I should point out that the ship is NOT a Shadow battle cruiser, it is in fact the Progenitor Dreadnaught from Homeworld 2

I should point out that the ship is NOT a Shadow battle cruiser, it is in fact the Progenitor Dreadnaught from Homeworld 2.

The Saga of Humanity




"Red Squadron are reporting hostile activity, they're heading back here at best speed as per orders."

"Any causalities?"

"None reported."

Colonel Stephen Redwood grimaced and looked heavenly and thought 'Thank God for small mercies.'

They're being tailed by six unknown hostiles."

He nodded, "Understood, arm the main batteries and bring us to around to face them."

The ship turned to bring its weapons to bear on the newcomers. The Starfuries dodged incoming fire as plasma bolts rained down on them, darting about like insects avoiding bats.

The Lt at the main control panel at the front of his ship informed the Colonel that the "Interceptors are online," the E-web was capable of actively targeting oncoming fire.

They did their best as the interceptors took out the plasma bolts that headed for the ship. The ships rail canons opened fire on the hostiles, while the red particle beams took out as many ships as they could before recharging.

The ships were small, green and box-like. While they didn't have elegance they did have speed and agility that the larger Omega lacked. They dodged the long golden arching lines of tracer fire that erupted from the canons and responded in kind.

While the E-web was good, it wasn't the best and eventually a shot was able to get through, the plasma bolts hitting the ship and sending sparks inside and leaving black scorch marks on the outside.

The Colonel looked up and grimaced as the Cerberus groaned and sparked blew out of the panels, he had to mentally hold himself into the chair. He had heard stories of captains being crushed into their seats by falling girders.

"Rail canons have taken care of the remaining hostiles."

Stephen nodded, "Okay initiate repairs."

"Sir more hostiles incoming, sensors are reporting twelve bogeys."

"Shit," Just his luck.

"Do we have a fix on these coordinates?"

"Yes sir."

"Jump to hyperspace.

"Aye sir."

Colonel Redwood waited, the E-web took care of the incoming plasma bolts while the Starfuries tried to take out the targets. For every one they shot down another three appeared out of nowhere.

"The jump engines are working."

The ship rocked and groaned again; more sparks blew out of the panels as another errant shot hit them.

"That's not good Lieutenant."

"No sir." Stephen could see the Lieutenant's fingers working over the keyboard in front of him as he tried to make the damn engines work.

"Lieutenant?" It wasn't as if he were growing impatient or anything, he simply wanted the ship to get out of the hot zone before they were obliterated.

"There appears to be some sort of field that's preventing us from opening a jump point."

It was a trap, the signal had obviously been designed to lure ships into the graveyard so that they could be added to the collection of wreckage. He wondered if that was why there were so many ships he recognised, the Narn and the Centauri for a start.

"Okay, Lieutenant Wilson target the ships and open fire."

"Aye sir."

Once again the Cerberus groaned, growled and opened fire on the annoyances, flak from the rail canons blew out red hot and glowing brightly as they slammed into target after target, the small ships paid little heed to this as they poured out of the wreckages, the machine like intelligence not caring that the bodies of their dead were floating in the blackness of space like space junk, it was intent on having this ship as part of its collection.

Yet they made up for it in numbers and the amount of sheer firepower they were packing. It was like being pricked to death by a thousand tiny pins; each on its own wasn't enough to cause any lasting or serious damage, yet thousands – together and all at once – were devastating.

Suddenly the ship rocked, sparks blew out everywhere again and a man was thrown across the floor. Stephen's eyes shot upwards as he eyed one of the girders that looked dangerously loose. He grimaced, and stood up, taking a step towards the side of his chair. One of the crewmembers noticed but said nothing of it. They were too busy trying to stay alive.

It was fortunate that he had done it as the next burst of plasma to hit the ship rocked the girder loose. it crashed down in a sea of sparks that fell over Stephen, he let out a shout of pain as he fell backwards onto the floor, his uniform caught on fire, which he quickly put out.

'This is it.'

He closed his eyes and thought of his wife and newborn child. He whispered a prayer thinking that this was it, the day of judgement was soon to be passed onto all of them.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

He waited for the death to come, the end of his life and that of every single crewmember who served under him, and he saw others on the bridge also waiting. One crewmember crossed himself.

"He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake."

Suddenly all around them there was silence, he believed this was it, that God had descended upon them to take them to heaven or hell. He crossed himself.


"Report?" Colonel Redwood asked.

"An unknown ship has disabled the enemy." Lieutenant Wilson said somewhat quietly.


"Aye sir," the Lieutenant said, "the ship is hailing us."

"Put it through." Stephen wanted to know who their mysterious saviour was and whether or not he was an angel or a demon in disguise.

"Aye sir, audio only."

The voice that answered came through in perfect English, although he couldn't tell if it was human or Centauri.

"Looks like you could use a hand Colonel Redwood." The crew blinked in surprise, and Stephen himself grunted. That was the only sign of shock at this unknown vessel using his name and rank. "I must say I am surprised to find the Cerberus so far off course."

Stephen felt oddly as though a schoolteacher was berating him, the amused voice at the other end of the transmission sounded annoyed. "We were investigating an anomalous signal, we jumped into this…" he paused as he looked for the right word, he'd stick with graveyard. "Graveyard, when all hell broke loose."

"Perhaps then," the other person answered back, "It was a good thing I happened to be close by."

Stephen agreed. "Who are you?"

"A Technomage, you may have heard of us."

He grinned. While swapping stories with some of the more experienced officers he had heard of unexplained things in the depths of hyperspace, everything from ghosts, wormholes to other dimensions, to wizards that wondered the keyways.

The wizards being Technomages. Of course little was known about them, they were one of the unsolved mysteries.

"I have, but only rumours."

"Then," the disembodied voice said, "I guess I had best come and introduce myself."