It was beginning to be a problem.

At first, it was mainly Basch's problem, with Vaan sticking his nose in it for little reason (as usual, but no one ever really held it against him). Then it became Balthier's problem with he complained about lack of sleep, then everyone's problems when that became annoying.

The first idea they had was to confront it, head on. It was a bit of a dilemma to decide who would do it, and in the end, it was decided to be handled by the group in general.

So it was that as they stopped to rest and after finding the most secure place in the area to set up camp, they confronted the problem.

"Princess," Basch began, "We need to talk."

Ashe blinked, wondering exactly why every member of their group was now crowding around her, almost surrounding her. "About what, may I ask?"

"It is about your..." Basch paused, trying to find the most polite way to say what needed to be said.

"About your sleeping habits, princess." Balthier cut in bluntly, his voice filled with a trace of irritated amusement. Basch shot him an irritated look, to which Balthier merely shrugged off indifferently.

"My sleeping habits?" Ashe questioned, frowning. "What of them?"

"Or rather, perhaps I should have said your lack of them is what we need to talk about." Balthier continued, obviously taking control of the discussion.

"How I choose to spend my nights is none of your concern." She retorted coolly, eyes hardening with stubborn resolve.

"It is when the rest of us cannot sleep with you wandering about the camp." Balthier countered, meeting the princess's words easily.

"If my actions disturb you, I apologize, but you cannot simply tell me to sleep when I cannot." Ashe responded, her voice half-apologetic, but the stubborn light in her eyes hadn't faded in the slightest.

"... I thought as much." Balthier inclined his head, as if conceding the argument. Ashe had already turned away when he spoke again. "Which is why I'm glad we thought of a better idea. Penelo, if you would please?"

What is he- her thoughts were interrupted as Penelo's voice rang out."Sorry Ashe!"

Ashe whirled about, but unfortunately her reflexes failed her, only allowing her time to be blinded the light of a Sleep spell hurtling towards her.

It struck her dead in the chest, and the Princess slumped onto the ground without a word.

Basch closed his eyes, sighing deeply. "I thought we were going to try other methods before resorting to magic." He said pointedly, crossing his arms as he did so.

"Yes, well, you can try that another night." Balthier waved his hand in dismissal. "For now, I'm looking forward to a good night's rest without our royal companion wandering about."