"Colonel I'm detecting some sort of anomalous signal," Colonel Redwood lifted his head up from the pad he had been reading

I've gone over this a thousand times already with my new beta and I've finally settled on this final attempt at my B5 - kind of crossover. It's a redux of my original storyline the Saga of Humanity. While shorter than the original chapter I hope the quality is better.

The beta is Nevermore and her work is in my favourite authors section, check her stories out.

Words build bridges into unexplored regions

- Hitler

The Saga of Humanity




"Colonel I'm detecting some sort of anomalous signal," Colonel Redwood lifted his head up from the pad he had been reading. This was supposed to be a route through to the new training grounds where they test the metal of his new warship. It was an Omega class variant, a tough little ship, while not as nimble as its older Hyperion cousin, where it lack elegance it made up in punch.

One of the other big differences between the two designs was that this one had gravity, the large and obvious spinning section in the middle provided the gravity so that they didn't have to be strapped into their seats.

"Okay put it through."

Bad mistake, the minute the Lt pushed the button a loud piercing noises screamed through the speakers and made everyone wince in pain, they all grabbed their ears and clasped their hands tightly against them to stop the horrible noise from penetrating further.

"What the hell is that?"

He had to shout above the noise just so the Lt could hear him, unfortunately the Lt had to do the same thing.

"It's the signal sir."

Everyone around the bridge had their hands against their ears, it would've made for a funny sight if the situation hadn't been so serious. "Cut it off!"

The Lt didn't acknowledge the order as was proper. He simply slammed his fist down on the button and let out a sigh of relief when the noise was gone. Colonel Stephen Redwood grinned and nodded, he then stuck his pinky finger into his ear and jiggled it about to get rid of the clanging noise that followed suit.

"So that was the signal?"

"Yes sir."

"Can you pin point its location."

A pause.

"Yes sir."

"Good," Stephen nodded, "Send a message to the training ground and tell them we're going to be a bit late."

"Aye sir," the Lt punched in the message and sent it, "Message sent along with our coordinates."

"Good," he looked out at the orange haze of hyperspace and felt a shiver go up his spine. "Okay lets see if we can find the source of this signal."

"Aye sir setting course…"

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

It took the Cerberus nearly an hour to negotiate the treacherous waters of hyperspace, the gigantic swirls of energy threatening to hurl them away across the distances of space should their engines fail.

"Sir we're at the source."

"Okay, prepare to jump to normal space."

"Aye sir."


The ship switched on its powerful vortex engines that tore through the fabric of space and time, outside of the ship a blue vortex opened up showing the darkness of space at the end of the cone, the Cerberus slowly turned towards it and with a burst of speed, dived through the looking glass.

When the ships systems adjusted to the new location and scanned everything, it sent the information back to the stunned crew.

'Debris' – Was the first thought that came to mind. The second was – 'Oh Lord.'

The scene in front of his made his mouth open, the rest of the deck crew stood in silence around him as they stared out of the view port, they watched in fascination as idle pieces of debris floated by.

He walked up to the window and looked around, from what he could make out – there were huge chunks of space ship drifting lifelessly, while far above them there was a large cylinder that could've been the size of a planet, if not bigger. He couldn't see the end of it, but he wasn't that the graveyard, for the lack of a better word, was immense, spanning at least miles upon miles.

It was fortunate then that he had been looking in a particular direction when it had happened, the light from the systems distance sun decided that it was that moment which it would reveal what would soon become the Earth Alliances greatest treasure.

A ship.

If it could be called that…

It was illuminated by the suns rays and highlighted by the nearest nebula, giving it an almost eerie glow. The ship's dark grey hull, barely noticeable against the blackness of space, almost caused the massive ship to be overlooked despite its immense size.


Stephen was jerked out of his thoughts as the young Lt whispered to him, Stephen considered his options, while it was a massive graveyard, for the lack of a better word, and he got the feeling more and more as he stared at it, he on the other hand had to do something. He made a decision.

"Send word to Earth Force, tell of our location and our find."

"Aye sir."

He took a look out of the view port again and craned his neck upwards to look at the large floating pieces of metal as they loomed ominously over them.

He looked back at the ship that the powers that be - had decided to tease and temp him with, it looked powerful, dominant. It was a beast, an animal, a dragon, with its wings folded back and its nose dipped in piles of gold – daring anyone to come and take from it. Despite appearances that the ship was adrift, drifting harmlessly, Redwood couldn't help but get the impression that even the surrounding junk was doing its best to give the ship a wide berth. But as unsettling as the view was, Redwood was unable to tear his view away; the dreadnaught was a sparkling jewel amongst rocks, and he couldn't wait to possess it.

He sighed.

They needed to do something while they waited for word from their superiors. He decided to do something.

"Inform the Starfury crews to load up," the Lt nodded as Stephen gave out the orders, "Tell them to explore the graveyard, they are not to engage should they find hostiles and they are not to wander beyond sensors range."

"Aye sir," the Lt quickly passed on the orders.

The Starfury pilots geared up, strapped in and were let loose by the ship. Six of them zoomed out of the hangers and circled around the Dreadnaught – sending pictures back to the Cerberus, they then went on to examine more of the debris up close and personal.