In the past few days they've been ducking in and around Soul Society, Ishida has seen Orihime more intimately in ways that he never dreamed of.

Not like that, perverts.

Ishida has seen Orihime in the morning, when she just wakes up, before she says a word or has a drink, and how her hair is rumpled and frizzed from sleep. He has seen her in the evening, knows that she likes to sleep on her right shoulder facing a wall, knows that she never goes to bed without going to the bathroom right before.

He knows that she worries about morning breath but really she has none, and he knows she murmurs the same inane things she says in real life (truth be told, he finds it endearing).

He knows that she looks absolutely breathtaking when her facing is red and sweaty, concentrating so hard on mastering her powers that it makes him wonder (and hope desperately) if she would do the same for him.

He knows that when she's sleepy, she actually becomes less inclined to talk inanely about mecha and such, and her tired voice makes him wonder how anything so exhausted could be so adorable.

He knows she loves breakfast the most ("It's the most important meal of the day, Ishida-kun!") and is so used to being alone she'll talk to herself and forget he's there until he reminds her (and wants to say she'll never have to talk just to herself again).

He knows that she likes how he cooks miso soup, and knows now just how long to let it cool for her to love it (and the smile he gets in return for it is more than a just reward).

He knows she can't bear to part with her hairpins (given to her by her brother before he died- something else he knows), and keeps it within arms reach when she sleeps.

He knows that to wake her up, he should always stay far enough back that if she jerks awake he won't get hit by her diamond hard head (something he learned the hard way).

He knows the smile she gives him when she wakes to the smell of breakfast (and thinks he'd like to make it for her a thousand times over to get her to smile like that again).

Ishida learns all of this, memorizes it and seals it in his heart, greedily locking it in that deep, dark part of his soul, his pride. Because he more than cherishes this knowledge- he savors it, he takes pride in knowing that no one else has ever seen all these sides of her.

And when she says his name and smiles for him, Ishida thinks he'd like to learn everything about Orihime, and hopes it takes him more than a thousand lifetimes to do so.