A/N: Ok, so, the story behind this story...I woke up randomly...when I really should have been sleep because I always go to bed late...and BAM this story hit me like a freight train! I bet it's because I read the 'Haruhi in Wonderland' chapter in the manga last night... but anyway. Warning you guys now...all of the characters (except maybe the twins and Tamaki) are a bit ooc, especially Mori because he's the main character. This first chapter is crappily written. ; Actually, this whole story might end up crappily written...BUT IT'S CUTE! So...please stick it out. XD; I'm not really looking for 'constructive critique' because I'm not doing this story to show off my writing, I'm doing it to let out these plot bunnies that keep bugging me. But...still review! I like to hear what you guys think! :D P.S.: The title came out of thin air...I swear.

Summary: Mori is finally beginning to understand what the deal is with these humanoid pets, and it's all thanks to an adorable little stray who weasels into his heart.

Pairings: MoriHon, HikaKao, Implied KyouTama

Warnings: Contains some Language, OOC-Ness and Shounen-Ai/Yaoi. Which means this story contains MALEXMALE Don't like it? Then go away. o-o

Disclaimer: Honestly, if I owned Ouran High School Host Club, there'd be great YAOI fun. But I don't, Hatori Bisco does. Darn it.

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Chapter One

Morinozuka Takashi walked down the road, his backpack slung lazily over his shoulder. He'd just gotten out of his college courses and was now walking to the supermarket to pick up a few things. He paused outside the supermarket, then pulled out his cell phone. Might as well see if his roommate needed anything.

"Hello?" Answered the feminine voice of his roommate. He could tell just by the tone of her voice that she was studying.


"Ah, Mori-senpai. Did you just get of class?"

"Hai, I'm stopping by the super market to get a lint roller, do you need anything?"

"LOTION!" Came another voice in the background.

"Hm, well, apparently Hikaru and Kaoru need lotion. Do you think you could possibly buy me some lead? 0.7 MM; I'm running out. Oh, and we also need some syrup and milk."

"We're already out?" Mori asked as he walked into the supermarket, grabbing a small basket and shifting to hold his cell phone up with his shoulder.

"Yea, sorry about that. I'll try and limit the twins on their intake but meanwhile, you might want to consider buying four gallons. I-"

"Gomen Mori-senpai!" Came two voices simultaneously, cutting the girl off.

"I'll pay you back." She finished, quietly shooing the twins away.

"Don't worry about it. Anything else?" He asked, already putting a bottle of cucumber melon scented lotion (The twin's favorite) in the basket.

"Hm, not really. We're out of Cheese-Its, but don't worry about getting those." Haruhi replied before a sudden hiss sounded on the line and Haruhi growled. "Hikaru, Kaoru, stop!"

"Gomen Haruhi!" The two voices sounded again before Haruhi sighed. "I might also need some aspirin."

"Done." Mori answered as he found his lint roller, then turned his basket to the school section.

"Thank you Mori-senpai." Haruhi said, a smile apparent in her voice. "I'll see you when you get here."

"Ah." He replied simply before closing his cell phone, continuing on with his shopping venture.


Mori walked down the street with shopping bags in hand, his eyes closed. He was actually a bit tired, since he'd been up late the night before because the younger twin, Kaoru, had been ill. Haruhi and Hikaru were both stressing out, and neither of them were of help to themselves or the ill twin, so of course Mori had stepped in and handled everything.

Mori opened his eyes and blinked as he saw a small figure staggering down the road in the opposite direction of him. As the two got closer to each other, he noticed it was a child…who didn't look to be in too good of a condition. He was wearing a ragged letterman jacket with ripped tan pants and a very worn hat on his head; plus he was barefoot. He had cornflower hair and large, tired yet fearful chocolate eyes. His skin looked as though it'd be fair, but what skin he could see was covered in grime or bruises.

Being the kind person Mori was, he stepped in the way of the child, making the boy tense and look up at him from under the hat. The taller male kneeled down then, putting his bags aside before looking into the brown eyes of the other and giving him a concerned look.

When the child said and did nothing, just staring at him rather timidly, the older male sighed. "Are you alright?" Mori asked, tilting his head as if to emphasize the question.

Still the child said nothing and Mori sighed once again. What could he do? He reached forward, noticing the child tense and look even more fearfully at him, and brushed some hair from the other's eyes.

"If you're hurt, you have to tell someone."

The child seemed to relax a little at this as he kind of stepped towards the other, grabbing his arm gently. "Sleep time…" The child said softly as he nuzzled the arm.

Mori blinked when suddenly he felt the weight of the child being supported by his arm. He wrapped the arm gently around the child's smaller body and looked around. It didn't look like he was around with anyone…actually, it seemed like he was trying to get away. It wouldn't hurt anyone if he took him home until he woke up; he'd be safe until he could get home.

Coming to a resolve, he grabbed the groceries and put them securely under one arm before picking the boy up bridal style.

That's when he felt it.

Though he felt like a pervert doing it, he splayed one of his hands over the child's bottom. Yes, there was definitely something very fluffy there. He gripped it a little before the child's hat fell off and Mori's eyes widened.

At the top of this child's head were two long, white rabbit ears…