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Summary: Mori is finally beginning to understand what the deal is with these humanoid pets, and it's all thanks to an adorable little stray who weasels into his heart.

Pairings: MoriHon, HikaKao, KyoTama

Warnings: Contains some Language, OOC-Ness and Shounen-Ai/Yaoi. Which means this story contains MALEXMALE Don't like it? Then go away. o-o

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Chapter Twelve

"What's going on?"

Yasuchicka growled from his crouched position after being sent flying back by Honey. However he didn't allow this to deter him much as he jumped up and threw shuriken of all things at the blonde.

"What's going on?"

Honey flipped backwards a few times avoiding each one of the shuriken before his back hit the wall. However he seemed to quickly recover and he pushed off of the wall, launching himself at Yasuchika.


Mori couldn't let this go on any longer. The two were bound to hurt each other or themselves and he'd be damned if anymore harm came to Honey. The taller man stepped between the two fighting boys with the intention of stopping them; if he succeeded or not he wasn't really sure as the kick that had been intended for Yasuchicka connected with him and sent him spiraling to the ground.

"Oh my gosh! Takashi are you okay? Tak-"

All he could hear was buzzing as his consciousness slipped in and out of focus. Then suddenly an entirely different scene was playing before him.

Yasuchicka seemed to fly in to attack the blonde who was sitting rather contently on his shoulders. However Honey launched himself off of Mori in time and knowing the attack was going to come, he tilted his head aside to avoid getting kicked.

"Mori-sempai what are you doing? Stop them!"

Mori blinked down at the girl host, wondering why she expected him to stop them. After all, it was a rule that this battle be carried out. He turned to watch the battle now as Renge began her 'Play by play' and he wasn't at all surprised when the other Host Club members came to see what was going on.

The scene changed and the Host Club was gather on a windy hill. Once again, Yasuchicka and Honey were facing off but this seemed like an entirely different battle. There was something on the line here, not just the usual 'elder sibling teaching younger sibling' battle. Even so, Yasuchika was doing all of the previous moves Honey had used in the last match.

"Mitsukuni's already planned how this entire fight will pan out. Yasuchicka will attack with his shuriken any moment now."

And just as he predicted, Yasuchicka launched himself into the air and threw his shuriken much to everyone's surprise. However Honey blocked the shuriken with his baton easily. He'd been watching them for so long now and with every battle he noticed more and more that Chicka learned from Honey and of course Honey was always trying to help his brother learn.

"There's no need to worry about the outcome of this match. I can already tell you that Mitsukuni is planning to throw the fight and let Yasuchicka beat him. Trust me...I know everything there is to know about him."

However, just seconds after the taller teen had said that Honey defeated his younger sibling, not holding back in the least. It wounded Mori only because he had been so confident that no one knew Honey better than him and now...well it almost felt like he didn't know him at all. He was a horrible attendant, to think that Honey would choose family over cake...

"Takashi, please be okay..."

Onyx cracked open to meet concerned chocolate and Honey smiled down at the taller man, hugging him close then.

"Takashi, you're okay! Sato-chan! Takashi is awake!"

Mori stared a bit at Honey in surprise, seeming to come to a realization. He'd known Honey long before he had actually met him...he had once meant the world to him...but why did he forget? Why?


Honey blinked, looking down at Takashi with a bit of a surprised look in his eyes. That name...he had calmed the rabbit down with that name before and he hadn't realized it! And Yasuchicka also had referred to Honey by that name. It seemed like this time though, Honey was actually hearing the name for the first time.


"Yo bro! Are you okay? You gave Honey-sempai a bit of a scare you know!"

Mori looked up at his younger brother than, sitting up and rubbing the spot where Honey had kicked him. It was somewhat tender but he didn't care. He stood then and loomed slightly over Satoshi, the action itself seeming to surprise the younger Morinozuka.

"How do you know Mitsukuni?"


"How do you and Yasuchicka know Mitsukuni?"

The air seemed tense and quiet for a moment, Satoshi not sure how to deal with his brother. This seemed so familiar in Mori's mind and not wanting to scare his brother off again he stepped back.

"He's my brother Mori-sempai...and your cousin,"

Onyx hues found their way to where Chicka was standing, tucking away what looked like his broken glasses. He also looked a little more mussed up then when he had gotten in the way of the match. It made him wonder if they had continued even after he was knocked out.

"Granted...we thought he was dead until just a few minutes ago."


"Mitsukuni...where have you been all this time...? Mother's made herself sick with grief over you..."

Honey stood from his kneeling position that he hadn't quite gotten out of then and stepped forward. Mori evaluated him then. The innocent naivety that had defined Honey up to this point were gone. Now he was looking at someone who looked exhausted from whatever life had put him through. Had reminding the rabbit of his name reduced him to this?

"I...I don't know Chicka-chan...I really don't know..."

That was it. He had to know what had happened. Why was Honey like this? Why had he been gone for so long? Why was he part rabbit? From what he figured, hybrids had to have been in a critical condition in order to undergo the procedure. Grabbing his coat, he walked past the three of them and towards the front door.

"Wait bro, where are you going?"

"Satoshi, stay here with Mitsukuni," And before anyone had a chance to object, he slammed the door shut behind him. It was time to get some answers.