The glossed lips of a cherry blossom haired girl pressed passionately against those that belonged to a raven haired Uchiha. There was a flinch of objection, but the boy's shoulders slumped as he accepted the girl's love and joined her tounge with his own. The kiss was perfect, passionate, lovely. Despite the feeling of romance between the two, one boy wasn't so happy to fall upon the scene.


A scream of near dis-belief.. Pulling away from the kiss both of the love birds looked to see the third member of their group standing in the doorway to the room they were in. The two had been waiting in the classroom for their sensei to meet up with them when Sakura had finally gained up the courage to make a move on her long time crush. Little did she know, the boy already had secret relationship obligations with a certain soft-hearted knuckle head ninja. Sasuke's lips twitched as he stuttered to find the right thing to say. Sakura just starred at the Uzimaki, completley confused.


"N-Naruto, I...It's not what It..."


Those three words escaped violently as Naruto turned away, dashing down the hall. Tears streaming behind him. Naturally Sasuke pushed the blossom girl away to chase after him, but his love was gone and out of sight by the time he reached the doorway.


It seemed like he had been running forever. The Uzimaki needed to clear his head. he needed to find a quiet place to be by himself. To think, to cry, to escape the world, especially the heart breaker Uchiha. He had left the village and was now running in a rather sloppy manner before he finally collapsed on his hands and knees and sobbed. It had been almost three months since the two had finally admitted their love for one another. Though Naruto had secretly admired the Uchiha for years now. The forest seemed so quiet one would suspect it was empty. The only sounds that could be heard was the rattling of leaves from the light breeze, and the sniffles of the crying boy.

"Why Sasuke? I thought...I-I-I thought...WHY?"

He was almost delirious. His heart felt shattered, betrayed, broken. It wasn't long before the strength of holding himself up on his hands and knees seemed to melt away as he fell over onto his side and curled into a ball. Tears staining his knees. He was at the stage of crying where it was mainly just sniffles. So many tears had made his eyes tired, and he was finding it hard to see.


Repeating his name only made Naruto feel worse, but he couldn't help but want to picture his love's face. He wished he would wake up and it all be a dream. Why couldn't it be a dream?

After almost ten minutes, Naruto's crying finally stopped. His face still flushed with sadness, but the tears remained at a halt as he lay thinking.


A twig snapped. Naruto sat up quickily at the sound of someone approaching.


His face lit up. Although mad at his love, the thought of Sasuke chasing all the way here after him nearly repaired his heart in one action.

The figure stepped out casually, and Naruto quickily scrambled to his feet. Ocean eyes glaring, and teeth showing fiercely.

"What are YOU doing here?!"

An evil snicker came from the figure, who from the trees revealed themselves to be not Sasuke, but the elder Uchiha. Itachi.

Crimson eyes starred devilishly in combination with a sly smile.

"Looking for you, Pet."