapped a hand over her mouth.

Wheeljack came out of the repairbay looking just as peeved. Only his 'hair' had been arranged in those little geisha-style buns on either side of his head (his earfins) a-la-princess leia, but complete with ribbons and chopsticks. And face paint. Jade's optics about bugged out.

She just turned around and zombie-walked out of the room.

About five seconds later, ear-piercing cakling could be heard from around the corner.


She reappeared a moment later, clearing the static from her vocaliser.

So sorry." she told the floortiles. "I had to get that out of my..." she glanced up and made a strangled noise. "...system."

She turned back to Prime. "I'll do everything I can to help you stop this prankster." she declared quickly.

"Prime." Wheeljack complained "What am I gonna do about getting this... stuff off of me?" (heaven only knows how the prankster found a tarp or whatever it was big enough to make the... whatever it was supposed to be. A robe, maybe?) Prime didn't say anything, and Jade suspected he was also trying to hold back laughter. He finally replied with "I'm sorry, Wheeljack, but I can't help you there. But I'm more than confident you're intellegent enough to figure out a solution to both of your problems." He stated in his most "confident leader"-ish voice.

"Yeah, Nair." Jade blurted under her breath, then quickly walked away.

"I'll be investigating." she called over her shoulder, waving. Then she was gone.

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