"You forgot your shoes" he said in a deep baritone

This is a story that came out of nowhere to me at work today. I have no clue where it is going but if you like it I'm sure I can make something work. I don't own anything that comes from Harry Potter (I'm not patient or creative enough to write anything close)

Hermione, Harry and Ron are at the same University and live together in a house. They are in their third year. Hermione and Ron have found it hard to keep a relationship after the War but have remained friends.

Hermione walked into the kitchen. Her eyes were glazed over and she looked at Harry and Ron with caution.

"Not another nightmare" Ron said worriedly

"Um… yeah" Hermione said poring herself a cup of coffee

"You do it to yourself you know. Keeping Draco as a friend and going to the Malfoy manor" Harry said passively swirling his spoon in his cereal.

"There is no correlation! I haven't seen Draco in over a month and I haven't been to his house in over three" Hermione defended

"Well you're seeing him this afternoon aren't you? And you're meeting him at the manor" Ron snapped back

"There is NO correlation I have had them without any contact with the Malfoy's before or after. GET OFF MY BACK!" Hermione screamed. She was sick of them patronizing her for being friends with Draco.

Draco had come out of the wood work a year after they all went off to University. He apologized profusely and sent them very expensive gifts. Hermione was the only one who felt bad for him. Horrible things had happened in the past but she refused to let it determine her future.

However a part of her friendship was driven by her "nightmares". She had been haunted by them long before Draco showed up again and when he did she thought it might be a way to get closure.

The dreams she had were of the Malfoy manor. She would be walking around the house alone, she never felt frightened or uneasy in fact she felt something completely different….Horny. So much so that when she woke up she felt like jumping the next male she saw. She would have to calm herself down with a vibrator she kept next to her bed before she trusted herself to go out to the living area where she knew Ron and Harry would be.

"Those dreams are your subconscious telling you to stay away from everything Malfoy" Ron said under his breath, pulling Hermione back into the room.

He could be right…he would be right if she felt frightened in her dream but she never had the guts to tell her male friends what the dream really made her feel. They would never understand and in truth she didn't understand it herself.

"When I end up dead you can tell me you told me so" Hermione grumbled

After a few more silent moments Hermione put her cup in the sink and went to her room to get dressed for her lunch date with Draco.

She chose a very casual outfit and decided to apparate right from her room to avoid Ron and Harry's looks. She arrived on the Malfoy Manor's front door step and took a breath before she rang the door bell.

A sad looking house elf answered the door and looked up at her

"Master Draco isn't ready yet he is finishing up a business meeting but said you can wait for him in the ball room" She said robotically

Hermione nodded her head and watched the elf walk a little ways before disappearing. Hermione's stomach jumped. She had never been in the Malfoy Manor in such close proximity to one of her dreams. She took a few steps to look down a hallway to her left. She was amazed at how well her dreams pieced this place together in her mind especially since the only time she made it past the entrance way was the night she was tortured here. The hall looked exactly the same as in her dream down to the very smell of the air. How could her mind have remembered so much detail when she was in such a state of stress when she was here?

Hermione suddenly looked up and realized she was half way down the hall already. Her feet had taken her to a door that was cracked open and she could see walls of books beyond it. Old books… ones that probably contained knowledge that had been forgotten centuries ago.

She pushed her hand against the door and let it open just enough to get her through the opening. The tiles on the floor made her shoes click much more loudly than in the hall and she quickly bent over to remove her heels. She placed them absentmindedly by a nearby couch and walked to the wall of books that ran from floor to ceiling and covered every inch of the room. Her mind raced as she read the array of titles, which seemed to be in no particular order.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw another door that lead into another small room off the library. Butterflies began fluttering inside her as she realized this must be Lucius Malfoy's study. She began breathing very quickly; he could be in there going over numbers and endless paperwork. She had heard he buried himself in his work after Narcissa divorced him.

She turned back to the books to try and clear her mind. The dream she had this morning came rushing into her head. Except the emotions she felt then seemed dull compared to now. What was it about this place that could get her going like this?

"See anything you like" She heard a man say behind her and her heart dropped through the floor

She turned to see Lucius standing in the doorway between his study and the library.

"I…uhhhh…um…Draco…" Hermione's mind was completely numb

"There is a larger library on the second floor, this is my personal collection. Well what the ministry let me keep" Lucius sounded friendly, accommodating and Hermione was confused

"Thank You" Hermione managed

She pretended to hear Draco in the hall and made her way to the hall

"I should wait at the front door" Hermione stuttered

Lucius simply nodded as she walked past him

"You forgot your shoes" he said in a deep baritone and he walked towards the couch where he shoes still sat of the cold tiles.

She turned around, embarrassed, and walked slowly back towards him. She leaned down to pick them up and her closeness to Lucius made her heart skip a beat. She turned around to leave but felt a hand wrap around her arm and the warm breath of Lucius on her neck

"Why did you come in here" He whispered. He didn't sound mad only curious

"I…Um… Draco was taking longer than usual and I thought I would walk around a bit. I didn't know you were home" Hermione struggled for the truth

He whipped her around to face him and secured her other arm in his right hand

"You should be terrified of this place Hermione. You should hate everything Malfoy, yet you still are friends with my son and come to this house regularly?" His voice was a little more heated but he still was more curious than mad

"Your right" was all she could manage. It was a dilemma she knew all too well and that literally kept her awake at night

She couldn't make herself be afraid though, actually she could feel the desire for her former captor build in her gut.

Lucius wasn't sure how to respond to the answer. He had always heard she was a smart girl, but what would drive her to befriend his son and return to this house was beyond his reasoning. Even after what he had done to her.

Hermione could feel the passion build into her throat. She wanted nothing more than for Lucius to close the inch between them and kiss her. The fire spread through her neck and into the back of her skull.

Lucius could see the fire in her eyes. It was something he rarely saw these days since most pureblood woman avoided him for being divorced and other woman were afraid of him. But here stood the one woman who had every right to be afraid and she wanted him.

Lucius loosened his grip only to pull her hard against his chest. He leaned in and wrapped his lips around her mouth. He breathed in her fire and began nibbling on her lower lip and teasing her upper lip with his tongue.

She couldn't move. Her desire had filled her brain and passed through her body so fast she had to freeze to allow it through her veins. He was beyond any kiss she had ever had. This was pure passion, pure unexplainable forbidden passion.

Lucius nudged her head away from him and stared at the witch in front of him. The question in his eyes was obvious and shocking to Hermione. He was giving her a choice. She could wriggle out of his arms and walk away …..Or stay.

She lifted herself onto her toes and pressed her lips to his. She waited for him to respond and he did so by cupping her face in his hands and kissing her back.

She wasn't sure what to consequences of staying would be but for the moment…well it was a moment.