"This one's Susan's," Neville said. For her, he'd chosen a Rudbeckia for its yellow rays surrounding black centers. It radiated warmth like a dozen Hufflepuff suns. It truly did, for he'd charmed the air about the plant to provide the summer heat it needed to blossom in chilly Scotland. Straightforward, and bright as a sunny afternoon, it was the perfect flower for Susan Bones.

"Yours is my favorite" Neville said to Hannah as he led her through the back of the greenhouse to a small, modest plant.

"Cypripedium calceolus, the Lady Slipper Orchid," Neville said. " No flowers yet, but look." He pointed to a photograph of an orchid in bloom, its yellow pouch framed by black twisted sepals like curls around a girl's face.

"It's beautiful, but ... when will it bloom?" Hannah asked.

"Not for years and years." he answered.


"It's very precious, very rare. There's only one in the wild and it's surrounded by guards," Neville explained.

Neville examined the pleated leaves with satisfaction. Most, Wizard or Muggle, who ever tried to grow it, failed. Plants were merciless, if they didn't get what they needed they died. Magic helped, but it couldn't save the dying or resurrect the dead.

"Any common flower can bloom right away, An orchid like this takes time, effort. - it's special." Neville said.


After the battle Neville sat on his heels sifting through the wreckage of greenhouse three.

"Neville, you need to get some sleep... What're you looking for?" Seamus asked.

"My Orchid," Neville answered as he worked.

"I could Summon it," Seamus said. "Accio --"

"No! That could kill it. I have to do this by hand."

Hannah knelt beside Neville and began to pick through the debris."Of course I'm helping. It's my flower isn't it?" she said in answer to Neville's unspoken question.